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Doctors Rebut Misleading Hydroxychloroquine Media Bias

 hydroxychloroquineMy long-time doctor friends who have treated COVID-19 patients have been disappointed recently in some of the national and regional media coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic.  They point out the over-emphasis often given to statistical information without proper understanding.

For example, emphasizing the volume of reported cases without equally emphasizing increased testing and positivity ratios is misleading.  Governors, doctors and hospitals seriously consider positivity ratios, and the media should not bury the lead here.  It isn’t all about case volume.

Also, some in the media and Democratic leaders, like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden have recently been critical of President Trump for taking hydroxychloroquine prophylactically, with his doctor’s consent and prescription. This is not as unusual as the press claims. My doctor friends, including a pediatrician and a cardiologist, and some of their doctor friends who treat COVID-19 patients, from dermatologists to ICU doctors, have also taken hydroxychloroquine personally or prescribed it for family members at the onset of symptoms.  A prominent pulmonologist friend, who treats many COVID-19 patients, takes it prophylactically. They believe that Joe and Nancy should leave the medical discussions to the President and his doctor.  The doctors also say that hydroxychloroquine has been proven safe for over 50 years for use under doctor’s supervision and they welcome a spirited debate from all qualified sides, not just typical network contributors.

Finally, my diverse doctor friends note that hospital bed usage and ICU usage for COVID-19 patients is down significantly in their region and that this important information is buried in media reports – or not reported at all.  The network TV doctors are seldom asked about this startling new trend and they wonder why this encouraging news is rarely emphasized.

True, there may be some remaining hot spots, but my doctor friends and I want to know why any information justifying a phased reopening of the country has often been widely criticized by the national media while the important science and statistics justifying such actions is often buried.

For example, the re-opening strategies of Republican Governors of Florida and Georgia, Ron DeSantis and Brian Kemp, respectively, got uniformly bad press and dire warnings of new cases, so far, they have enjoyed favorable results, while the Democratic Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has received widespread praise despite questionable policies and dismal nursing home results.

Perhaps the media owe the governors of Georgia and Florida an apology.

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Carol M.
2 years ago

Where can I get a prescription for hydroxychloraquin if I should get Covid? Our state won’t allow it until hospital? I would want to take it as a prophylactic..

Beverlee Koutny
2 years ago

See reply below

Beverlee Koutny
2 years ago

Fake news is insane in its efforts to destroy America. I hope they learn their lesson soon or somebody fact checks them all day.

B. R.
2 years ago

HDRXYCHL. has been shown effective in thousands of real-life COVID cases throughout the world. Especially at the onset and early sx stages. This politicization of this medicine because of Trump’s suggestion that it would be worth looking into, is not only insanely biased it is an incredibly blatant example of malpractice. Imagine the number of lives that might have been saved had this medicine been put into use for those in the nursing homes, which comprise 1/3 to 1/2 of the total deaths due to COVID. Malpractice at the most egregious level.

Not to mention the fact that Remdesivir the pushed drug of choice is the only one in which there is any significant profit as its patents have not expired and the royalties can flow into the coffers. Whereas HYDRXYCHL has been in use for around 65 years been given in millions of safe doses and is extremely cheap. How is that for a red flag?

2 years ago

The mainstream media is in cohoots with the democrats, China and Iran who will stop at nothing to take Presidential Trump down. The President is doing everything in his power to save the people of America and the world. Pray for his safety!!!

Gale B
2 years ago

Dan, There have been a number of recovered covid patients and family members of recovered covid patients that will tell you that Hydroxychloroquine worked for them in their battle against the virus. So I believe there are a lot of misleading reports that want people to believe Hydroxycholoroquine is not a viable option when in fact it has been very beneficial to some patients and their are some doctor’s that tout it’s benefits. Check Dr. Stephen Smith, Infectious Disease Expert.

James Slover
2 years ago
Reply to  Gale B

A black female democratic politician thanked President Trump for suggesting hydroxychloroquine as treatment for Covid-19 that it saved her life. She took it as a prescription and claims she went from Covid-19 positive to negative in a week. Her political party berated her for thanking the president even telling her not to mention hydroxychloroquine publicly. I think she needs to switch parties.

Dan W.
2 years ago

There has been misleading reporting during the past two months but part of that is the result of us seeing Covid-19 for the first time. Even so-called smart people gave us what turned out to be bad advise.

Hydroxychloroquine fell into the “what have you got to lose” category. We were desperate for any drug that could treat Covid-19. Hydroxychloroquine was a possibility and there was some evidence that it worked in some patients,

However, the FDA has now determined that hydroxychloroquine is likely to do more harm than good for Covid-19 patients. That doesn’t mean that trying hydroxychloroquine was wrong two months ago. It simply means that hydroxychloroquine is no longer a viable option in the battle against Covid-19.

Chief Petty Officer Galles, USN, Ret.
2 years ago
Reply to  Dan W.

If your comments are personal experience, fine. A multitude of doctors on the front lines disagree however. The practice of lumping all deaths with c19 has so muddied the statistics tha empirical evidence one way or the other is almost impossible to obtain. Go with the next best resort and trust your own physician. If he/she is worth their fees, they have been researching and comparing far more reliably than the media or the CDC seem to br doing.

2 years ago
Reply to  Dan W.

If you read the study they used to come to this conclusion it is a rather shoddy study. Of 100,000 or so participants only 3100 or so took HDRXYCHL. Also, they did not take it until they had. been admitted into the hospital, at which time it is the least effective. I hate to think it but it looks like there are people in the medical scientific establishment that have another agenda other than people’s health. Maybe political, more likely profit. Imagine Big Pharma thinking of profit over patient care? Not so hard to do.
Meanwhile, there are multiple clinical studies and hundreds of Drs. who have used HYDRXYCHL with great success with their patients? Who are you going to believe?

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