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Fully Engaged AMAC Members Help to Defeat Democrats’ Takeover of Federal Elections – For Now


Score one for our representative republic. Republicans in the Senate used the filibuster to defeat a version of S. 1, a sweeping elections bill that would have virtually guaranteed one-party control, i.e., Democrat, of the federal government for years.

The Democrats’ so-called “For the People Act,” otherwise known as the “Corrupt Politicians Act,” would have supplanted states’ election authority and federalized elections by forcing same-day voter registration and voting; dismantling state voter I.D. laws; virtually eliminating any restrictions on vote-by-mail; permitting ballot harvesting; along with a host of other bad provisions.

AMAC members spoke loud and clear at the beginning of this year when they directed AMAC Action to make election integrity a legislative priority. They backed up their words with action – and a lot of it. AMAC members sent hundreds of thousands of messages to members of the U.S. Senate to voice their passionate opposition to this Democrat scheme to permanently “fix” elections.

Perhaps the loudest message sent by AMAC members was to the Senate Rules Committee in May, where they sent each of the nine Republicans on the committee nearly 25,000 messages telling them to relate the disdain they have for S. 1 to their Democrat colleagues. While the bill did fail in the committee, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer employed a procedural move to bring the bill to the Senate floor, where Republicans defeated it.

AMAC Action has been turning to the membership nationally and in states across the country to engage them in the election reform issue. We thank you for your commitment and follow-through on this issue but must warn you that this fight is not yet over.

The Democrats are already plotting to continue their quest for single-party rule and have teed up another bill, H.R. 4, the “John Lewis Voting Rights Act,” that contains provisions which are even worse than those in S. 1, if that is possible. AMAC Action is tracking this legislation and will provide a comprehensive breakdown of it for the membership.

This will lead to more membership calls-to-action to work to defeat this or any other legislation that calls for a federal takeover of our elections. We are blessed to be working with such passionate advocates for our sacred right to vote as those found in the AMAC membership. Your advocacy translated into strength for our representatives in Washington, D.C., to defeat S. 1, and they will need even more fortitude to continue this fight for election integrity.

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1 year ago

My 10th Great grandfather was a settler in the Jamestowne Colony and survived the Jamestowne Massacre (although the Indians killed his baby boy), my 3rd and 4th Great grandfathers were patriots in the war for American Independence, my 1st Great grandfather (maternal side) and my 2nd Great grandfather (paternal side) both were in the Civil War, and I was a naval officer during the Viet Nam war. So from time to time, there are situations when we are called upon to be patriots and rise to the defense of our country. This is such a time. In three-quarters of a century of life, I have never seen such threats to our form of government as we are experiencing today; and so many of these threats are from within. Without the moral guides of religion to tell people what is right and wrong, our society has morphed to believe that anything anyone wants to do is acceptable—and they proceed to go about doing it! When someone asked Benjamin Franklin what type of government the new Constitution would be, he replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Now is the time for us to rally to keeping it.

Gary Greer
1 year ago

We must be actively engaged with our elected officials. I email my federal representatives daily. Each topic/point is in a separate email. Each has a separate address and you must file out their forms, save the address on your computer and it will save time. I email the school board, the city counsel. Start with the local representatives, grass roots is where change begins.

1 year ago

Satan, democrats, mainstream media, big tech and of course CCP trying with everything they have to destroy America-the home of the free because of the brave!!!

Carol Barna
1 year ago

We’re fighting the good fight. Thank you. 100% support.

1 year ago

Thank you for putting we the individual voice as a solid group.Where do we find the places that ask for this support? Want to show my support.

John Jackson
1 year ago

That’s the reason that I joined AMAC instead of AARP I will never give not one Red cent to anyone or organization that would even consider giving my money to the Democratic communist socialist member party it’s just that simple! I will fight them with everything in my soul.

Patricia Caetto
1 year ago

Thank you for helping the fight
Praying the republicans become stronger and we grow

1 year ago

I hope we defeat the Democrates in the upcoming elections and take the House and more Republicans run.

1 year ago
Reply to  Deborah

Me too. That is what will save our ISA!

Gail Carpenter
1 year ago

Thank you for fighting for our Republic. Count me in.

1 year ago

Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!! Thank You Lord! Thank You AMAC for All the Information that you provide us with so we know the Truth Of What Is going On In CONGRESS!

1 year ago

This is Tyrant Rule! They all need to go back to school of the History of those in the past have led their Nation’s down much the same path of Utter Failure. These people need to go away because America doesn’t need them, at all!!! God Bless America and The Freedom’s we must jealously hold fast to!!!!! Just saying!

Laurelyn Carlisle
1 year ago

Congratulations! You speak for me!! I could not be better represented than to cast my vote locally in a fraud-free election run at the state level without federalizing the process. Now work on each state!

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