Why The Left Abhors The Ryan Budget

by: Christopher G. Adamo – The transparently choreographed liberal/Democrat hysterics over the proposed federal budget of Representative Paul Ryan (R.-WI) might seem a bit excessive and drenched in paranoia, given that the measure has zero chance of ever being enacted. Yet in light of the successes of America’s grassroots during the past three years, it does indeed represent a potential first step towards dismantling the leftist nanny-state that has brought this country to the brink of societal collapse and financial insolvency.

Certainly, the Ryan budget could not garner the necessary votes to pass in Harry Reid’s Democrat controlled Senate. And beyond that, an even more insurmountable obstacle looms in the White House, where it would need the signature of Barack Obama in order to become law. It would drastically curtail government spending and reduce personal and corporate income taxes. But most significantly, its crowning feature is the complete repeal of Obamacare which would exceed any leftist boundary, even if Democrats ever were predisposed to the “bipartisanship” they so sanctimoniously demand from their Republican counterparts. And of course they are not.


So why would a bill that has absolutely no chance of passage or implementation generate such consuming fear and dismay among its opponents? The answer is simply that it characterizes both the genuine hope of America’s future, and the manner in which the traditions and institutions of this great nation can and must be restored. As such, it unambiguously defines the choice Americans must make this fall, if their beloved country is to survive.


It thus represents a starkly divergent course from the current “fast track to insolvency” on which the Reid/Pelosi Congress and Obama White House have placed America. If Republicans diligently focus on it, voters will increasingly recognize the defining criticality of the fall’s elections and the consequences they face if they accept the liberal status quo.


In contrast to the Ryan budget, even a cursory examination of the leftist agenda of recent years reveals the twisted philosophies from which liberals derive their political worldview.  While frustrated Americans imprudently delivered Congress into the hands of the Democrats in 2006 as a repudiation of Republican capitulation and fiscal irresponsibility, and though they likewise bought the inane utopian promises of Barack Obama as preferable to the back-peddling and “moderation” of John McCain in 2008, they were clearly unprepared for the leftist onslaught that has since ensued against their beloved country. But when confronted with the ugly reality that has befallen them since Obama’s inauguration, they have fervently sought to rectify their blunder.


Americans had no desire to see their health-care system forcibly nationalized as if they were living in some banana republic. Nor did they expect that the largely manufactured financial upheaval of late 2008 would be subsequently exploited as an excuse to criminally squander trillions of dollars on government expansion under the bogus premises of economic “stimulus.”

Since that time, the good people of this country have recoiled in shock as their out-of-control government has voraciously confiscated two of the nation’s three major automobile manufacturers, carelessly doled out billions to futile “green energy” projects that shortly thereafter go into default, and demanded multi-trillion dollar debt ceiling increases to “cover” the ongoing expenditures. Americans know and understand the financial catastrophe that is unfolding across the Atlantic Ocean in Europe, and are outraged that those holding this nation’s reins of power would relentlessly steer it in a similar direction. Nor do they intend to sit idly by as the costs of these irresponsible actions are piled onto future generations.

In light of this, the Ryan budget serves to remind Americans that they can restore their nation’s former economic splendor, but only if the choking burdens of overregulation and over-taxation are reversed. Americans can continue to enjoy the greatest and most advanced health-care system on the planet, but doing so requires the immediate rescinding of the socialist monstrosity of Obamacare. And Americans can tame the entitlement monster before it drains the life out of the current generation and leaves a nation of squalor for the next, but only if drastic reforms in the scope and structure of the programs are implemented.

Unfortunately, given the existing make-up of the United States Senate, and the current occupant of the White House, no such changes will ensue. Any truly effective changes will absolutely require a major house-cleaning in Washington this November. As things presently stand, the nation’s budget will continue to mushroom and its economy continue to stagnate interminably under the load of reckless spending. The languishing segment of society which presumes that its wellbeing is the responsibility of those who work, pay their bills, and cough up their taxes will continue to grow. And despite endless pontification and empty assurances to the contrary, the circumstances guaranteeing the inevitable and cataclysmic financial meltdown will worsen.

Despite the best efforts at history revisionism and the poisoning of young minds through “politically correct” indoctrination in the educational establishment, the people of this nation have not forgotten their legacy, nor relinquished their birthright. Given an informed choice between a downward spiral into socialism and the meager subsistence it offers for the huddled masses, or the renewal of possibility for those able to dream and willing to toil to make their dreams come true, Americans will overwhelmingly opt for the latter.

The Ryan budget illuminates this circumstance. America has arrived at a defining fork in the road. It can accept the premise that it must decline in prosperity and freedom, or it can reverse and repeal the disastrous decisions of the past four years, and begin to repair the enormous damage they have done. What Democrats fear, above all else, is that the people of the Heartland might enter the voting booths on Election Day comprehending what needs to be done to heal their land, and who stands in the way of every effort to undo the evils of liberalism.

Christopher G. Adamo is a resident of southeastern Wyoming. He has been involved in politics at the local and state level for many years. His archives and contact information can be found at www.chrisadamo.com

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Jim W
9 years ago

Defeat Obama? Definitely! But a real way to restore America to greatness is to defeat those liberal/ socialist Senators who come up for reelection. I’m betting that the southern and western states will do their part. We have got to have some help from our clear thinking friends in those crucial mid west and northeast states. Come on folks, instead of voting for the (D), (R) or incumbent, vote for the AMERICAN that will lead us away from the irresponsible/ insane spending Obama is forcing on us

9 years ago

Has everyone seen or heard the broadcast delivered by Paul Harvey in April 1965?
This is a MUST SEE…………………
If you haven’t do this search:
“U-tube Paul Harvey if I were the devil”

It explains what is happening to our society……………..

Don Chipman
9 years ago

We are in for a real task. The liberals have no interest in listening to reason. It’s not in their DNA. They have the mainstream media totally under their control and allot of the younger generation voters are totally uninformed as was evident in the 2008 election. I think that Obama’s recent attack on the churches and religion gives us an opportunity to reach people that really care and can have more influence on the youth! Now that we see Obama’s real intention of destroying everything this great country stands for we cannot be quiet!!

9 years ago

The thing that is going on here can be summed up in two quotes. “There are two ways to conquer a nation. One is by the sword and the other is by debt” and “The secret of freedom lies in educating the people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant”. Obama and his ilk are trying to conquer us by debt and keeping us ignorant. If we want to regain our country we must spread the truth and fight the governments attempt to bankrupt us.

8 years ago
Reply to  Frank

Mine is full coverage and I only pay $ 34 a month, but I have an older car and I’m 38.It does soemtimes seem like its a waste of money, but if I wouldn’t have had my full coverage when I was in an accident I would have been screwed. The lady that hit me didn’t have enough insurance to cover all the medical bills so my insurance had to kick in.

9 years ago

The Republican Nominee has a tremndous advantage against the Obama Adminstration. I would take every News Clip, Press Confrence and bits of Obamas video clips, sound bites, any thing that he has said in front of a camera, and contrast it with what is actually happening in this country. Show the America Public in his “sound bite” and the actual plans he has put in play. Show the lies, and he has many and many sound bites that could be used against him.

The most Powerful thing they could do is to expose the all the Lies… All the things he has accused the Republicans of doing that he has infact done. Nancy Peloisi, Harry Reid are chock full of lies….expose them. There is so much to use. They would have to have all their Cronies out there trying to defend all their lies. Thats what I want to see. Stop Attacking each other and EXPOSE the Liars, Traitors all the Czars and their regulations. This are things that the American Public need to SEE, especially the Idiots that want to hide the heads in the sand and pretend to not see what is actually going on. BABY BOOMERS OPEN YOUR EYES, IT EFFECTS YOUR LIVES RIGHT NOW, AND ANY PLANS YOU HAVE FOR YOUR RETIREMENT. INFLATION IS DIMISHING YOUR BUYING POWER. JUST LOOK AT GAS AND FOOD PRICES THEY KEEP GOING UP………YES OBAMA HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THAT.

The next most important thing that we the People can do is to Educate our Fellow Americas, Family , Friends, every time you come across a contridiction expose it for what it is. I am constantly posting on my Facebook page all the criminal activies of this Administration and the Lies they spin. It is Astonishing how adept this Administration is at SPINNING the Truth. I thought Bill Clinton was good at spinning, but Obama has Clinton beat 10x’s over when it comes to spinning.

Educate all people you can and make sure they get out on Election day and make their VOTE Count. The most Important and Patriotic thing they can do to enact Real Change! EDUCATE YOURSELF &……. VOTE!…… VOTE!…… VOTE!…I’m just saying!

9 years ago
Reply to  Deborah

Here….here!!! You go Deborah… I totally agree.

9 years ago
Reply to  Deborah

Yes, absolutely. Get out there and vote. Vote early too, for if you do not you may find that someone else has voted FOR you. And they may have voted for your dead grandparents as well. This will be a dirty election.

The US Attorney General is striking down voter ID laws wherever he can on the argument that they discriminate against the poor, such as welfare recipients, who are less likely to have picture ID’s. (Never mind that welfare recipients have to have picture ID’s to sign up for and/or pick up their welfare checks)

Be ready. Vote early before the other side votes often.

David Leverett
9 years ago

I totally agree with the article – however it did not state or show what the budget proposal is. I’m sure that anything that the republicans propose will be totally rejected by the democrats. If Obama is re-elected, we can look forward to the same stalemate that we have seen thruout his presidency. We cannot afford for him to be re-elected.

9 years ago
Reply to  David Leverett

Google it! (Ryan Budget Plan), that is all you need. Watch the movie 1984 to see our future If Obama is re-elected! It’s the Change he Hopes for WE the PEOPLE!

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