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Biden’s Immigration Policy – A Dangerous Mess

Posted on Thursday, March 18, 2021
by The Association of Mature American Citizens

immigrationWritten by: William Marbury

President Biden’s immigration policy is a mess. Go figure. His executive orders, draft legislation, operational changes, and public statements are contradictory, confusing to onlookers, and threaten America’s public’s health, safety, and securityhowever defined. Here is why.

In the biggest baffle of the moment, Biden has swiftly upended Trump policies protecting the south- west border. He halted border wall construction, reprogrammed security monies. He revoked a third-party agreement with Mexico detaining refugees and asylum seekers claiming “persecution” by their country of origin, since they do not fear Mexico.

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3 years ago

It’s not a mess. It’s a return to the bad policies of the Obama administration to facilitate massive inflows of illegals for future elections. Every illegal immigrant is considered a future Democrat voter to ensure future victories at the ballot box.

3 years ago

The Biden’s plan is HOW TO DESTROY AMERICA IN 100 DAYS OR LESS!. The illegals of course are up to that and very happy to help the Democrats to accomplish just that.

Barbara Ervin
Barbara Ervin
3 years ago

Dimwit Biden does not belong in our WH. He created this crisis at the border by spitefully signing his EO stopping construction on the border and cancelling agreements we had with Mexico to help us stop illegals from entering our country. This administration is a disaster!

jim Schultz
jim Schultz
3 years ago

Dangerous Mess Indeed! It is time for the USA to stand up and step on a few of Biden’s toes. No other country in the world permits unlimited entry without documentation. I would like to flee this country but I cannot find any place that would provide me housing, education, a good job, and a nice neighborhood.

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