Heroes of Liberty

Heroes of Liberty

The perfect gift for your grandchildren

The perfect gift for America

The Heroes of Liberty book series comprises the ultimate must-have bookshelf for every American kid. Each book in the series tells the biography of an historical figure who, during their life, embodied the values of liberty, justice, hard work, self-reliance, courage, community and faith that made America the great nation she is.

As grandparents, we want the next generation to know the America that we love and cherish. Our grandchildren deserve to live proudly in a prosperous, peaceful nation, just as we have.

With today’s culture, however, the wind seems to be blowing in a different direction. Classic bedtime stories are being replaced with left-wing indoctrination. Children’s minds are being filled with extremist ideas. Young Americans are being pushed into growing up alienated from the American dream.

With Heroes of Liberty, grandparents can take back control of the future of our country, and their grandchildren’s pursuit of happiness.


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Each book is engagingly written, and beautifully illustrated to tell the stories and achievements of those who deserve to be called Heroes of Liberty.

The first six books in the series introduce children to president Ronald Reagan, economist and thinker Thomas Sowell, justice and mother Amy Coney Barrett, Hollywood actor John Wayne, founding father Alexander Hamilton, prime minister Margaret Thatcher, and conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh.

Coming up are Mark Twain, Douglas MacArthur, Abraham Lincoln, and more.

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Up to  55% off  on Heroes of Liberty books, exclusive bundles and subscriptions!

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