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New York City

New York City







Hint: The world famous theater district in midtown Manhattan is known as what?



Hints Used on Letters:

Hints Used on Words:

Reveal Puzzle Used:

Incorrect Letters after Check:

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Check Attempts:

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2 months ago

Alright, “pedestrians”? I understand a lot of people walk in the city. But that’s not unique to NYC. They are EVERYWHERE. The others I got with no difficulty.

2 months ago

Why all the fuss about pedestrians? That one jumped right out at me.

Lou Magyar
2 months ago

pedestrians! PEDESTRIANS!!! Really? What makes NYC ‘pedestrians’? Do no other cities allow them?

2 months ago


Gail Berry
2 months ago

Over 4 minutes!!! Pedestrians gave me such a hard time — never would have gotten it without 2 letter reveals.

2 months ago
Reply to  Gail Berry

I needed three reveals to get pedestrian after breezing through the rest. :(

2 months ago

Who’d have thought? ‘pedestrians’, a unique feature of New York way back before the governor and mayor outlawed it.

Kathy Grinley
2 months ago

I don’t want to admit I used 3 hints on “pedestrian” LOL. 1:55.

T. Anderson
2 months ago

0:43. Thank you for an easy one.

2 months ago

:39. No helps
Might be personal best

Barbara Ann turner
2 months ago

28 seconds with 1 help. Hey! It’s Friday, y’all.

James Shedd
3 months ago

Finished in 50 seconds, my best ever. But, admittedly this was my second attempt. The first time I couldn’t begin to solve anything but subway after initially trying a different word. And, Brooklyn was almost a no brainer. Broadway almost alluded me but suddenly clicked once I had more than one letter to work with.

Lincoln Sorensen
3 months ago

1:43 with one letter hint. My best effort!!

Old Silk
3 months ago

1:17 Took a gimme on “pedestrians” but got the rest.

3 months ago

1:01 for me, Didn’t spend time on the first one, asked for reveal, the rest were easy.

Ruth Pierce
3 months ago

4:08 with three hints. I just was not focused today like I should have been.

Richard A
3 months ago

Never expected pedestrian to be in the New York jumble. That one word took a minute. Still fun.

Ruth Pierce
3 months ago
Reply to  Richard A

That’s the same word I got stuck on; the word I needed hints for.

Sherry Ware
3 months ago

2:12 It took several letter hints for the first one but the rest were easy enough. Never visited the city just passed through on a road trip once. All I know about it is from TV. Never walked the streets so that first word was a total surprise.

Dianne K Toledo
3 months ago

2:30, had a hard time with pedestrians

3 months ago

1:44 Took a few for the coffee to activate my brain this morning!

Phyllis A. Love
3 months ago

1:09 for me this time

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