Dog Led Trooper To Owner’s Burning Property, Reminds Us Why We Love Our 4-Legged Pals

A video that was uploaded to YouTube a year ago, featuring a Lassie-worthy feat of canine heroics, has resurfaced on the Internet via Reddit this week.

The compilation features the dashboard camera footage of Buddy the German shepherd leading a patrol car to a fire, as well as some of the news coverage surrounding the events.

Back in 2010, Alaska State Trooper Terrence Shanigan’s global positioning device had stopped working and he was lost on some dark rural roads when he spotted Buddy and followed the pup, the Associated Press reported.

There was just some connection,” Shanigan says in the video above. “Buddy was able to connect with me, and there was a gut feeling, this intuition, to follow the dog.”

Buddy led Shanigan to his owner’s workshop which was consumed by fire and was spreading toward the house. The trooper was then able to bring firefighters to the area, AP reported.

Buddy’s action, while remarkable, is not the only time we’ve heard of dogs doing something incredible like this.

There’s Amber, the loyal golden retriever, who stayed by her owner’s side and helped get him rescued after a snowmachine accident left him stranded in the cold. Then there is Major, a Labrador retriever pit bull mix who saved his owner, Terry McGlade, by dialing 911 with his paws when McGlade had a seizure. Finally, Clobberhead, a rescue from Greyhound Pets of America, saved his new family only two months after they adopted him by alerting them to a gas leak.

Man’s best friend is getting quite the reputation for saving humans from all kinds of potentially disastrous situations. Moral of the story? Get a dog!

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