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Doctors: ‘Middle Men’ Rigging Health Care System

flu shot doctors health care“Middle men” are causing a crisis in American health care that’s hitting everyday Americans in the wallet and preventing them from getting the care they need, local doctors said during a Saturday forum in Hilltown.

Soaring health care costs, medicine shortages, and a bureaucracy-burdened system that bogs down doctors and can prioritize insurer cost savings over best care for patients are tied inextricably to the work of vastly profitable middle men businesses, such as health care group purchasing organizations and pharmacy benefit managers, the doctors said…

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From - The Intelligencer - by Chris Ruvo

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2 Comments on "Doctors: ‘Middle Men’ Rigging Health Care System"

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Let’s get our politicians on social security,and see how fast this BS stops.They get pensions from federal funds from MTA And Gov’t funds. They should be like regular people as ourselves, and be in social security.
As far as our drugs,if Mr. Political machine had to be under our rules and BS laws,the health system will be corrected.

The problem is physicians neglecting to put and emphasize that the onus for their health is and should be ON THE PATIENT. Hospitals here (NY) had adopted the “patient-centered” and “wellness” models. The follow-ups are non-existent and patient DEPENDENT care has prevailed causing chaos is Emergency rooms and hospitals. Individuals actually don’t trust themselves with health care and think that good health care is constant contact or at least open lines to MDs 24/7. This is not true. Good health care would mean patients are empowered to make their own decisions through consultation and education by MD not constant writings of prescriptions which is merely a “trade=off” of physician forfeiting his own authority and the authority of the patient in favor of medication which (face it) in the long run reduce Natural immunity.