Let’s Call It What It Was

Jedediah Bila

By Jedediah Bila, Author and Political Commentator

Last week, one of Tiger Woods’ numerous mistresses released a series of text messages he had sent to her.  To say that they are sexually explicit is to put it very mildly.

To be frank, I couldn’t care less about the inner workings of Woods’ personal life.  However, what I do care about is the fact that he is undergoing treatment for sex addiction.  Why?  Because it speaks to a larger societal problem.

Americans are increasingly unable to speak the truth.  Guess what?  Some women are liars.  Some men are abusers.  Some criminals are incorrigible.  A terrorist is a murderer.  And maybe, just maybe, Tiger Woods is a plain old cheater.

I have grown tired of society’s rush to excuse bad behavior via crafty labels.  Children who misbehave in class are quickly tossed into the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder club and stuffed with medication.  If scolded, many of them will instantly claim that it is not their fault, blaming the debilitating “disease” from which they suffer.  Criminals who have repeatedly raped, murdered, and tortured innocent victims undergo countless bouts of rehab.  And now, those who cheat on their spouses with outright disregard for the sanctity of marriage and the vow of fidelity enter sexual rehabilitation clinics and cite addiction as the responsible party.  Forget morality and commitment.  It’s all about “disease.”

I had a conversation with my ninety-six year old grandmother a couple of years back.  She’s not particularly political, grew up quite poor, and lacks a lot of the sophistication that would be applauded by the elite.  However, she possesses values that have been lost by many.  If you act like a jerk, she’ll call you one.  If she does something stupid, she won’t assume that she’ll be exempt from paying the price.  In her world, liars are liars.  Murderers are murderers.  Good and evil still exist, and she’s not afraid to look them both in the eye and call them what they are.  I’ll take her bluntness and personal responsibility any day over the cowardice and duplicity of so many of today’s leaders.

During the 2008 election cycle, another ninety-something friend of the family didn’t watch the news much (She rarely does, claiming that if she wanted to listen to a bunch of bull, she’d check out a segment of today’s “reality” television).  But I’ll never forget arriving at her apartment one afternoon and witnessing all four feet, nine inches of her shouting on the phone to her daughter:  “Jamie!  That man sat in Trinity United Church for twenty years straight!  Are you as dumb as he thinks you are?”  I remember wishing that she could stand in for John McCain in the debates.  FYI—she later made a huge poster that read Wake up, McCain, and let the Palin chick do the talking.

We must not lose the ability to hold people accountable for their actions.  And we must call it like we see it.  I thank God for the few in power who are fighting the trends of moral relativism, political correctness, and the disease invention brigade of the twenty-first century.

P.S.—Tiger, I’m all for you atoning for your sins and turning over a new leaf.  But for the sake of our intellect and your integrity, let’s call it what it was.

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Ann Pierson
12 years ago

In Tiger’s press conference Monday, I felt he took full responsibliliy for his behavior. He didn’t blame anyone but himself, and he expressed deep remorse for how he had hurt his family. Those who feel he should have given more ‘details’ are SICK!! It’s none of our business.

It is clear the women involved are out to seek ‘fame’. ALL MEN, especially those in the public eye are targets for women who will sell their souls to bring one of them down, regardless of the pain it causes wives and children.

Regardless of what you want to call Tiger’s behavior, it appears the therapy he has received has helped him…time will tell. For now I feel he should be allowed to deal with this privately as he continues his efforts to repair the damage he has caused and hopefully bring healing to his family.

Those of us who are Christians should be praying for him and his family and hope someday he will understand and accept the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Mike M
12 years ago

Anyone who grew up in the late 60’s or early 70’s will now see the fruits of the ‘modern thinking’ being birthed at that time. What do we see today? – “It’s not my fault, the devil made me do it”. Nope – he didn’t make anyone do it, just twists the truth to con us into thinking it is OK for us to do it and we are justified. We make the choice and take that first step. As I remember it actually it started at the beginning. Eve blamed satan and Adam blamed Eve and also God for the woman He gave him. It is in our sinful nature but now the culture is going more to calling evil good and good evil. Too much “it is all about my needs and desires”. Now just after Easter we need to remember that Jesus also came as an example of how we should live and was a servant king. The time he washed his disciples feet at the Last Supper was teaching that to them. Remember He also washed the feet of the one He knew was going to betray him.
Tiger and others are no worse than any of us as God hates all sin big and small. The real measure of character is how do we deal with our mistakes. Do we admit them and apologize and seek to change or do we just make excuses. Let us stand firm and keep calling evil, evil and good, good and help others in need.

Charlie R
12 years ago

When the president of the United States of America as well as Washinton politicians tell incredible lies and they get a pass, how can we expect the rest of the population to not notice, and conclude lying is OK ?

David Z. Eunice
12 years ago

The problem I see in America is that people just don’t want to understand the real problem or come up with the solution. For example, I’ve been trying to tell people about the Estancia Palm Springs Extortion and Racketeering Story where the problem politicians call the builder who they allowed to build a Plywood- Soil Retainer Wall to support huge residential building a “Problem Builder”. When the plywood wall failed as anyone with any sense should have known it would; the Village leaders allowed the same builder to replace the failed wall with what the developer later admitted was a “Structurally Insufficient” Wall; and then let him “Modify” the failure rather than build it right. Those same leaders passed Resolution 2005-42 five years ago… and haven’t enforced it yet.
If this isn’t Racketeering… What is?

Is anyone listening? Not the Palm Beach “Corruption” County State Attorney or the FBI, and not the Governor of Florida or the Attorney General!!! So who cares about the health and safety of the people living in those questionably built units. So why have building departments if they are not concerned with safety? Why have a Florida Ethic Committee that doesn’t listen to the people.

You know the problem with our Government is that it is crooked from the ground up. We are growing crooked politicians that don’t listen at the local level. So how can we expect anything better at the federal lever.

Thank God for TEA… It is time to PARTY, hearty… I didn’t like the Protection Racket Health Care they pushed on us before they gave us the suppository… Now I am going to Shout: VOTE THEM OUT… VOTE THEM OUT.

And if you want to solve our problems you will vote them out… get rid of the dead wood… and hold the new members feet the the term limit fire that is brewing across America.

Paul D. Young
12 years ago

The problem with Woods and/or our elected leaders is that TRUTH has been slain in America which when coupled to a refusal/reluctance to take RESPONSIBILITY for our actions and their consequences leaves people (and society) with their feet planted firmly in mid air. The blame game or blame shifting has become normative the better to placate and sooth our consciences but that can never alter the truth, Until the truth is resurrected/resuscitated and acknowledged by all concerned we will be a society, a nation, in steady decline and devolution, all for the worse.

Clarence Goodlein
12 years ago

You are certainly correct. It is sad and unfortunate that many people place so little value on truth and integrity. Somehow our society has lost its sense of the importance of honor, commitment, and loyalty and how these core values together with truth and integrity perpetuate societies and goodness. I blame moms and dads along with the society’s continued movement toward a permissive progressiveism. When children develop into adults believing that little else is more important than themselves, they fail to develop important core values and a strong sense or morality.

Charles R. Mc Queen
12 years ago

God Bless your Grandmother. No matter who you are you cannot hide
from the truth forever. Sin is Sin.

12 years ago

Tiger Woods and Pres Obama’s lying are other examples of morality going down the drain, why? Because, without a standard to live by it gives people a cop out to make excuses and call it what they want The foundation and standard needed in the world is God’s word the Bible, the instruction book for mankind!!

Joseph C Moore Cpo USN Ret
12 years ago

I am simply fed up with excuses for every type of (mis)behavior. Jedediah? I always thought that was a man’s name.

12 years ago

Should the Truth be told: YES
But usually it’s clouded in: I’ sick, I had bad parents, I lived in a bad area. Excuses is all a lot of folks have for there life. Too bad!

12 years ago

the man from kenya has one thought in mind and that is the destruction of America and turn it into a muslim cesspool.obamas grandmother stated that she was present it his birth in kenya,then she conveniently died

12 years ago

I agree with grbailey, Obama must be stopped. But it will not happen unless the people of this great country speak up and say “ENOUGH”. Everyone can do something, if only to help spread the truth.

phillip says
12 years ago

dear jedediah,
you sure are a lovely lady.
so very gorgeous.
south carolina needs you more than new york does. you have an open invitation here.

Martin Leder
12 years ago

Hey, Jedediah! I just saw you on Hannity! Keep up the good work!

12 years ago

our biggest problem is that muslim who stole our presidency.his one agenda is the destruction of America and change it into a muslim cesspool. and he will come close to doing just that but he wll be stopped.

12 years ago

Sarah Palin is the LEAST of our problems!!!!

Jack Vahe
12 years ago

Jedediah – -I know your a fan of S. Palin – – my take on her is this
1. She can’t finish the job of being the elected govenor of Alaska.
2. I think she’s nothing more than an opportunist for her own agendas.

Sandra Hand
12 years ago

It’s the mindset and all about the mindset that has erroded our society and the corrupt government. That saying is: “Anything goes.” Lastly, always blame others for your calculated misdeeds.

Those ladies that you interviewed, I would place them above the average person [elitist], and the radical progressives that claim that they are voting in the interests of their constituients in their states or districts.

Those ladies get an A+ for their raw intelligence, too bad that there are not more like-minded people in this country. God bless them.

Dave Soto
12 years ago

Tiger is NOT the problem, he is the symptom. He has, last I saw taken responsibility for his poor behavior and blamed only himself. Sadly many in society today only know how to point fingers and fail to see much of the problem in their own mirror.

Vicki McComack
12 years ago

It all goes back to our society watching TV and Movies From Hollyweird and believing that what these actors protray is normal and how we should act. Hollyweird is so perverse in all their actions that if we disagree in any way then WE are the ones with a problem – we are insulted, and cursed as haters, violent, out of control, because We believe for action there is a reaction, and you must pay for your actions.

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