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The New Change by Apple

Posted on Wednesday, September 14, 2022
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson

Have you ever typed a message, hit send, and then realized you made a typo? Oops… it stinks, but it pretty much happens to everyone. Sometimes it is related to using Siri, Apple’s personal assistant, to dictate what we’ve said. When we don’t enunciate properly, iMessages can get really messed up.  Here are three funny examples:

  • “We’re all human beans.” *beings
  • “I’m on the beach at a Lou Owl.” *luau
  •  “My tension span is very short.” *attention

In the past, people were not able to edit or unsend messages. Now, per Apple, iPhone users can edit and unsend text messages, but only to other iPhone users who have specific phones updated to iOS 16. This is great news for typo-prone folks, for people who don’t enunciate well, for those who want to retract what they’ve said, and for people who send a message to the wrong person or group. (Wish this feature was available when I accidentally sent my grocery list to my condo association!)

Per NPR, the newest Apple iOS allows users to edit any message up to five times and gives 15 minutes for the person to edit the text after they send it. However, the recipient will see a history of your changes. To unsend a message, senders get only two minutes to do so and the person receiving the message will see that it’s been deleted. Both sender and receiver will need to install iOS 16. NPR explains that messages sent to users of other phones from an Apple phone cannot be edited or unsent. iPhone users can update their phones at any time; however, iPad users will have to wait until October.

Many people who speak their text, have trouble texting, or fumble to say the right thing will undoubtedly be pleased by the new ability to edit and unsend texts to other Apple iPhone users. In the past, it was necessary to use third-party messaging apps to gain access to those type of edit features. Seems like Apple is working to please its customers with these new changes.

To edit an iMessage from the message app:

Tap and hold on your sent message, tap on edit, fix your message, then tap the blue check mark. (You can edit a single message up to five times within 15 minutes of sending.)

How to unsend from the message app:

Tap and hold on your sent message, tap undo send. (Works up to two minutes after sending. The receiver with iOS 16 will see that you unsent a message – and they won’t see it unless they’ve read the original.)

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