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Looking Forward to 2021

Year-2021Yes, 2020 is almost behind us – and many could not be happier. Americans witnessed the fourth year of extraordinary economic growth, followed by a gut-wrenching slide. We experienced the worst pandemic in 100 years, first “lockdowns” in memory.  We saw a presidential election twisted beyond recognition by polarization, mail-in ballots, social media censorship, overt media hostility, and widespread testimonials to fraud in our electoral process.  What we saw was enough to shake our confidence. We cannot let it do so.

One way or another, we must turn the page – on challenges to personal, professional, and political faith.  The year ahead – like every other year – will be defined by two things:  Circumstances beyond our control, and resolve to meet them, as necessary head-on.

If we cannot control all, we can control some.  We can resolve to be centered, unbent, unbroken, unbowed by forces personal, professional, or political that would distract, dishearten, bend, break, and coopt.

Finding our way through darkness focuses heart and hardens will, returning a soul to basics, clarifying direction, fortifying what needs redefinition – all turning light in time.  For some, counter-intuitively, an uplift comes from letting go, recapturing a sense of humor; for others it comes from re-grounding closer to home, simple things.

Sometimes it is not thinking harder but less, learning not to worry as much, but simple doing that improves things.  One recalls Yogi Berra, the epic baseball catcher, who once quipped: “How can you think and hit at the same time?” Counter-intuitive, but good point.

In practical terms, individuals, families, and communities should see relief in 2021 – from COVID with vaccines, from economic downturn with reenergized commerce, opportunities, and activities.  On the political front, the year will be a challenge – but a time for binding wounds, finding friends, strengthening bonds that help to preserve and defend traditional America.

The year ahead will be new in other ways. As recent Supreme Court decisions suggest, we may see a resurgence of judicial conservatism – favorably affecting interpretations of the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Ninth, Tenth, and liberty-centric provisions, if not Roe v. Wade.

Other developments are in the offing. For science-minded, 2021 should launch Hubble’s replacement, the James Webb Space Telescope, allowing us to see distant planets, nebulae, back into cosmic history.  A “universal flu vaccine” is around the corner; stems cells may offer answers to neurodegenerative diseases; emerging breakthroughs in carbon sequestration promise offsets for production; new advances in physical, cyber and national security flow from artificial intelligence, nanomaterials, quantum computing.

To this add predicted advances in paralysis reversal, telemedicine, robotics, neuromodulation for addiction, virtual reality for cognitive decline, gene therapy for sickle cell, drug innovations for MS and CF, treatments for Hepatitis C, prostate cancer, migraines, plus autonomous vehicles (maybe), and dual-propulsion drive-trains supporting flying cars (double maybe).

Taken together, the future is exciting – sometimes in good ways, sometimes just fielding the unexpected.  That said, Yogi Berra returns.  Hoping on baseball 2021, the All-American reveled in the good, reminding us “Life, like baseball, is ninety percent mental, and other half physical.” With Yogi in tow, onward!

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Elena Tellez
2 years ago

This may be the first time I’ve ever disagreed with your brilliant Mr. Charles. Sorry, sir, we cannot just ‘turn the page.’ We must FIGHT to WIN. We CAN control our government if we can prove election fraud, which, from everything I’ve seen, is true. We need to make major changes to our government, like term limits, and alter financial support of our congress, so our elected officials govern for their constituents — not their major donors. Biden, Clinton and other crooks have to be indicted and if proven guilty, jailed. We are worse than some third world countries. DO NOT GIVE UP FAITH — FIGHT — REVOLT if NECESSARY. .

2 years ago

We need to get over the attitude that the 2020 election was “done to us” ( and it was) and get on with the
attitude that we must act and take charge. We cannot think of ourselves as victims but as willing to take
ACTION to get rid of corruption.

2 years ago

The greatest revelation in 2021 will be how stupid we were to be duped by a phony election in 2020.

2 years ago

“What we saw was enough to shake our confidence. We cannot let it do so.”

Oh yes we can. The election in particular. The judicial system and Rinos seem more concerned that our trust in the electoral system is shaken than in the fact that the election may well have been fraudulent. The very fact that the election “irregularities” are not being publically scutinized and at least the most credible claims of fraudulent activity being vigorously investigated, CAUSES my confidence in the system to be undermined. Not only that, but the GOAL of the left is to destroy the United States of America, a process that was started under the Odumbo administration (it has actually been going on for a long time, but when Odumbo got power is when the real work of dismanteling America started) and will be completed by the Harris administration. (I give Biden six months.) If this election stands the USA is finished; in that I have confidence.

Bill Brown
2 years ago

Wake-Up!!  There are no Republican and DemocRat Parties!  There is only the “Unity Party” “RINO’s & Socialists”!!  They run a giant SCAM with the Media to keep us “sheep” entertained and in line!!  The FreedomWorks.org group and the Trump Group thought they were changing the Republican Party!!!  FORGET IT!!!  Ryan, McConnell, Romney, etc. are the tip of the “fake loyal opposition iceberg” helping the DemocRats lead all Americans into a SOCIALIST HELL-HOLE!!!!  Form a new Political Party – The Freedom Party!!!  President Trump’s Movement combined with FreedomWorks.org plus Minorities who refuse to be Republicans have consolidated the base!!!!  The American Revolution 2.0!!!!!

Bill Brown
2 years ago

Conservatives have cause to doubt that the Republican Party is their HOME!  The Republican Study Committee is 150 out of 199 Republican Members of the House.  Where are the other 49?!!  From the traitors Paul Ryan and Romney, etc., many Republicans are Conservatives “IN NAME ONLY” (CINO’s)!!!  We will NEVER succeed against the DemocRat/Communists tied down with the Establishment “Republicans”!!!  The 2020 Election PROVED  some 65 to 80% of Americans are READY!!!  Minorities are READY but CANNOT accept being Republicans!!!  Merge the Trump Movement & FreedomWorks.org – The American Revolution 2.0!!!  Become Counter-Revolutionaries!!!  Stand-up for Our Republic!!!!  President Trump’s Movement and FreedomWorks.org have consolidated the base!!!!  Form a new Political Party – The Freedom Party!!!!!  Soar under a NEW Banner – The American Eagle!!!!!

John A. Fallon
2 years ago

Overly optimistic article, if chinajoe and cameltoe get in the white house, everything you talk about will be stolen by china, our nation will be RULED by china, our education system will continue to deteriorate into TOTAL mind control, no education at all, just total propaganda, WELCOME TO “1984”, the only thing “ORWELL” got wrong was the time frame, he forgot to take into account “LAWYERS” PENCHANT FOR LITIGATION, The longer they drag cases out, the more MONEY THEY MAKE, AND THE EASIER IT IS TO DISTRACT PEOPLE FROM THE IMPORTANT CASES, AND FINALLY MAKE PEOPLE FORGET ABOUT THEM BY CONSTANTLY CHANGING THE NARATIVE IN THE NEWS AND SOCIAL MEDIA TO LESS IMPORTANT NEWS AND IDIOTIC FILLER. WAKE UP AMERICA!! if the “STEAL” is allowed to happen, the only future we have, IS NO FUTURE!!!!!

2 years ago

“Americans witnessed the fourth year of extraordinary economic growth” —You could thank the Trump Administration.Now for the epic uncertainty.

2 years ago

Amen I feel exactly the same way.

JJ Johnson-Smith
2 years ago

If Biden gains the presidency, 2021 will be the worst year in American History.

2 years ago

Not at all excited about the new year. We just lost the best president through a corrupt and phoney election and are about to inherit the worst anti-American conglomerate of politicians ever conceived.

2 years ago

Capitulation is our future? Is that turning the page, and accepting the present conditions in the world and especially, America? I think it is important to let our “Leaders” know what I think of them. Here is my letter to Congress:

Dear Senator or Congressman :

I’m one of the 320,000,000 votes that were cast this November 3, 2020. Is that more than should have been cast? Well, I did really vote and have every time I could, but only once per election. It doesn’t matter who I voted for, what matters was the vote meant something. It was what separated America from most other countries in this world; especially, the communist countries where they really cheated on their rules and regulations every where in their countries. But now it seems America has degenerated to the equivalent of Venezuela. By the Same method used in Venezuela.

It appears we Americans have elected individuals to “offices of trust” that are no longer people worthy of our trust. You can consider yourself among these individuals, lacking in integrity. You have rubber-stamped the November 3, 2020 election as “legitimate”. We Americans are not stupid. We know there was a lot of hanky-panky with the ballots. This has turned our country on it’s ear. We will not forget or forgive you POLUTICIANS. Any of you. If you don’t like the American way of life, maybe you should move to Venezuela, Cuba or China. Traitors can never be trusted. That is where you have placed yourselves by declaring November 3, 2020 a “legitimate election”.

Everyone of you who have shrugged your shoulders and pretended November 3 was an honest election, have made yourselves traitors. All such politicians, or Judges, who are considered more educated, more honorable, and having more integrity have proved you are “frauds”. You think you are above the LAW. May God help you. YOU will have to face the PEOPLE eventually. If you think I am irate, You are getting the true picture. I hope YOU all leave, you do not deserve to be Americans!

An Irate Citizen of America

Elena Ortega
2 years ago

I would love to share your optimism, Mr. Charles, but knowing what I do about the election fraud, I can’t. We need Trump in the White House… and a cleansing of our corrupt legislators and politicized judges. We must continue to fight… 24/7… to make life miserable for these socialists. Or perhaps we need Martial Law and a coup. They will totally ruin this country if we let them. Conservatives are so complacent… I hope we get tougher.

Danny Estridge
2 years ago

Just once voice, that’s all I am. I still want to bring the RICO act against Congress. I’m just along for the ride now. Just wonder, who is the anti Christ in this ?game of thrones?. LOL, too old to do anything, just old enough to question everything. My New Years Resolution is I don’t want to learn Chinese and I question “our democracy”. Will we survive? Doubt it, but I’m to old to change my ways. If the Founding Fathers see what we’re up against and all the sell outs in Congress, well like I said, I’m old so at least I’ll join the Founding Fathers before we lose what they built. Sad, very Sad Day for a Dream. I could go on and on about Ben, George, Thomas, etc. but why bother? We were sold to the highest bidder. Sad. I wasted 20 years in the military when I could have made a lot more not protecting us, now just a poor boy living off the state (sounds like Socialism huh). And now it’s time to shut up. The kids have a lot of new issues to deal with, hopefully they won’t end up like the ?Ugers? in China.

Gunny Joe
2 years ago
Reply to  Danny Estridge

Stop F—ing feeling sorry for your self. One Dead Uncle, grew up with war damaged father and other uncles. Gunnery Sargent USMC Ret. (three tours in Viet Nam helicopter air crew man app 1,000 hrs. in the air in country alone), I earned ever cent of my retirement pay and social security I draw. No Commie Union job for me after retirement! You learned how to resist in the service of the United States Armed Services, DO NOT stop now write all elected officials of your state, and stand by to do your part if forceful resistance is needed!

Rick J.
2 years ago

2021 will be the turning point for the USA. if Biden is allowed to steal the presidency
the chance for a civil war becomes very real. If the senate seats in GA. go democratic
you can be assured that a civil war will be a sure thing !!! Happy New Year

Linda K
2 years ago

Nice try, but I’m afraid that if the dems are allowed to steal the election, 2020 will seem like heaven compared to what the future holds.

2 years ago

I think God is allowing these events to drive us to our knees and seek his face and will, drawing us closer to him. God be with you all.

2 years ago

Think Jimmy Carter redux. So many screw-ups and incompetence in the next four years it will be hysterical. This will ensure a conservative Pres. will win in 2024! Even the media will not be able to hide the failures.

2 years ago

I understand Mr. Charles intentions to look at 2021 with positive optimism, but it isn’t realistic. The realistic vision is understanding where this country is in respects of the ungodliness allowed to progress for ‘years.’
As I’ve mentioned in other article comments, I believe our first serious warning from God was on 9/11. Some began to take notice and saw it for what it was. I personally as hopefully some others did, prayed for the Lord’s forgiveness of our nation and leaders. In a couple years or so after the ‘dust’ settled as the country ‘proudly’ came back from this dark tragedy, life as ‘usual’ resumed. We wouldn’t have recovered if not for God’s mercy in hearing and answering prayers of His faithful and believing followers.
Israel’s history in their relationship to God is our perfect example of man’s inability to learn from his sinful choices. There have been several dark times in our history, one being the Holocaust. Some ‘six million’ Jews were killed by Nazi Germany. ‘The day that would live in infamy’, December 7, 1941, the attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor…..just to name a couple….my point is, God has brought Israel and us through our worst days and as long as we are a people who make it known to God He is our Savior, He would continue to show His great Mercy and deliverance.
During a Bible study years ago the Minister had expounded on the significance of our relationship to Him by our spiritual acknowledgement and support of Israel. I believe God blessed the prosperity of America as an ally and protector of Israel.
With a Biden/Harris administration the possible immediate withdrawal of financial and moral support for Israel is looking to be a reality. Some Biden has chosen for his administration are anti-Semitic and have made their calls for defunding Israel. If our nation is to continue to exist, turning our back on Israel cannot happen. I am praying with all my being that God will show His great love and Mercy for this nation and forgive us and purge out His ungodly enemies and restore us to a former nation, “One Nation Under God, with liberty and justice for all. Amen

2 years ago

I plan to give Biden the same consideration CNN gave President Trump. “Bite-me” doesn’t know if he’s coming, going or already been. In my opinion he is the unwitting beneficiary of a stolen election. He doesn’t have the mental capacity to engineer a stolen election but he hid in his basement while his handlers, the DNC, and main stream media took care of the treasonous dirty work!

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