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Mediafest 2020 – Presidential Madness has Begun!

Posted on Sunday, February 10, 2019
by AMAC, Robert B. Charles

“Who wants ice cream?”  “I do! I do!”  You can see the scene, can’t you?  Simple prize, sweet returns for nothing but asking – then, pandemonium.  Click to “Mediafest-2020,” which has already begun.  “Who wants to be President?”  ‘I do! I do!” come the quirky, chirpy,” me-first, me-first” cries among “give me that nomination” Democrat contenders.  They all want a shot at stardom – little dignity, unity or respect for American history among them.

Increasingly, as evidenced by Democrat disparagement of one of the best State of the Union speeches in decades, contenders for 2020 are parting ways with the vast majority of Americans – and the historically centrist Democrat Party.  Long gone are leaders like Senators Sam Nunn (D-GA), and Scoop Jackson (D-WA).  Their jaws would go slack at what their party is becoming.

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) makes himself a Thracian Gladiator first century before Christ, calling himself Spartacus to destroy an honorable judge and Supreme Court nominee, putting his Greek bust on a pedestal.  Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) decides – after excoriating a raft of honorable people from her high seat and “spending more on Facebook advertising than any other senator” – to affiliate herself with Martin Luther King, announcing her candidacy on his sober day, giggling throughout.

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) – smug, left-lurching – seems walking fake news, resolved she is whatever she thinks she is, a “Native American,” disproven by her own DNA test, disavowed by Native Americans coast-to-coast.  Never mind that Warren claimed privileges on that fake identity applying for bar entrance, in academia and getting elected to the US Senate.  Like Mensheviks of old, she dictates we forget.

In Lawrence, Massachusetts, Warren announced her candidacy this week, against the backdrop of a local mill.  Does she know – did she ever stop to think – that she has represented the town for six years in the Senate, yet Donald Trump did more for them economically than she ever did?  Does she know Lawrence has suffered devastating drug addiction and crime, – is nationally known for that problem?  Where is her leadership on that issue? 

Add now Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), outspoken advocate for nationalized control of health care, late term abortion, 100-percent rating from Planned Parenthood, cosponsor of bills to restrict gun ownership, champion of the socialist “green new deal” – which would mandate government control of energy, halt air travel, stop all non-renewable energy, no price tag – you pay for it.

Next “choose me, choose me!” Democrat is Kirsten Gillibrand, with positions similar to Gabbard’s, who took great pride in tearing down former Defense Secretary James Mattis (to whom she could not hold a candle on national security).  Gillibrand admitted on 60 Minutes to being “embarrassed and ashamed” of past pro-gun and anti-illegal immigration views.  Really? She publicly idolizes Hillary Clinton, proudly expounds the “hell no caucus,” composed of Booker, Harris, Warren, Bernie Sanders and herself – swears to “overwhelmingly thwart” all President Trump’s “nominees for administration jobs.” Here, if there ever was one, is a unifier – right?

Scatter into the collection other apologists for socialism, late term abortion, government control of health care, universal obstruction of individual rights.  Bernie Sanders limbers up for a run, having been nobbled by the Hillary-centric Democratic National Committee, as Joe Biden practices old Neil Kinnock speeches on socialism and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez relishes media darling status for untethered neo-socialist views of the world, warning to hear her or world will end in “twelve years.”  

This, my friends, is the emerging Democrat-aspirant spectacle – rather arresting, disconcerting to average Americans, wildly emotional – even for these polarizing times – in a word, unhealthy. 

What is missing, of course, is a thoughtful, historically-grounded, patriotic, sober-minded Democrat –preferably one without a hidden racist, sexual assault, plagiarist past.  They do exist, and they do in the Republican Party, always have.  But where is a contender who cares more about our country, hard-working majority, exceptional history, and future as a free people then themselves?

Tempers must cool, rationality return, and history’s relevance be understood – if this 2020 cycle is to be anything more than a circus.  Trump-Pence, despite intense headwinds, have notched extraordinary progress on economic, national security, international affairs, trade and social policy, and individual rights.  That said, there is more to be done than has been done – which is why open discussion of the future, and its best shape, should define 2020.  At this point, debate looks sharp – which should worry Democrats. 

If Harry Truman or John Kennedy were alive today, they would either reel in this runaway, hostile party – or vote Republican.  After all, Kennedy was a member of the Knights of Columbus, now anathema to Democrat Party.  How about that?  Here we are.  “Who wants ice cream?” “I do! I do!”  That seems the modern mantra, craven ambition and no bother for consequences.  I think the madness has begun.  Welcome to “Mediafest-2020.”  Pass the popcorn.

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5 years ago

Let the games begin! I wonder how it will play out—will the field narrow after a word from Pelosi/Schumer? Or will it come down to a gory battle among 40 something candidates, each proclaiming, “my socialism gives away more free stuff than your socialism”? Picture the wagons circling, and the contestants using their toy foam noodles to suppress the enemy (each other)….
Given their groupthink mantra, I’ll put my money on Pelosi Power, smoothing the splintered edges of a fractured democrat party. I just hope we can enjoy the circus for a while, at least as long as the popcorn lasts.

The Freezing Senior
The Freezing Senior
5 years ago

FAKE NEWS Media Fest 2020
There, fixed it for ya.

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