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Muslim Patrol Squad Causes Alarm for NY Residents

Photo Credit: Christian Action Network

In Brooklyn, New York, an all-volunteer team of Muslim residents have formed a neighborhood patrol squad.

Launched in early 2019, these “Muslim Community Patrols”, or MCP, drive through Brooklyn neighborhoods in what look like official police cruisers with the stated goal of protecting mosques. Its fleet currently consists of two cars but is expected to have five patrol vehicles by the end of the month, with plans to eventually expand citywide. Noor Rabah, vice president of the Muslim Community Patrol, has described the group as “like a neighborhood watch but on steroids.”

The group currently has the support of Brooklyn’s borough president, Eric Adams, and of Brian J. Conroy, the commanding officer of patrol borough Brooklyn South. According to its leaders, the group is self-funded and purchased their uniforms and patrol cars with donations. Its members recently underwent training by police officers from the NYPD’s 72nd precinct, and say they plan to work alongside the police force to bridge the gap between law enforcement and locals.

The organization’s official website displays a quote from the Quran, and states that the patrol group aims to “not only serve as watchmen but, serviceman aiding the youth in our communities by enabling them with resources such as mentorship and career training. Mentors will work side by side, and keep them under their wing to ensure a growing success.”

But many residents have expressed alarm over the group’s presence, including some members of the local Muslim community, who have questioned the need for the patrol. Somia Elrowmeim, a member of the Arab American Association of New York, said of the group, “We don’t want you near our community.”

Other locals are wary of the group’s intentions, suspecting the patrol squad’s real goal is to enforce Sharia law or to target non-Muslim residents of the community. Self-appointed Muslim community patrols have already been formed in countries like Germany and England, with the express goal of enforcing Sharia and attacking passersby whom they perceive as disobeying the religious code of conduct.

On its website, the Muslim Community Patrol describes itself as a “civilian patrol organization established to patrol neighboring communities in order to protect members of the local community from escalating quality-of-life nuisance crimes. The organization’s vision is to promote the safety and well‐being of all residents of the neighboring communities.”

It adds, “The visible presence of the Muslim Community Patrol will act as a deterrent to neighborhood crime. Acting as an extra set of eyes for the NYPD, neighborhoods will be safer than ever.”

Group officials have stated that they do not intend to impose Sharia law, with vice president Rabah telling local reporters, “It’s not about ‘Sharia Law.’ It’s about Muslims taking care of people in our community.” Despite this, many New Yorkers have expressed doubt, understandably alarmed that the group may be more like the “Muslim patrols” overseas than the average neighborhood safety patrol.

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This reminds me so much of exactly how Fundamentalist Islamic groups positioned themselves as “guardians of the community” in England several years back. The weak-kneed, liberal politicians all said it was a good thing. Same nonsense that NYC is doing now. Then again, I’m not surprised by anything Comrade be Blasio does. Anything to undermine the fabric of American society and move us towards being more like our socialist democratic neighbors in Europe. In England, they gradually came to adopt Sharia Law in the court system for Muslims arrested, so they would be better represented by their faith and the values of the Quran. Then came the de-facto creation of “no-go zones”, as police and other emergency services were “encouraged” to stay out of these neighborhoods. The Muslim patrols would keep the peace. Them finally the non-Islamic members of these neighborhoods were then “encouraged” to move elsewhere. Thus creating little… Read more »


They are not there to protect citizens but to enforce their own laws……better wake up NEW YORK.


And I’m sure they would have no problem with Christian Patrol Cars in the neighborhood, right?


Remember, they lie. Their goal is to overtake the world and make it Muslim.


The gradual take over by Muslims to destroy our Constitutional Republic. Thanks tor nothing Obama!

Larry Ralston

This is an accident waiting to happen. We are told that the New York City Police Department is one of the best in the country; why then are MCP’s needed? This patrol program will drive a wedge of division throughout this community. Assimilate!


Next is no go zones as they have in France. America wake up!


This is insane! Total agreement with paulE!!!!
Wake up American another way for Muslim control! How stupid can people be to believe anything Muslims do or say remember their words anyone no muslin is to kill the infindels!

Alexander Love

I am horrified to see that some the system will allow muslin extremes to have their own patrol car, that’s not America.
This supposed to be a Christian country.


Send the “wanna be cops” back to their countries of origin. Let them police their own streets. They are not a “necessary commodity” in America. Their “religion” is a cult of death.


“Training by the 72nd prescinct?” Seriously? This is insanity and it’s as if these New Yorkers have not read about what came out of such arrangements in England. These cruising crusaders should be arrested for impostering law enforcement officers, but to think our own law enforcement endorses this, is terrifying to say the least.


This is a crock. If anyone believes this bull they need a brain transplant. Liars Liars pants on fire. Read the Quran and see what their goals are. Get real or end up with sharia.


How stupid are we ? We elected three Muslims to congress. The enemy is trying to take over. Read their bible, the coran. GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL and NOT OAC, he will end the world in his time, not ours. God Bless America !!


This madness needs to be stopped now! The people of NYC have become Lemmings, it is amazing to to see how stupid people become when they live in these human Ant Piles and cesspools!


What comes next, a guardian group for each race, religion, gender, etc, etc.
The thin blue line serves and protects the entire population.


Not to be believed. This is their out in the open sneaky way of gaining control of all the populist not just their own “community”.

Phyllis Poole

Remember the crusades! They blamed the Catholics for killing many of them when it was them that started the war and killing others.
Tell others Get out the word. PRoTEST. Loudly!! Call your reps. Call your police depts. don’t let it expand!!!

Charles Parker

Europe, and the US should evict them or more trouble will be coming.


This just in: California very angry that they didn’t allow this to happen there first.


No way!