What is Critical Race Theory?

Critical race theory (CRT) is a rebranding of Marxism. It is un-American, and its teachings are inherently racist. CRT insists that, based on the color of our skin, certain individuals are the “oppressors,” while others are the “oppressed.” If we reject the concept of CRT, we are targeted as racist. The goal of proponents of CRT is to rebrand America as systemically racist.

What is AMAC's Stance on Critical Race Theory

The Association of Mature American Citizens strongly opposes the Marxist-Lenin based and un-American Critical Race Theory (CRT) intended to spawn resentment, blame, guilt, fear, silence, and ultimately division among Americans. It falsely redefines America’s history as a struggle between ‘oppressors’ (white people) and the ‘oppressed’ (everybody else). It wrongly labels institutions that emerged in majority-white societies as ‘systemically’ or ‘structurally’ racist. It seeks to displace and replace the American Constitution and laws commitment to “individual equal opportunity” with “racial group equity” – a philosophy that only serves to displace those not in that racial grouping.

The CRT is not intended to sensitize and unify Americans, irrespective of ethnic origins or color of skin; it does the opposite. It is being insidiously used by the Left to divide the American people -- and to indoctrinate our children in their schools – and thereby create disfunction, hate, and strife of “black Americans” against “white Americans.” CRT is the antithesis of the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King when, in his “I Have a Dream” address he said “…I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” CRT is simply a Leftist “divide and conquer” strategy.

Americans and their states must collectively stand and reject CRT -- and not rest until it is stopped.

In the few final days of the Trump administration, Donald J. Trump released the promised “1776 Report”. The report was assembled by some of the most respected scholars of American history and declared the purpose to “enable a rising generation to understand the history and principles of the founding of the United States in 1776 and to strive to form a more perfect Union.” It created a universal understanding of the United States’ backbone, summarizing the principles of America’s establishment and how these principles have shaped our country.

The report presents the means of cultivating a better education among Americans in the principles and history of our nation. The challenges of slavery, progressivism, fascism, communism, racism, and identity problems are prevalent and discussed within the report, along with national renewal efforts through the role of the family, teaching America, a scholarship of freedom, the American mind, and reverence for the law.

The report concludes with a strong and embracing message, hoping to re-educate Americans. “America’s founding principles are true not because any generation—including our own—has lived them perfectly, but because they are based upon the eternal truths of the human condition. They are rooted in our capacity for evil and power for good, our longing for truth and striving for justice, our need for order, and our love of freedom. Above all else, these principles recognize the worth, equality, potential, dignity, and glory of each and every man, woman, and child created in the image of God.”

In hopes of increasing the well-deserved attention of the 1776 Report, AMAC has put together an adapted, condensed guide for departing high school seniors. Our goal is to inform and alert our, over 2-million members, to spread the word and support the renewal of a more patriotic education.