Mr. Macron’s Lecture – and Who Americans Are

Macron lecture AmericansOnce sitting with Ronald Reagan, he retold a story to me.  It was entertaining, actually funny, but becomes sobering on a day when a French President can speak of fearing the United States – this nation which twice in one century rose en mass, fought with all our hearts, and died in hundreds of thousands on French soil, to save the French people from fascism.  President Emanuel Macron should reread his history.

Our day was sunny.  Sitting with President Reagan, there was no pressure.  Just a former White House staffer, visiting.  On the wall, a photo hung of President Reagan with former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  On my noticing it, Reagan told the story.

At an early G-7 meeting, he entered a room and saw Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher sitting in a chair.  Over her, filled with emotion and wagging a finger, was liberal Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, father of the current Canadian liberal.

Patiently, Thatcher listened as Trudeau lectured her on how wrong her attention to certain aspects of history, conservatism and way of viewing the world was.  In time, Trudeau drifted off.  Thatcher rose and quietly headed down a hallway.  Reagan caught up with her, and said “Maggie, why did you let him get away with that?  He had no right to speak that way to you …” To which, Reagan recounted, she turned to him with a smile and said, “Ron, a woman must know when a man is being simply childish.”  And in the retelling, Reagan laughed aloud – he loved it.

Now, we come to Macron and his utterly misplaced, oddly dismissive, and objectively inappropriate comments this weekend about the United States, and our role in the past, present and future of Europe.

First, Macron announces, jarringly at the 100th anniversary of Word War I’s Armistice, that he favors a “European Army” to defend against the likes of China, Russia and – yes – against “the United States of America.”

So, one is tempted to ask, do the 4 million Americans who rose to defend Europe in World War I, the more than 116,000 who died, the more than 200,000 who were wounded, and the many Americans cemeteries across France count for nothing?  We, who in that devastating war, turned the tide after 1917, ending the conflict that would have ended France?

Or perhaps Macron has forgotten that France – the entire existence of the country and society – would have perished, but for intercession of the United States in World War II.  To end that world-changing horror, Americans sent 16 million men and women into combat.  Of that group, more than 416,000 died.  Many of those Americans died in places like Normandy, the Argonne, Battle of the Bulge, and on blood soaked French battlefields.

Then, the French President went one better.  On Sunday, adding “insult” – yes, President Trump was correct, if unduly direct – to injury (and death), Macron gave a speech saying that Americans who embrace the idea of their unique national identity, pride in their nation as a source of global courage, what dictionaries describe interchangeably as “patriotism” and “nationalism,” are “selfish.”

Said Macron to 60 global leaders, Americans should instead focus on “universal values” – as if we had not defended exactly those values in two world wars, and do not have them enshrined in our Bill of Rights.  With strange focus on the United States, Macron solemnly rejected the “selfishness of nations looking after their own interests.”

So, on this seminal 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended World War I, in a country twice saved by the blood and treasure of Americans, on a continent rebuilt with American citizen’s tax dollars, we were lectured by a young, unschooled and apparently even unpopular in France leader, who needed to take America to task.

This listener’s reaction is hard to put into words.  Members of my own family who fought in World Wars I and II lie at Arlington.  For one moment, I pondered what they might make of this revealing show of consummate adolescence, historical impertinence and brazen indifference to history.

For a moment, the image of hundreds of thousands of American families listening to this lecture, as if the French leader was leaning over some relative of theirs – long since buried – as he sat in an armchair, flashed by me.  How could a French President take Americans to task, on the 100th anniversary of the seminal WWI Armistice?  It was unthinkable.

Then I thought of Reagan and Thatcher.  I thought of how simple, selfless courage, inner peace and unruffled dignity respond to impertinence in all ages.  Even today, their shared optimism, attitude and wisdom echoes brightly.  “A woman must know” – and men, too – “when a man is being simply childish.”  Macron cannot – with an ill-timed lecture – change facts:  America saved freedom, France and all Europe in World Wars I and II.

Here is the sobering kicker.  Whatever Mr. Macron thinks, it is in our nature to fight for what is right – and if push came to shove, make no mistake:  We would do it again.  Because, Mr. Macron, that is America.  That is who we Americans are.


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Larry Collins

Perfectly stated and beautifully written. I have posted to my FB page. I worked in Paris and I can tell you there is a love-hate relationship with the French. They love what we did for them, they hate that they needed our help. Their problem is that they were once a major world power, and now, not so much. They hate that English replaced French as the international language thanks solely to the USA’s dominance.
The entire issue can be summed up in this word: ENVY

Frank Randazzo

We all know that if not for the USA france would be speaking German. Does this supreme idiot know ANYTHING about history. Especially since immigrant muslims have taken over areas of their own soil. He epitomizes the saying LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER.

lynn gramm

thank you Amac for all your great information I wouldn’t hear anywhere else. God Bless you and God Bless America


President De Gaulle during President Johnson’s administration, called for America to get all their troops out of the country. Presient’s reply was something like, “does that include our 100,000 troops that are buried in your cemeteries?” I am old enough to remember that – you might want to look up the actual conversation, but this is how I recall it.

P. West

I was at Normandy in April. The people of Paris and our guide in particular expressed gratitude for the American blood that was shed fir their freedom. The monument if the young men riding our if the sea speaks to their gratitude. . My heart wept as I viewed the beaches of the last war. The cemeteries are kept with honor and beauty. This present president need to review their history, keeping in mind that if it wasn’t for our American boys shed blood, there’d be no modern day France! Shame on him! One can only hope he sees the light and soon!

General Patton

Macron you little punk, you would be speaking German if it was not for the United States. Read a history book you liberal dim witted maggot

Wayne Peterkin

I wish I could remember, verbatim, a quote by former general Colin Powell (I think it was) concerning the sacrifice our nation made to protect Europe and the only territory we ever requested was the place to bury our dead. It was wonderful, and it bears repeating to that French twit Macron.

Ed McCloskey

By even responding to Macron, you give him power. Ignore him. Even that is more than he deserves.

Charlie McDonald

Macron needs to go back to school! He should begin and pass Nursery School first!


Appears it’s time, once again, to break out the old French jokes. How about: Former French Army WWII rifles for sale, never used, like new condition? Monsieur Macron, vous mangez le merde! USAF (Ret)

Alexander Toconville

The French…more concerned with narcissistic pleasures throughout history than establishing anything worth demonstrating as worthy of great admiration.

Their cars are so bad they were kicked out of the U.S. in the 1970’s and aren’t sold in the U.S……the car consumer nation of the world.

Their food is so “snooty” and secular that it is offered only in rated restaurants and priced at ridiculous amounts…and way too saucy. Their only claim for the common person>>>”french fries”

They eat garden slugs.

They eat frog legs.

Their wine has slipped to rated places less than American wines.

They are surrender weenies and then take up the politics and traits of their conquerors.

Their military equipment has three reverse gears.

Yes…the french…so arrogant yet so mundane………..

Silas Longshot

My British friends have a term for the French….’cheese eating surrender monkeys’.
Appropriate, I think. This particular monkey has a serious case of rectal-cranial inversion as most leftist, one world morons do. And it seems the institutions of ‘learning’ over there, as we are saturated with here as well, don’t bother to teach world history as it should be and the poor young moron just doesn’t know any better. Or, very possibly, is willfully ignoring the sheer forest of grave markers that surround his sorry ass.
But, sadly, America will come to their rescue, yet again, when their ass is in the fire of world war 3, sacrificing another huge number of young American heroes.

Paul W

Consider the source. Macron is an idiot, mired in globalistic ideology. Mrs. Thatcher was right in her assessment of that situation…never argue with an idiot. You’ll get a more rational response from a parking meter.

Donald Wood

The saddest thing is the number of Americans who agree with him who also need to read our history; you know the stuff they don’t teach any more and not the revisionists version.


A few minutes ago, I wrote to my former neighbor, a retired colonel, to thank him and his family for all the sacrifices they made in service to this country. He also, years ago, prevented the kidnaping of my children, so I am forever in his debt. Although we were on opposite ends of the political spectrum, we could not have enjoyed a more respectful and enduring friendship. When I heard French President Macron first utter the word “nationalism” in reference to President Trump, I gasped. Today and at, of all places, this ceremony in France overlooking the burial ground of fallen American soldiers, I had to wonder what had caused this seething bitterness in Macron. Whether or not “Frexit” is on the menu, it will never happen as long as these hypocrites in power still hold the throne. It’s a good thing Trump is nailing down the floorboards, if… Read more »

Elena Tellez

Baby wimp, ‘one-inch dick’ Macron should get his head out of his butt and realize he would be Herr Macron, and sprechening Deutsch, if it were not for the Americans who saved France. What an idiot, blinded by envy. Trump shouldn’t waste much time with this FROG (grenouille). European army? What flag will they fly? The flag of Islam? What a crock.

Stephen Jay Coyle

France is in their death throes, along with the nations he wants to form the European Army. Europe is lost to Islam already, and they are either oblivious to the or too cowardly to thwart the take-over. I can’t lend much credence to Macron’s remarks. I agree with a former post that his remarks are driven by envy.



Lucille Donadio

Keep up the good work


I agree.