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Breaking: Rep. Walorski Blasts Cradle to Grave Government in $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill


Washington, DC – In a statement today sent out by the House Committee on Ways and Means Republican offices, AMAC Action ally Rep. Jackie Walorski blasted the Democrats coming $3.5 trillion spending bonanza. As key committees, begin to “mark-up” the legislation, Rep. Walorski lambasted the administration for its overreach and non-restraint in spending.  

In her prepared remarks, Rep. Walorski stated:  

“Ways and Means Democrats have put together a program that:  

  • Puts the IRS in charge of paid leave benefits for everyday Americans. Treasury itself has admitted it is unprepared to take on the program.  
  • The bill poorly targets benefits. It allows two-parent households with dual earners making up to $500,000 to claim benefits up to $30,000 per year. At the same time, it provides no minimum benefit for low-wage workers.  
  • The program is ripe for fraud, with lax requirements that rely heavily on self-certification and self-attestation.  
  • The bill fails to consider the realities of small business. By allowing workers to provide merely seven days’ notice before taking leave, employers would be left hanging and workers would be left without job protections.  
  • Finally, the bill transfers liability for pricey employer-sponsored paid leave plans to middle-class workers by subsidizing up to 90% of the costs of what employers themselves are already paying for. Why would we ask middle-class workers to pay for Amazon’s generous benefits policies?”  

AMAC Action President, Bob Carlstrom said: “AMAC Action continues to push back against more cradle to grave government policies from the left. Our activists have sent thousands of letters and contacted hundreds of members of Congress opposing this reckless $3.5 trillion dollar spending bonanza, financed by job-killing tax increases. Rep. Walorski deserves credit for opening up her committee’s mark-up with this scathing review of the Biden policies and telling the American people the truth about this legislation.”  

The Ways and Means backgrounder stated in part: “Democrats are pushing a partisan bill that promotes “Welfare without work” at a cost of over 451,000 jobs and puts the IRS in charge of families’ paid leave.”  

AMAC Action continues to fight back against job-killing tax increases and more unneeded spending through the Democrats’ latest social spending legislation. Please stay tuned for more updates as Democrats in Congress work quickly to formulate their next major bill.  

You can watch the full mark-up live here  

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Brunhilde Bee
4 months ago

as J. Farley said: … “any Congressperson or Senator that votes for this Boondoggle, should be recalled or voted out at the next Election…

“Midterms are this November 2nd, 2021. Let your voices be heard and make your choices in the Election. Not even 25-30% of eligible citizens actually exercise their right tovote… we need to do better. Drive your friends and neighbors to the Polls…

Gregory Russell
4 months ago

Any who vote for, or wish for this anti-America nonsense are traitors to this great Republic. Perios.

Gregory Russell
4 months ago

Where is my edit button so I may fix my typos?

Mary Walker
4 months ago

Let me keep my money I earned and I will work hard to pay for what I need and help my neighbor,support my church for beginning.

Kenneth D.
4 months ago

Every piece of liberal “legislation” is designed to further their agenda of dependence and control of the states and individual Americans. They have no allegiance or interest in serving their nation’s best interest or protecting the Constitution.
This is what we get after decades of incestuous career politicians in both parties. Since 1964, the Congressional incumbent re-election rates have been 82% fir the House and 96% in the Senate. That is bloated, overbearing feudalism, which is the antithesis of a democratic republic of citizen representation and States’ sovereignty.

Chuck Zitting
4 months ago
Reply to  Kenneth D.

Wow. It is so obvious how this Legislation is extremely hurtful for our economy which in turn badly reduces our freedoms. For a person who doesn’t work, all purpose fades away and soon it is nearly impossible to get back up. Don’t ever get used to just sitting. Create purpose and stay in the game. The world needs us to be positive and lead by example. Freedom Is Best so let’s make it popular everywhere.

True Conservative!
4 months ago

Time to lock these crooks in prison for TREASON!

4 months ago

The ‘democrat’ Communist Party must be run out of this country.
As fast as we can.
Time to send the evil things to a cozy little Communist country.
Before we have no America.

4 months ago

Continue to expose,resist,reject and tell everyone that these corrupt, self serving politicians MUST GO.
Become a voice in local actions, REFUSE to allow these vermin to dictate to the Citizens.
Who the hell do they think they are??
They are only there to do what the People tell them to do , they work for us!

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
4 months ago


4 months ago

“We can begin by not complying…We need to save our Country…if we ever get away from the tyrants…we will always have to educate ourselves in politics…stressful…but it’s the new future…know who you voting for…Ask yourself…Does this person love our Country and would this person be good for our Country?”…
Pray for our Country!

R.J. from Arizona
4 months ago

People! This is not about the US government, this is about Socialism!!
And we are well on our way to be a brand new Socialist country.

4 months ago

Already there, my friend

4 months ago
Reply to  Karen

Do not give in so easily, I do not think we are there yet & am still counting on our elected officials to do what is best for America future.

4 months ago
Reply to  johnh

When are they going to start?

4 months ago

Since Grassley voted for this pork train (it’s to big to fit in a barrel), it’s good to see someone looking out for the taxpayer. Hats off to Rep Walorski!

4 months ago

Biden and the left are hell bent on spending our country into oblivion. What is wrong with those idiots? There will be some that will see this as a “Free Lunch” but as most rational citizens know that “Free” stuff comes with a big price tag. Hopefully in 2022 there will be enough educated voters to throw these butt wipes out of office. Term limits would help.

4 months ago
Reply to  Drue

What is the goal? Globalism with a Communist government run out of the UN. That has always been “what’s wrong”.

J. Farley
4 months ago

A trillion here and a trillion, there, damn pretty soon that adds up to be real money.. What’s the matter with those moron’s in the Nations Capitol, any Congressperson or Senator that votes for this Boondoggle, should be recalled or voted out at the next Election. This is about bankrupting America and enriching their China friends, we can’t pay the national debt now and what if a real, emergency comes along, if they can’t be responsible for 85 billion in military equipment how can the be trusted with 3.5 TRILLION

Don Brinks
4 months ago
Reply to  J. Farley

I do not believe they are morons. I believe they know exactly what they are doing. They have a plan and they are executing the plan.

i also believe that there are people of both major parties involved. And the primary drivers are the those behind the scenes who have control of the money. Follow the money and you know exactly who we are being subjected to.

4 months ago
Reply to  Don Brinks

Soros, Gates, Rockefellers and bezos

4 months ago

I heard only 23% of the $3.5T is going to Infrastructure. That is all we, the American taxpayers should pay. Not one red cent for all the Pork. I would like an itemized list of what we are actually paying for, wouldn’t you? And who the heck is monitoring the financial aspect of this-hopefully not the crooked Dems. If any corruption, greed and financial gain go to any of these crooked politicians, they need to be escorted to Jail immediately, given a speedy trial then promptly executed for betraying the American trust. This is not a game.

4 months ago
Reply to  Walter

I would still like an accounting of the first TRILLION the muslim jihadi thug swiped. Especially the bank account audits of every one of barackies pals!
We don’t NEED any more “infrastructure”. Period.

True Conservative!
4 months ago
Reply to  Becky


4 months ago
Reply to  Walter


4 months ago
Reply to  Walter

That is the true problem of legislation offered by the House and Senate. Something is introduced, then to gain votes for passage, other state reps hop in with what they want and compromise — “I’ll vote for this legislation but only if I can include this material for my state. So then the legislation ends up with 50 million unrelated items that have to garner the votes to have it get passed. For the most part, there is the lack of common sense on Capital Hill. This game has been going on for a long, long time.

Doug S
4 months ago
Reply to  Walter

That is the traditional job of the media. Not happening.

4 months ago

The govt dweebs and their cronies are at it again. Porking it up to enrich themselves and send us to the bread line. Oh well, we get what we vote for. Except in 2020 of course, that was stolen. Suck it up America, your passivity in the face of lost liberty, lost rights, a cabal of tyranny, and rampant stupidity to go along with lawlessness, has arrived.

4 months ago

Problem is that the progressive “elected” officials play the no-hear stance, thinking that we will just “accept” their way. The only way to prove them wrong is to let them fall flat on their face. Notice how AOC’s real live residents reacted to her presence in NYC after the Ida mess. Now the trick is to use their tactics against them—Get your vote in–stop making up excuses why you don’t vote—don’t let 15% of the population of eligible voters decide things because they were “bribed” to vote.
The Democrats are already setting up doubts on election results using false stories about voting machines and the voting process.

Joyce Gibson
4 months ago

Now they are after our money – what are they going to do next. The 2022 elections cannot come too quickly so we can take back the house and senate and stop some of this nonsense. The country is going down the tubes fast.

4 months ago
Reply to  Joyce Gibson

They have always been after our money.

Stephen Russell
4 months ago

Lead to Depression 2 ahead??

Phillip Ridenour
4 months ago

Or civil war 2

4 months ago

I Agree with your article 100%. The government is getting way out of bounds and into our daily lives. And actuality they should be going in the opposite direction.

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