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Group Demands Answers From McAuliffe On “Corrupt Political Bargain” With Left-Wing Extremists—Especially On Suburbs

AMAC Exclusive – by Seamus Brennan


Conservative group Frontiers of Freedom Foundation this week launched a hard-hitting television advertisement characterizing Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe as “the chosen candidate of the media and tech giants” who are “helping him hide from the people of Virginia.” The ad launched on Fox affiliate WTTG’s 10 PM news program and is set to run throughout this week both on WTTG and other Washington- and Northern Virginia-based channels. The spot concentrates on McAuliffe’s mostly unreported plan to override local zoning laws and construct high-density, low-income apartment units in suburban single-family neighborhoods—an endeavor that could prevent middle- and working-class families from achieving the American Dream of living in a house of their own.

Frontiers of Freedom President George Landrith stated in a press release that the group purchased a two-minute television ad in the Washington, D.C. broadcast market—which would reach residents in heavily-populated Arlington and Fairfax Counties on local news channels in order to “make Terry McAuliffe come out from cover and face the crucial questions the media is protecting him from having him to answer.”

The ad’s release comes just weeks before the long-awaited Virginia gubernatorial election between McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin on November 2, for which polls have remained razor-thin. “By making McAuliffe answer these questions, Virginians will be sending a strong message,” said Landrith. “They will be telling the radical liberals and their big business allies and the Wall Street barons that the people of Virginia won’t stand for it. And Terry McAuliffe and the liberal extremists and their billionaire allies will discover they can’t have America. They can’t have Virginia.”

As Landrith described, unlike other political ad campaigns, his group’s spot relies on providing voters with ample information rather than quick ads with little substance. “These are not 30 second attack ads that try to manipulate people,” he said, “but heavily informative narrative ads that ask Terry McAuliffe when he will reject extremist liberal views and plans.”

“The spot’s major focus is on McAuliffe’s plan to destroy single-family zoning by empowering the federal government to dictate local zoning decisions,” Landrith said. “In showing pictures of Black and Hispanic families [as] well as young people seeking a first home, the spot says such a plan would destroy the aspirations of many Americans who now have a chance to live in safe, family-friendly neighborhoods.”

“We also highlight the fact that ‘the woke’ management of Wall Street firms are buying suburban properties because they think they can make money eventually off this Washington land-grab,” Landrith continued, likely referring to recent reports that Wall Street banks and investment firms have joined in on the Democrats’ already longstanding war on suburban America.

Moreover, the ad calls attention to the circumstances under which McAuliffe received the Democratic nomination earlier this year. McAuliffe, Landrith notes, prevented younger black progressive talent like Carroll Foy and Justin Fairfax, his former primary opponents, from making names for themselves, while simultaneously allying himself with his party’s most extreme voices. “Terry McAuliffe got the Democratic nomination for governor,” he said, “by pushing aside promising young leadership in his own party and making a corrupt political bargain with the left-wing extremists to support their radical agenda.”

The ad also highlights McAuliffe’s complicity in other parts of the extremist progressive agenda, declaring that McAuliffe has allied himself with those who support causes like Critical Race Theory, defunding the police, and open borders. “Terry McAuliffe needs to be asked if he will disavow the support of his other liberal allies who support a radical agenda,” Landrith said. “Our spot shows these issues and provides back-up about them, including Critical Race Theory teaching ugly anti-American falsehoods to school children, defund[ing] the police… the illegal immigration crisis and influx of MS-13 gangs in Northern Virginia, the persecution of Catholic religious orders, and ACLU anti-religious extremism and attacks on Church tax deductions.”

Frontiers of Freedom and other like-minded groups insist the ad campaign will expose the radical leftist agenda embraced by Democrats such as McAuliffe, which has remained unacknowledged by much of the mainstream media. By underscoring McAuliffe’s support for largely unknown progressive initiatives like the eradication of single-family home zoning and attacks on religious liberty—both of which are relatively new fronts for Democrats—Frontiers of Freedom believes the ad could cause anxiety and collapse in the opposition.

McAuliffe’s largely unreported ambition to weed out America’s suburbs comes in the wake of a handful of blue state legislative measures that have effectively abolished single-family zoning (most recently in California). Like President Joe Biden and many in his party, McAuliffe’s plan relies on the nebulous and deceitful language of “systemic racism” as grounds for his sweeping anti-suburbia plans: by “spearheading zoning reform,” his campaign website underhandedly states, McAuliffe will “fight systemic racism and promote Black and Brown homeownership”—even though, as the ad states, the plan is opposed by “the majority of blacks and Hispanics—once shut out of single-family neighborhoods—who now want the right to live in one.”

In addition, the ad campaign is noticeably aimed at African American voters’ discontent with the far-left policy platform being pushed by Democrats: in addition to presenting images of African American families who could be disenfranchised by McAuliffe’s zoning plan, it features a clip of an August 2020 Wall Street Journal op-ed co-authored by former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson and former President Donald Trump warning of the Democrats’ anti-suburban initiatives.

“Virginians need to ask McAuliffe why he endorses the Biden-Schumer-Pelosi plan that has already been enacted in some places like California and Minnesota that would permit federal bureaucrats to dictate to local towns and cities and destroy the American dream of single-family neighborhoods,” said Landrith.

As Election Day nears and polls continue to tighten, the ad has the potential to bolster turnout for Youngkin by surfacing broadly unheard-of issues being pushed by McAuliffe and others in the Democrat camp.

Should it succeed, Landrith’s strategy could prove instrumental in helping a Republican get elected statewide in Virginia for the first time since 2009.

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Charles Ring
1 year ago

Sounds like Agenda 21. Remember?

1 year ago

Obama is backing this communist McAuliffe. Hopefully the commie Dems have changed their minds about him too. Hope he loses. We need more Reps wins.

1 year ago
Reply to  Karen

And obama is running the White House pulling joe’s string’s..

Linda Hall
1 year ago

This was going on during the Obama years, and President Trump put a stop to it right away, stating that it destroyed the American Dream.

1 year ago
Reply to  Linda Hall

Who do you really think is running the White House it sure isn’t joe. It’s like having obama running the country again and he is..

Tonia Mahood
1 year ago

Everyone has the right to live in their own home with their family or not.

Timothy Richardt
1 year ago

It is amazingly tragic that such a political party, the Democratic Party, now of course, the Democratic Socialist Party is so deceitful and blatantly deceptive as to their covert and at times overt plans to take down this wonderful nation we are so blessed to be citizens of. The Democrat Party today is a direct reflection of the books, 1984 and Atlas Shrugged. So frighteningly terrible – More-so, as a result of many, many Americans being blind to the ruse and their being played at patsies for this Party which is bent on destroying our system of government and our way of life.

Todd Wagner
1 year ago

I’m sorry but anyone still voting for a Democrat in this country is Stupid or Communist .

Boyd Parks JR
1 year ago
Reply to  Todd Wagner

Amen brother! That’s exactly right!

1 year ago

So in liberal Sonoma County,CA the destruction of the safe single-family is already underway. They are re-zoning single-family lots as multi-family. Then coerce the owners to sell to an “investor”. The home is razed and a 4-8 plex is erected -without off-street parking to maximize profit. Since 2-5 families of low-income and citizenship “challenged”, each living unit has many many cars to park. Say its 4 families living in each 4-plex -that’s potential 16 cars – or about 30 lineal feet of curb per car. Add this up and you something like a quarter-mile of needed parking. Obviously these zones are going to overlap since the frontage of a 4-plex is probably less than 100 feet.Plus you need spaces for dumpster access, “red” zones for first responders, Ain’t happening. Streets are routinely undergoing some sort of maintenance – sewer/water, paving/pothole repair, etc. So on some days that number probably approximates a full mile. There are nightly fights, vandalism, and I’m sure a few shootings as these folks “claim” a spot.

1 year ago

Just another corrupt politician with his hand out for money $$$$$$$$$. He is a woke joke.
Let the parents do their job. Leave their kids alone.

1 year ago

I personally pray that this election will blossom into a real rising of the conservative force…and show the left exactly where they stand in the minds of the people. The republicans cannot sit by and be the supposed “silent majority”…..get off your duffs, on your feet, put down the remote, turn off the cell phone and campaign for the candidate who will reject and reverse the liberal powers at hand. If you do not… will be just as burdened over time as the rest of the mindless folks out there who just plod off the the polls and dumbly vote for candidates with no thought about it…….like most dems.

1 year ago

Any mention of his saying in a debate/interview that parents should have ZERO input and decision making when it comes to what their children are taught????? Because that’s BOLDFACED Marxism and tyranny!

Philip Hammersley
1 year ago

McAuliffe = Clinton flunkie = CROOK!

Free Stater
1 year ago

One can only hope that McAuliffe’s arrogance and authoritarianism [“How dare those parents criticize our school boards?“] is finally catching up with him!

Al Wunsch
1 year ago

With the obvious attack against “America” by the Biden admin and the dismal record of blue states and democrat run? cities (and the defund police and CRT issue in schools), I do not understand why this race is so close. Do these people really want to live in a communist like country?

Free Stater
1 year ago
Reply to  Al Wunsch

The problem lies with Virginia’s D.C. suburbs infested by Federal Government Liberals.

Eddie Van Halen
1 year ago

Like cancer, these freaks just keep showing up. Merry Terry.

Eddie Van Halen
1 year ago

Merry Terry needs to have an accident.

1 year ago

These democrat politicians want to put the low-income high-rise buildings in middle-income neighborhoods, but they never build them in their own neighborhoods. Never, ever vote for a democrat, they will do anything and say anything to get or stay in power. Historically, they have cheated their way through election after election.

Paul W
1 year ago

All that you need to know about terry boy is that he’s tight with the criminal clinton clan. If you’re looking for a self-serving, power (thus money) hungry leftist/communist, terry’s your boy. If that kind of politician isn’t your cup of tea…he ain’t your guy. Sadly, eastern virginia is jam-packed with people that love to be controlled and shun liberty because liberty and self-governance is so gauche…unlike dc metro commie cool.

1 year ago

McCaullife is just another corrupt,dishonest,failure.
Typical democrat,there all the same.
Anti American, self serving, swamp!

1 year ago

Not surprised. After all, he is Hillary’s best butt-buddy!

1 year ago

To many welfare recipients , government employees and fat cat leaches getting rich over liberal dem policies in Virginia. if McAuliffe loses I will be happily surprised and it will foretell impending doom for the dems in 22

1 year ago
Reply to  BigLooie

Agreed -just look at Pelocy -her husband among other things builds section 8 housing.

1 year ago

If Virginians are serious about the future of the Commonwealth, Turd MacAwful must not be granted another term. I am a refugee from the Democrats Peoples Republic of Virginiastan and I lived through one disastrous term of the traitor Turd MacAwfuls regime. Virginians: do NOT fall for this again! Ignore the so-called ‘bipartisan’ ploy that h’s pitching and ignore Rinos like John Chichester who sold VA out for such disasters like Mark Warner & Timmy-tax Kaine!! Send Glenn Youngkin to the Governor’s Mansion!

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