Hey, Hillary! We’ll Tell You Exactly “What Happened”

Hillary Clinton electionCareer politician and chronic self-saboteur Hillary Clinton has recently released the title of her memoir documenting the 2016 election she not-so-gracefully lost. The memoir, Clinton reports, is titled What Happened, and is said to discuss the forces that worked against her during the election and ultimately lead to her failure.

So, what are the odds that this book will actually tell the truth regarding what happened? I’ll give you a hint—it’s about as likely as Anthony Weiner deciding to stop sending raunchy photos to underage girls.

Does Clinton spend the book explaining how she lost due to her corporate greed? Or her suspicious email scandal in which she was unable to explain her use of a private server? Or her blatant lies about Benghazi? Her failure to campaign and mobilize voters in crucial “blue wall” states Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin? Her clumsy decision to focus reaching city voters rather than rural voters? Her intentional sabotage of Bernie Sanders? Her flagrant entitlement and “it’s my turn” attitude? Nope! Instead, Clinton blames her loss on nebulous evil forces such as “rage, sexism, stranger-than-fiction twists, Russian interference, and an opponent who broke all the rules”.

…uh-huh. Sure, Hillary.

The book also seems to be Clinton’s weak attempt to show a vulnerable, open, more human side. “In the past, for reasons I try to explain, I’ve often felt I had to be careful in public, like I was up on a wire without a net,” Clinton writes in the introduction according to publisher Simon & Schuster. “Now I’m letting my guard down”. Is Clinton trying to come across as relatable here? Because it’s a bit too late for that, considering her campaigning “strategy” consisted largely of socializing with wealthy donors and millionaire celebrities, alienating a huge chunk of voters by making herself seem inaccessible to many middle-Americans.

Furthermore, Clinton’s presidential campaign was just bad—period. It was sloppily managed and run with the laid-back hubris of someone who already assumed they’d win. By so hugely underestimating her opponent, Hillary’s own arrogance served as the final nail in the already doomed “I’m With Her” coffin.

To the liberals who gave Clinton their votes: if you ever find yourself wondering “what happened”, there’s no need to purchase Clinton’s book. Save your money because the real answer is plain and simple: Hillary Clinton is what happened.

Nothing was done to Clinton, her stumbles and falls were all her own doing. Her presidential campaign will be remembered as a series of preventable combustions, a minefield of self-sabotage, finger-pointing, and failure.

Hillary, blaming Russia doesn’t make you any less of a shady politician. Blaming sexism doesn’t make you any less of a corporate shill. And blaming the entire American populace for a loss that was caused by your own hubris just makes you look foolish. Constantly blaming others for your own failings will not save your reputation or your dignity.

Hillary Clinton’s entire presidential campaign was one big, self-inflicted wound, and her memoir is nothing but a shoddy tourniquet.

To those of us with brains and common sense, it’s really no mystery “what happened”.

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5 years ago

Just heard on today’s news (Aug. 30) the the FBI is not going to look into Clinton’s email scandal because there is lack of public outcry….! Since when does the FBI use public opinion polls to determine whether it will uphold the law?

5 years ago

When will the American people have JUSTICE? Is she really still untouchable? Her loss is painful enough? Come on, that’s a double standard by definition. You know she and Obama are behind all the bash Trump crap, and I’m sick of it all.

5 years ago

She’s just trying to make up for all the money lost when the Clinton Global Initiative (a.k.a., the cash cow) went under.

5 years ago

One of the very few times when President Trump said something that made me furious. He said he wasn’t going to go after cliton. He went on to say she had suffered enough and that she and bill were good people. Now I don’t care about going after her, but to say she and bill were good people, well thats just plain wrong. They have never been good people….and when has she ever suffered??
Love Donald Trump.

Kurt Henkel
5 years ago

She really needs to be tried and convicted and sent to the place where everything that gets drained from the swamp goes!

Angela M Babella
5 years ago

I’ll leave the ugly details to the true emails I’ve read so far. What happened was that Hillary Clinton was and continues to be her own worst enemy.

Martha Clark
5 years ago

Can Jeff Sessions ‘un-recuse’ himself and prosecute this criminal? If there’s anyone that should be serving time, it’s Hillary ‘MoneyBags’ Clinton!

IJoyce Riggleman
5 years ago

I have a great idea, how about we put Hillary, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Maxine Waters, Pelosi and all the other American hating, law breaking, traitor women in a women’s federal prison together, same cell of course and see how long it takes them to turn on each other, justice served? I’d give anything to have a rolling camera filming that cat fight! They would tear into one another physically & verbally, wow I’d pay to see that one, all sharing the same sink, toilet, space. Can’t you just see it play out? Unfortunatelly this will never happen. No one will ever go to jail for their crimes because they are above the law, corrupt to the core and laugh in our faces and behind our backs because of the power they have over us. One thing though they will be held accountable to God for what they had done, no escaping His justice, smiley face here. God Bless America and may God have Mercy on our country and her people. J.E.R

5 years ago

Guess the “basketful of deplorables” contained more committed voters than she realized.

5 years ago
Reply to  CccL

Trump had committed voters
Many who did vote for Hillary should maybe be committed
For falling for the Flim Flam

Tom Wilde
5 years ago

What? You didn’t know? Despite the claim that it was time for a female President, after having our first Muslim/Communist President, she lost because she is a woman. Dang that ol’ misogyny!

Oh, and we’re all racists too because we voted for the white guy.

And the hard core Leftist Media didn’t sell her Leftist agenda.

And most importantly, gosh darn it all, not enough illegal aliens and “refugees” accepted Obama’s open invitation to vote in our election! I guess they were too busy spending their EBT cards dry and eating their free food in front of their free TV and yacking on their free phones to get down to the polling places.

Oh well, the best made plans of mice and ‘Crats! Can’t win ’em all.

But still, don’t let your guard down, if the Globalist/Communist/Muslim Left can’t Witch Hunt Trump out of office with the help of their buddies in the GOP they will do their best to murder him. No kidding, they are openly talking about it.

5 years ago

Dear Deplorables: We’re right. She’s wrong. Remember Benghazi. If any of the ladies, here writing, did what she did, we’d be put in the nut house. And how dare she call us deplorables. I resent the fact that she’s not in jail!! At the debates, didn’t Mr. Trump say he would jail her? It’s still not too late.

Martha Clark
5 years ago
Reply to  Angela

So agree with you, Angela. You or I would be in Federal prison. Not ol’ ‘MoneyBags’ here! I think Jeff Sessions can ‘un-recuse’ himself (I’ve heard), so maybe it can still happen(?). Mark Levin’s show featured a lot of talk about this subject last week. I’d love to see it happen!

Janice D
5 years ago

I guess there were just too many people in that “basket of deporables!”

5 years ago

Sorry hillary, I don’t need copies of your book. I don’t have a fireplace or a parrot cage to line. Besides, I read quite a bit of fiction without you.
This has to be one of the really evil persons on the planet. Just look into her eyes in various pictures and you can see the hatred.

5 years ago
Reply to  Gulliver

Do you think that
Barnes & Noble will have give a big discount on the book
Maybe as deep as a 150 percent to pay you to take the thing out of their store.
Wouldn’t you love to see the bonus reviews at the publishers
For the executives who came up with the business plan for paying the huge Hillary advance

5 years ago


Pete from St Pete
5 years ago

She learned that from watching Barack.

5 years ago

Lordy, will she ever go away?

5 years ago
Reply to  Rebecca

There is still a lot of criminal covering up to do.

Ryan Michael O\'Brien
5 years ago

Hillary’s problem was that she catered to TAX USERS instead of TAX PAYERS.

Dennis K.
5 years ago

May Hillary, and the Clinton Clan, rest-in-peace!

5 years ago

She is a snake plain and simple…hopefully she will pay for her crimes one day!

5 years ago
Reply to  Bob

Count on it.

5 years ago
Reply to  Hunter

Having her pay for her crimes could be a beautiful thing But
Don’t think the Any of the Inside the DC Beltway Crowd
Will lift a finger to make it so.
Wonder why ?

Sandra Olson
5 years ago

I can only hope Hillary’s “team” reads articles such as these and convinces her the country is NOT her oyster and she doesn’t need to think about a re-try in 2020! I don’t want to have to see her face; hear her voice for two years while she is trying to repair her image or create a new one. This woman needs to stay in the private sector, earn her millions by speaking to people who are willing to pay a huge ticket price to hear her and leave the American Government alone. No, it’s not perfect under Trump by an means but it’s a whole lot better than it would be with Hillary in the White House. I agree with the writer than indicated God intervened in this election….not the Russians!

5 years ago
Reply to  Sandra Olson

Well said.

Teresa Buhs
5 years ago

Hillary is a pathetic excuse for a human being who has no message, no vision and NO moral compass. We won, you lost!

5 years ago
Reply to  Teresa Buhs

She had a vision
Universal Government run single payer health care.
And a big house and private plane for herself.

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