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IRS Hires Same Firm that Botched the Obamacare Rollout

from – RedState –

If you need any indication of the IRS’s administration of Obamacare is going to go, look no further than this story. Last Friday, it was announced that the agency had hired CGI Federal, which is probably better known as the same firm that handled the rollout of the Affordable Care Act so well. From the Fiscal Times

If that’s what they wanted, spending more than $4.5 million to hire the same contractor that botched the rollout of the website in 2013 probably wasn’t the best move. Hiring CGI Federal to provide “critical functions” related to the further implementation of the Affordable Care Actc [sic] was practically asking for a congressional investigation.

And investigate they will, it appears. Congressman Pete Roskam (R-IL), who chairs the Ways and Means’ Oversight subcommittee, sent a rightfully angry letter to John Koskinen, the head of the IRS. In it, he says:

As you know, in January 2014, the Department of Health and Human Services fired CGI Federal after its disastrous rollout of the website. Shortly thereafter, Massachusetts followed suit, firing CGI for its poor performance developing the state health exchange website. Governor Deval Patrick called CGI Federal a “disappointing partner.” In August 2014, Vermont also fired CGI Federal for its “unacceptable” work creating its state exchange website. I am concerned that just months after the HHS and Massachusetts firings, the IRS selected the same contractor to provide critical technology services related to the administration of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The letter also includes a long list of things the subcommittee is requesting from the agency. This list consists of the contract between the agency and CGI Federal; any information on competing bids; the agency’s request for proposals and a work statement associated with the contract; information relating to how and why the IRS chose CGI Federal, including the names of any officials involved with the process; all the agency’s internal communications on the matter; and a description of any controls the IRS has set in place to make sure the mistakes of the Obamacare rollout are not repeated.

It will be interesting to see how this story develops, but I would expect some stonewalling. It’s typical of bureaucracy and, in particular, bureaucracy under the Obama administration. If this truly is the best firm the IRS could find to implement “critical actions” of the Affordable Care Act, then that really does not give us any reason to have confidence that the rollout on the IRS’s side will go any smoother than what happened with the federal exchange.

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5 years ago

There must be a motive other than this is the right company for the job…….

5 years ago

The head of the IRS, John Koskinen, should be fired immediately!! He’s in charge (supposedly). It appears that he went to Night School with the “lights out”! Artificial intelligence is no match for NATURAL STUPIDITY……..this guy is long overdue and needs to go………NOW!

5 years ago

The Affordable Care Act … What a great misnomer … It should really be The UNaffordable Care Act! … I hope I live long enough to see Comrade Obama brought up on charges of and convicted of Treason … Lying €£#¥%! says it all!

George Reagan
5 years ago

Typical government and bureaucratic BS with “the most transparent administration, ever”. Government corruption and cronyism at its worst. Probably negotiated at a strip club in DC. Hey, America, it’s obvious the demowits, RINOs and administrations commies, radical liberals and progressives want the US of A to become the USSA. via the UN, NAFTA, NAA and Agenda 2. It’s time to return to our own National interest and not the Worlds. Defund the UN, IMF, EU Bank and those that hate us.

5 years ago

Supposedly, the owner of CGI went to Princeton with Michele Obama. That’s credential enough to handle a monumental task like Obamacare, isn’t it? Crony-ism, thievery, lying, sleeping with the enemy, blasphemy — all the utter foundation of this administration. If we are lucky enough, and SMART enough to elect a candidate (Republican, of course) that will undo and change a lot of what Obama has created or ruined, the U.S. may return to a normalcy and offer opportunity and promise to its citizens. If the stubborn decide they “don’t like” the Nominee, and stay home as they did last election,… Read more »

5 years ago

We all need to get over this notion that we live in a democracy; we do not. We did have a REPUBLIC when we started this experiment, yes experiment. An experiment was what most all the thinkers of the day and days since our inception have called our governmental sojourn. If you don’t know the difference between a Republic and a Democracy there are plenty of Internet sites that can explain it. If people can’t understand that this is all about culture change. The liberals and progressives have they will work ceaselessly to effect changes, changes that NOBODY (but them)… Read more »

5 years ago

I understand that a Vice President at CGI was a classmate of Michele’s in college. I can’t recall the name. Maybe someone else can verify.

Robert Tauer
5 years ago

The answer is easy to figure out. Just Follow The Money.

Disruptive Element
5 years ago

There’s zero hoping you can stop this ACA Obama care snowball which has turned into an avalanche. A while ago when Obama made a snickering comment that this is a done deal he was right. One visit to your doctors office you will have an inkling of it- the computerization-the sharing of information-the doctors are no longer private entities etc. One admittance to the hospital will show you that there is no turning back -it is now a highly impersonal machine in spite of the smiling faces which you never see more than once, to be replaced with another unknown… Read more »

Kay ferguson
5 years ago

Aren’t the Obama’s friendly with the real owne(rs) of this underperforming company? Need to check out all associated with this company, because I’d bet this is ANOTHER Solyndra type deal.

Ernest J Fetchko
5 years ago

If the democracy the American people are getting from our federal departments and agency’s is what were trying to sell to the rest of the world, It is no wonder we are ignored!

5 years ago

This shouldn’t be surprising given the fact that CGI Federal is very well connected with the Democrat Party. Why do you think they originally got the Obamacare rollout to begin with? There were certainly many other Web development shops, both big and small, that could have won the contract at substantially lower cost to the American taxpayer, if it were really put out for competitive bidding. As for how this story develops, I would imagine that stonewalling will be front and center. Don’t expect to get any honest answers anytime soon. Of course all this could have been avoided if… Read more »

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