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Janet Norcott
9 years ago

Great Photo. Let me explain that Obama like Hitler, thinks that “the people” are so dumb that they will believe his obvious lies. They must be dumb, they voted for him. However the real problem is in the requirements to vote. In California, one must show residency, I see nothing that requires that a birth certificate showing place of birth be required. The push is that everyone get the opportunity to vote, except the soldiers dying for this country. I have worked the polls and I am sure that
Residents did vote,but had they been born here or gone through the process of becoming a citizen prior to voting is the question. One reality that no one is willing to address, is that the present immigrant comes from a country with no ethical standard, therefore the non-citizen resident “feels” that since they live here, they should have the right to vote.
In my county, I am sure that the non-citizen voter elected Obama. WE have already given the non-citizen all our rights.
How stupid and Obama knows how stupid we are.

9 years ago

I really like basketball and I’m really good at it..

Bill B.
9 years ago

OK, Here’s how being ‘In-Charge’ works;

First: Toss out all that BS about Constitutional Rights!

Second: Forget about the oath you swore! ‘Bible Shmible!’

Third: Pick an early-stage Alzheimer patient as your VP and let him explain your positions to the Media.

Now you’re free to raise funds and work on your putting!

9 years ago

Hope and change… don’t you just love it. I have got to be Frank with you… because I am slightly schizophrenic and can’t always be Barry… I mean Baroke… sounds similar to Broke doesn’t it… you know approaching 17 Trillion. I will be in the history books as the big spender…yeh. What I mean is, I wasn’t completely honest with the American people, because it is not in my nature. When I said hope and change, I mostly meant change the course of… following the rule of law. When I said hope, I mostly meant that I hope I can transform the individual liberties that you all love… I meant we all love, into a Marxist style government. I know most of you have no idea what communism represents… and yes it does trample on liberty, but you know, it’s all for the collective. You folks are so ignorant I can say and do anything I want and you won’t be the wiser, amazing what governmental oversight of the educational system by left wing propagandists will do. I’m going to try and bring this country to its knees mostly by pushing the country into bankrupsy… and you will probably go down smiling… at least 53% of you blind utopian believers. The other 47% of you nimrods will have to grin and bear it…. We will cut your retirements and purchasing ability by at least half… and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. See, the audience is still smiling and didn’t hear a word I said after… hope and change… geez! You gotta love it. Special thanks to Soros, to which I owe a debt of gratitude, and yes, money is power and a lot of it can buy, corrupt and influence the world with these bald faced lies… but I’m getting off track. Yes it’s true, I am your King, and, as you can see, beheadings will be replaced with drone strikes… so mind your manners and pay your fair share. Did you know I got a par and a birdie the other day? I love this job… I don’t know what I’m doing really… but those around me seem to be paying attention most of the time… and that’s good enough for me. I am pretty sure I look better on my right side, what do you think? What? right side, yeh, me too.

9 years ago

OOPS ! ,,, I’m sorry, I am not the Pope !

9 years ago

And I’ll wave my magic hand over the land and freedoms will disappear.

Dan The Man
9 years ago

Looks likt two empty chairs to me……..nice background though!

Dave Varner
9 years ago

“Watch closely. At no time will my fingers leave my hand.”

9 years ago

Oh!! Believe me. It is Bush and those darn Republicans. No Sir, Not me!!!

Mike S
9 years ago

Go and serve your king

9 years ago

Let me be clear, this is no joke. Worship me and I will give you what you want.

Richard Lankenau
9 years ago

You are now completely mindless; rise and follow me!

9 years ago


9 years ago

This is about where we are right now.

Jim Decker
9 years ago

Of course I am going to destroy America, its what I’ve been trained for, and have said so in my books. It worked for Adolph and it will work for me.

Joe O.
9 years ago

Speak to the hand! It will listen. And I WILL BE BACK!

Jim Muratori
9 years ago

Look me in the eye, you are now under my command and will do everything I say. You are now one of my drones.

Jerry G
9 years ago

Ok keep looking at my right hand so you don’t see what my left hand is doing.

9 years ago

This is me up here. You’re down there. That’s why I am King Obama of the American Empire.

David Dore
9 years ago

This won’t hurt at all, I learned it from a Vulcan or was that Lord Voldemort?

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