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AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber Sees “Hope for the Future” at CPAC 2023

Posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2023
by Shane Harris

AMAC Exclusive – By Shane Harris


During the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this past weekend, AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber spoke with some of the leading figures in the conservative movement as well as everyday Americans about key issues facing the country and the world.

AMAC Newsline caught up with her on Tuesday in a wide-ranging interview about her biggest takeaways from the event and why conservatives have reason for optimism looking forward.

One theme that Weber remarked on several times was the overwhelmingly positive attitude of attendees and speakers.

“One question I frequently asked was about hope for America’s future,” Weber said. “Over and over again, the theme was that it’s not too late, we can fix things, and as bad as things are, we have a real fighting chance to right the ship. That was really a wonderful message to hear from average, humble, ordinary people. It was just great.”

In particular, Weber noted how refreshing it was to see that this hope was rooted in faith in God. “There was a lot connected to faith, and even off-the-record speaking to people, they don’t want to give up the fight. There was no holding back – people were unafraid and unabashed to say that we are ‘one nation under God.’ They told me that we have to do the right thing. We have to combat evil with good and come up with better solutions.”

Despite media narratives about internal divisions within the Republican Party, Weber said that virtually everyone she spoke to was united behind the “America First” vision pioneered by former President Donald Trump, who headlined the event.

“There were a ton of people there who were just so excited for Trump’s speech,” she said. “Everyone I spoke with was either hoping it would be Donald Trump or expecting it to be Donald Trump in 2024. I know it’s early to talk about that and speculate about the future, but certainly all of these folks were very supportive of President Trump. In their view, the general sentiment was ‘let’s let the man finish the job.’”

As part of her participation in CPAC, Weber spent time at the event’s famous “Broadcast Row,” where influential conservatives gather to give their thoughts on the state of the country and the conservative movement.

Weber interviewed former Congressman and current Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes, Congressman Matt Gaetz, former Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka, and former ICE Director Tom Homan, among others. Video recordings of those interviews are available for viewing on AMAC’s Better for America Podcast homepage.

Weber said that she was impressed by the genuine kindness showed by everyone she spoke with in her interviews – a stark contrast to the media’s constant vilification of conservatives. “There are so many kind people in the conservative movement,” she said. “John Solomon – one of the kindest people I met, such a gentleman. Sebastian Gorka – what a nice man. Devin Nunes – the type of person you’d want as your neighbor. Tom Homan – the greatest guy. You speak to these people and they’re real.”

One thing that Weber said stuck with her was how passionate the people she spoke with were about solving the many crises facing the country under Democrat leadership. “When I spoke with Tom Homan, I could tell his heart is breaking over the southern border and what is going on down there. As he said, it’s hard to imagine that we have a president who, if he intentionally were trying to destroy the nation could not be doing a better job. Homan told me that it’s not about him but the American people.”

One specific issue that Weber noted she heard a lot about was environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies, a central pillar of woke corporatism. “I was surprised to see how many people wanted to speak on that topic,” Weber said. “There was a general sense that this is a very serious issue and we ought to be talking about it more. It does impact everyday people, and there is a trickle-down effect so to speak. The concern is that the average Joe may not really understand where his investment money is going from the pension plan, for example.”

“The overarching hope I heard was for more transparency and awareness that this type of thing is happening. What’s more, it’s directly related to Joe Biden’s policies. This is not something that the majority of the American people stand behind.”

The economy and the border also repeatedly came up as top issues of concern – no surprise given persistently high inflation and historic levels of illegal immigration.

Weber also noted how supportive speakers and attendees were of AMAC’s mission and outreach.

“More and more people know who we are, which is a wonderful thing,” she said. “They’ve been very encouraging and see the absolute need for AMAC to counter the leftist AARP. You know, AARP is promoting drag shows for children on their website, which is really just shocking – I don’t think many seniors would support that. The folks I interviewed understood the absolute need for AMAC, and can see that the senior conservative movement is integral to saving our country. I was thrilled to meet so many people who were members, including all of those whom I interviewed.”

“It really is quite energizing just to be around so many people who love the country,” Weber concluded. “People aren’t vindictive or angry, they just have hope for the future. You leave that conference and you say, ‘This is why our country is great.’”

Shane Harris is a writer and political consultant from Southwest Ohio. You can follow him on Twitter @Shane_Harris_.

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Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
1 year ago

How about CPAC West: NV UT TX MT CO OK HI siting

Paul W
Paul W
1 year ago

You mean the same CPAC 2023 that invited drag queens? Pardon me if I’m not overflowing with confidence about CPAC or the Republican party’s future. At least not a future that will lead to the betterment of the American citizens’ lives, liberties and pursuits of happiness.

1 year ago

I’m glad you all have optimism, but answer one question. HOW ARE YOU ALL GOING TO ENSURE A FAIR ELECTION, THE DEMONCRATS CONTROL IT IN JUST ENOUGH STATES TO ENSURE THEY WIN. Tell me how, Tell me how. Come on tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 year ago

Have people forgotten, President Donald Trump shut the country down? President Donald Trump was the first to authorize “Covid relief” payments? Thereby starting an inflationary cycle?
I, for one, have had enough of Trump.

1 year ago

Thanks for your optimism, Rebecca. There’s ALWAYS hope in Jesus.

Ann S
Ann S
1 year ago

We can all be positive but the majority of Americans are still standing behind Brandon and the democrats.
MSM is still the propaganda outlet for the left. The fraude voting system is still in place.
And all the big money people are still buying people in power to execute the WEF plans.
Right now the satanists are in power. One day this will turn around but not now.
We talk about what is wrong with America but nothing changes.
As we just found out that scaring the people about COVID was done expressly to gain control over the people and depopulate the world.
Read the memos of the minister of Health in the UK that just came to light.
What the ultra left accuses Trump and the republicans off is what they are doing and then some. They have reached so much power and control turning it around is impossible.
Think about the January 6 videos that Fox News sent out and the reaction from the MSM and the left. And do we hear anything from the American people. No no and no. Divide and conquer.

Rob citizenship
Rob citizenship
1 year ago

Hope for the future. That is a healthy outlook to have for sure. Hope will help to build a solid foundation for other positive ideas to develop. There must have been a good supply of hope and faith and courage among those gathered at Independence Hall in Philadelphia in July 1776 and the foundation that was built then is still good . Those of us who value that spirit of hope in the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights of the Constitution , who have a sense of purpose concerning what the United States of America stands for, we realize having hope is important, along with faith and courage , and respect for the will of God , those are the thoughts that make for a good future. Well Done ! to Rebecca Weber , and Well Done ! to Shane Harris for this article.


1 year ago


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