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AMAC Action Delegate Summit at The People’s Convention a Big Success

Posted on Monday, June 17, 2024
by AMAC Action

AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber addressing attendees during her speech on June 13th, 2024

Detroit, Michigan – AMAC Action hosted a Delegate Summit on June 13 and 14 ahead of The People’s Convention with more than 200 AMAC Delegates and members in attendance.

Attendees brought energy and enthusiasm and expressed a willingness to get involved ahead of November’s pivotal general election, along with reflecting on the legacy of AMAC Founder Dan Weber and sharing their thoughts on how to carry his mission forward.

AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber addressed attendees on the first night of the event, thanking delegates and reiterating that their advocacy is making a real difference: “When I go to Washington D.C., when I sit down with members of Congress on Better for America, I am constantly reminded of the fact that each and every AMAC member is making a difference. It is all of you that keep me going. Thank you for fighting for us on the front line.”

Tony Dolan, former chief speechwriter to President Ronald Reagan, offered this critical message for AMAC members in the final months of the 2024 campaign: “Keep inspiring each other, have heart and confidence and believe in victory.”

Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Robert Charles also treated attendees to a rousing speech about President Reagan’s challenge to “tear down this wall” which culminated in a display of an actual piece of the Berlin Wall. “Reagan refused to be cowed, even with 50,000 anti-missile protestors in the streets and Gorbachev pushing his ‘Glasnost,’” Charles said. “Today, we live in other testing times, core freedoms challenged right here at home – speech, faith, travel, self-protection, free and fair trials, due process, equal protection – our whole Bill of Rights. We – like Reagan – need to speak up, call a spade a spade, envision, believe, and fight for what we know is right.”

Charles also encouraged AMAC members to continue “doing what Dan Weber believed could be done,” pointing out that in the span of just a few short years AMAC has grown from zero to more than 2.6 million members, and the best is still ahead. “Reagan and Dan, and certainly the Good Lord are looking down on AMAC and taking care of us,” Charles concluded.

On the second day of the Summit, Honest Elections Project Executive Director Jason Snead fielded questions from AMAC Action Senior Vice President Andy Mangione on mounting threats to election integrity, including ranked choice voting, and the efforts of AMAC Action members to combat them.

Snead told Mangione that “this year alone, AMAC members have helped ban ranked choice voting in five states.” Recently, AMAC members have sent more than 250,000 messages to the Illinois State House urging legislators to ban ranked choice voting.

Mangione also relayed that more than 800 AMAC members have signed up to become poll watchers this fall.

Angela Faulkner, Grassroots Director at the Leadership Institute, also gave an interactive presentation to attendees on how to research candidates and ensure that they align with their values. She encouraged attendees to list out what issues matter most to them and then perform thorough research on candidates for local, state, and federal elections.

Faulkner also encouraged attendees to promote unity among Republicans as a vital strategy in winning elections.

Following Faulkner’s presentation, AMAC Delegate Annette LeBaron walked attendees through how to organize meetings with elected officials and effectively hold them accountable.

Steve Moore, former economics advisor to President Donald Trump, and AMAC Action President Bob Carlstrom participated in a conversation on fiscal responsibility and what the federal government must do to avoid economic disaster. Moore said that the next administration must “take a chainsaw to the budget” and compel states to fulfil their constitutionally mandated governing responsibilities. Moore and Carlstrom also highlighted Trump’s promise to restore the Impoundment Power if he is re-elected, which allows the president discretion to not spend money allocated by Congress.

Heather Sellers of Best Sellers Digital Marketing and Doug and Haley Ross, AMAC Action Delegates from Florida, next presented attendees with action steps to build coalitions. Sellers encouraged people to list 10 organizations they are a part of and to recruit them to become AMAC members. “Organic growth is what works,” she said. Haley Ross, a former teacher who is running for school board in Miami, encouraged attendees to get involved by talking to their friends and neighbors about issues that matter to them.

On the issue of left-wing ideology in schools, parental rights activist January Littlejohn delivered a riveting presentation on her experience with her daughter being secretly “socially transitioned” at school. Littlejohn recounted how the school informed her that they would not give her or her husband crucial health information about their daughter. “They are trying to make these children into their own god,” she said. Littlejohn encouraged the parents and grandparents in the room to stay vigilant in their children’s schools and never give in to left-wing fearmongering when it comes to transgenderism.

Julio Rosas, a former Marine who has been covering the U.S.-Mexico border since 2019, provided a sobering update on the state of the border crisis and the threat to American national security. As he relayed, under the Trump administration the Mexican cartels were making around $500 million per year from human trafficking. That figure has now shot up to over $13 billion. On a scale of 1-10 for how bad the border is, Rosas said it was “a 50.”

Rosas emphasized that this election is the most important in modern history because of the border issue, and that even if Trump wins the problem the Biden administration has created will likely take decades to clean up. He warned that violent gangs like MS-13 now have a foothold in the United States, as evidenced by a recent beheading in Florida. He also asked how many people in the room want to see the cartels officially designated a foreign terrorist organization, after which nearly every hand went up.

Finally, AMAC Action Vice President for Operations and Advocacy Jennifer Bengston and AMAC Action Advocacy Manager Terri Haverly provided training for how delegates in attendance could help run AMAC Action state meetings and invite speakers. For one recent meeting Kari Lake that they pointed to, more than 1,000 people signed up.

The AMAC Action Delegate Summit was a productive start to the 2024 People’s Convention and an invigorating kick-off to the final stretch of election season. In the weeks and months ahead, AMAC Action will continue to keep members informed on the issues that matter most to them and work to advance their interests at every level of government.

For media inquiries please contact Alyssa Lopresti: [email protected], 631-337-0106

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Rob citizenship
Rob citizenship
26 days ago

Praise for AMAC Action and all of great accomplishments made . It is good to read that The People’s Convention was a big success. !

John De Herrera
John De Herrera
25 days ago

Why not an actual Article V Convention?
FOAVC Co-Founder

24 days ago

I think AMAC is wonderful to host this online forum, where we can say what we think about “Democrats” who have no understanding of of the world around them, yet…..
1) Presume to tell us all how to live.
2) Vote for policies that threaten to bankrupt our country.

24 days ago

I hope to make it to the next one. Thank You AMAC Action for caring for America

21 days ago

I am grateful to the AMAC Action Team for all the hard work organizing the AMAC Action Delegate Summit. The speakers were very interesting and informative. Teaming up with Turning Point Action also provided an opportunity to hear from other speakers including President Trump. It was a fabulous experience.

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