Dire Situation For Missing Sub in the South Atlantic – 44 Crew Members on Board – U.S. Air Force and Navy Send Additional Help

submarine missing subA submarine belonging to the Argentine Navy remains missing since last week. Concerns for the safety of the 44-crew members aboard has intensified. The missing submarine, which disappeared in the South Atlantic on Wednesday, faces critical danger. If the submarine remains submerged, oxygen would likely last for a seven-day period max. The sub is now running out of time and rescue is essential.

The German-built ARA San Juan submarine was scheduled to arrive at a Naval base in Mar del Plata on Sunday, roughly 250 miles southeast of Buenos Aires. Before losing contact with the Argentine Navy, the sub reported a battery failure. Two Argentine Navy ships believed to have detected signals from the sub, but sources of the sounds remain unclear and have been labeled as “false alarms.”

The United States Air Force and Navy are committed to assist with the search. Nine U.S. aircraft have deployed to Argentina in search of the missing sub. According to Navy Times, “Six C-17 Globemasters and three C-5M Super Galaxies flew 17 sorties, transporting 76 sailors and 764,000 pounds of equipment, according to the Air Mobility Command.”  The U.S. Navy has deployed unmanned underwater vehicles to assist in the search. The UUVs can search wide areas using a technology called Side Scan Sonar to create images of the ocean floor.

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