AMAC Action In The Media

Dan Weber – Live on Laura Ingraham

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Burdett Rust
8 years ago

Me and my wife have sent AARP packing in no uncertain terms and are very satisfied you have provided us with an alternative. Keep up the good work

Ignacio C. Castro
9 years ago

Laura,Dan Weber,

About two years ago joined the CSA( Christian Citizens Association) I did not know about Amac. my comments is: no organization is going to defeat AARP, (35 million strong) unless they form one front against Obama end AARP.

Carol Chadbourne
9 years ago

Hello, white hats..I ‘joined’ AMAC a few weeks ago with my payment. I’m very anxious to hear back from you re my acceptance and informational packet..I have yet to hear of any confirmation. Maybe these things take awhile..just wondering when I should be looking for it. Hope I didn’t fall through the ‘crack’…lol. Thank you for your attention. I am very happy I chose to write ‘off’ aarp…they turned their backs on us.

9 years ago

Thank you to Laura Ingraham for helping to promote AMAC. She’s the best and I hope her interview with Dan Weber leads to more people joining AMAC.

Rick reynolds
9 years ago

Great to hear Laura Ingram’s support for AMAC. aarp must be worried,they keep sending me their recruting propaganda. I send it back to them. I write on the envelope Joined AMAC,stop sending to us! Thank You AMAC,

Janet Richardson
9 years ago

I have been a member of AMAC for quite a few years and I am sooo enjoying watch them grow. I was frustrated with all the liberal, socialist, Marxist, progressive agendas that I found it refreshing to find AMAC as opposed to liberal Aarp.
They publish an informative magazine that I really enjoy reading with truthful & moral views. Thank you AMAC continue to grow. Also I like your polls. Fight for us. Aarp supported Obamacare how does that help seniors?

9 years ago

Thank you for your support Janet, we are honored to have you as an AMAC Member!

Linda Anne Taala
9 years ago

I would like to join AMAC. What do I need to do to join.

9 years ago

Hello Linda,

You can give us a call at 888-262-2006 or click on

Gary Sherman
9 years ago

My wife & I are members….& are very happy that there is a viable alternative to the AARP. We recommend others to join.We look for bigger & better things from AMAC.
This organization has the same values & principles as we do and they are the same our founding fathers built this great Nation on, but are being destroyed by the socialist liberal progressives, of which AARP has been a part of.

Love your show Laura!
Ya’ll take care now

Gary Sherman
Nederland, Texas

Erika Cohen
9 years ago

I got so tired of aarp .Now I’am a member with AMAC and it was the best decision I have made :)

Diana Erbio
9 years ago

Love Laura Ingraham! So happy she is helping to get the word out about AMAC!

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