Hill Poll: Majority ‘Worse Off’ Under Obama

from The Hill – A majority of likely voters see the country as worse off than it was four years ago and maintain that President Barack Obama doesn’t deserve to be re-elected based on his job performance, according to a new poll from The Hill.

A total of 52 percent of voters believe we’re worse off than in September 2008, while only 31 percent think the country is better off, and 15 percent believe it’s about the same.

As for Obama’s fate, 54 percent say his job performance should give him the boot, while only 40 percent say it justifies four more years in the White House for him.

When it comes to Obama’s handling of the economy, 58 percent of voters are dissatisfied, while only 40 percent are satisfied. Breaking down the numbers further, 50 percent are very dissatisfied, while 8 percent are not very satisfied, 17 percent are somewhat satisfied, and 23 percent are very satisfied.

Asked for their predictions of the presidential election, 46 percent of respondents think Romney will win, while 43 percent expect an Obama victory.

On the issue of Vice President Joe Biden’s impact on the election, 71 percent of voters think his presence on the ticket will have no effect on the outcome. Surprisingly enough, more voters think Biden will help Obama than hurt him – 16 percent to 11 percent.

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8 years ago

WHY doesn’t anyone care??

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