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AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Interest On The National Debt – A Monster That Is Eating Our Future

Posted on Friday, September 24, 2021
by The Association of Mature American Citizens
National Debt

By: Bob Carlstrom

We all know government spending is out of control, irresponsible, indefensible. Even now, with the national debt topping $28 trillion, President Biden and congressional Democrats blithely breach their fiduciary and stewardship duties, pushing trillions more in spending. The White House and Congress know our accelerating national debt is “unsustainable.” Still they ignore it—and the extraordinary interest that grows on it, shackling America’s future.

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2 years ago

The federal reserve is the issuer of our debt. They are the lenders of the US Money fund. And soon, they will call it all in. Let’s not forget the federal reserve is NOT part of the government.

Jim Jolly
Jim Jolly
2 years ago

They don’t care!

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