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Beware – The IRS Wants to File Your Taxes for You

by Gene Barrett – The beginning of summer is an exciting and sentimental season, especially as we celebrate our nations independence. From the fateful signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 to the great freedoms we enjoy today, Americans are proud of our independence and the values that further our liberty. Slogans such as Don’t Tread on Me or Taxation without Representation are today more relevant than ever.  Particularly when it comes to the most powerful government agency with the least oversight — The Internal Revenue Service.

The bravery and conviction of our founding fathers assured that we will not be held back or controlled by overreaching government and that we can speak up against injustice. In light of this great American legacy, we are especially alarmed to learn that the federal government is hoping to impose a new IRS system that will eliminate the freedom of tax filing, and cause enormous economic burdens for most Americans. Ironically, we are talking about unjust tax systems at the time when we remember how taxation without representation inspired our nations fight for independence. The IRS’s current proposal, the so called “Return-Free” program, is anything but free, and will encroach on our most basic freedoms. The IRS has the audacity to present this program as matter of public good. As American and Nobel awarded economist Milton Friedman famously stated, “Many people want the government to protect the consumer. A much more urgent problem is to protect the consumer from the government.”

The proposal by the IRS is currently being considered by Congress, through a bill proposed by U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) which claims to streamline the federal tax return process.   But in fact, it will give the IRS the responsibility and the power to handle the filing of every American tax return. No longer will Americans be able or allowed to utilize the expertise of accountants or the countless free filing services offered by corporations, but instead will be forced to pay taxes or accept refunds based on the IRS’s independent calculations. There is an obvious conflict of interest here. The IRS earns it’s stars and stripes when it collects as much in taxes as possible, and with the current administration doing all it can to close the tax gap, the IRS has every incentive to maximize collections and minimize refunds. That means that most Americans will be issued a smaller refund and a bigger bill, and although some can hire lawyers and accountants to fight the IRS, most will not.

Without even touching on the long list of concerns and challenges this proposal will bring, we should consider that the IRS already has a bad record of doing their current job. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimates that the IRS answers 1 in 5 tax related questions incorrectly. The GAO also reports that the IRS has failed to correct over 67% of their mistakes going back two years, mistakes ranging from miscalculated refunds, mislabeling of addresses, and the mailing of private information about one taxpayer to the address of another. Those folks that rely on their refunds are still waiting for the IRS to repair their mistakes, and the incidents of fraud and security issues related to the mailing errors are incalculable. The UK tried a similar system a few years ago, and because of the egregious failures, particularly in terms of accuracy and privacy, their government has completely given up on the failed program and is reverting back to an American-like system. The IRS is offering to do all of our taxes for free, even though the program will cost billions to create and the long-term economic consequences will be devastating. The words of Thomas Jefferson ring true even today, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.”

This proposal it out of touch with American values and American needs. The fact is that 16 major corporations currently offer absolutely free and expert tax preparation and filing services to a major proportion of the population. The fact that government responds to positive corporate stewardship by proposing to shut it down speaks volumes to the values behind the proposal. This program will also swallow the many accountants and small businesses that exist to prepare American taxes; yet another example of how “Return Free” is both frivolous and dangerous for the American economy.

Big government only wants to get bigger, and the IRS wants to do so on the backs of hardworking American men and women. As stewards of this country, as taxpayers and advocates for responsible and minimal government intervention, we must stand together against this proposal. The “Return Free” program will hurt seniors, veterans, lower and middle income families, entrepreneurs, small and large businesses, and stands against the most fundamental principles of American liberty. Experience and well documented accounts of the IRS’s failures and our belief that expanding government powers does not improve the lives of American citizens can lead us to only one conclusion. The costs of “Return Free” are exponential, and we cannot allow this to happen.  As we celebrate our nations independence, let us assure that this threat to our basic liberty is neutralized.


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Tonetta Andaya

Check out Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. They seem to be the only ones interested in abolishing the IRS. I think we should get behind them. At least they seem to stand up to the establishment.


Fair or flat tax



John Beasley

The IRS should be eliminated. A countrywide sales tax would net more taxes and would get taxes from everyone. You would not have to worry about who has to handle the collection or the monitoring of taxes, by the IRS. Those who work,those who don’t and the large corporations would all be paying taxes through their purchases. There should be no large entity like the IRS totally controlling the affairs (taxes) of the people. They have been allowed too much power and as usual it has corrupted.

Don Thompson

Its amazing that the senator from new Hampshire whose license plate reads “Live Free or Die” should propose such a scheme to have the Government take over another of their citizens freedoms. For everything that the Government purports to do for its citizens it means a loss of freedom to those who accept it. When are we going to stop being liver lilied cowards and stand up for our rights?

John Reagan

I think having the IRS send you a bill to review is an excellent idea for most people. The only reason it got crushed is because Intuit sent an army of lobbyists to Congress to buy off our paid whores. I’ve read on the subject and for most people it makes sense, saves time and money. If you don’t fall into that class, then by all means, pay Intuit or your favorite brand of accountant to do it for you. What’s the beef?


I read so many absurd comments form the left and the right about how the government is doing this and that. The only reason that the federal government is so large and intrusive is the simple fact that voters go to the polls with their emotions, not their intelligence, nor with any sense of concern for the future. Yak all you want to, but when you vote in, the same old garbage every election, just because they think like you do on a particular subject (abortion for example), the tendency is to become complacent, greedy, and self-serving. Doesn’t matter if you are a liberal or conservative. You’re a human being first, with all of our inherent weaknesses. In order to save our country we need to throw every incumbent out in every election until they get the message that they work for us and are not there to rob us… Read more »

Stanley Black

I.R.S. Ha ,what a joke.This will not be for our Congressman or Senators or anyone in Gov`t.Only for we the people.Where oh where is Thomas Jefferson? Helpppppppppppppppppppppp.


It would be the Deemers dream to have their tool the IRS just help themselves to your income and I am sure the Deemers are going to work like hell to stop the defunding of the IRS and the repeal of the progressive tax system, it is a unfair discriminatory tax system, it is a dionosaur, it is just plain old communism finally exposed by the abuse it has been committing for over fifty years…The use of unconstitional law is unamerican. Time for a ballot driven national sales tax where every one who is in this country will contirbute to the national coffer and WTP can regulate the spending by ballot every ten years, there is nothing better. Couple this with a reorganization of the way our elected and appointed officials hold office by term limits no retirement and you have the key to regaining your representation and removing elitism… Read more »

Tricia T. Hunter

Okay, okay—so a Democrat Senator, as usual, proposes a bill (“we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” …Pelosi) with no logical thought as to the consequences to the taxpayer. Just another kneejerk reaction to mollify constituents and impress her peers. Same-O, Same-O. My question is—WHERE IS A TEA PARTY REPUBLICAN SENATOR PROPOSING A BILL TO FINALLY ELMINATE THE IRS AND REPLACE IT WITH A SIMPLE FLAT TAX?!?! With the current scandal(s) regarding the IRS—NOW is the time to strike. Any takers?

Melvis T. Jones

That’s why we need the FairTax in place! It will get rid of the IRS and provide the taxes our nation needs to operate. Check it out. It’s a national sales tax that has been carefully, painstakingly worked up that is our solution. No more IRS, no m,ore long forms to fill out. And all the criminals and illegals will finally pay into the tax system just like we have been doing! Yeah!
What Is The FairTax?
The FairTax is a simple, fair and transparent solution to replace our current tax system.
It treats all citizens equally and allows American businesses to thrive, all while generating the same tax revenue for the government through the establishment of a national retail sales tax of 23% on new goods and services.

We need every citizen to voice to our congresspersons to implement and pass HR-25, the FairTax.
Go to for more information.

Ralph Camp

We won’t ever see this in the mainstream media, will we? We’ll only hear about it if it should somehow get through Congress, then the mainstream media will be touting it as the best thing since sliced bread.


The IRS is becoming America’s KGB!

max keltner

all senators and congressman should be limited to 3 year terms; presidents and vice-presidents to 4 year terms; and anyone appointed to jobs,such as sectary of state, or to wherever be limited to 2 years. And all elected can serve a max. of two (2) terms total for life; without any benefits such as retirement pay, and only bodyguards for a max. time of 1 year for the president an v.p.. Since this country was founded on GOD believing people; paid vacation time limited to 14 days a year plus only 2 holidays a year ( new years, and july 4,) Since Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Good Friday , seem to be too religious and are not allowed to be HONORED as in the past , so they should NOT be a paid vacation day unless ” IN GOD WE TRUST ” IS LEFT IN THE WHITE HOUSE AND IN… Read more »

Harry J. Blanek

I want the IRS abolished. I want a flat tax for everyone. The sooner the better.

Kenn McDermott

This is a good article and I agree with it. However, the line: “The words of Thomas Jefferson ring true even today, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.” are most likely attributed incorrectly. This attribution may be more accurate: “According to Monticello researchers and Jefferson scholars who maintain the online Jefferson Encyclopedia: “We have never found such a statement in Jefferson’s writings. As far as we know, this statement actually originates with [Republican President] Gerald R. Ford, who said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have,” in an address to a joint session of Congress on August 12, 1974.”

Pat Ellen

Do my taxes? He$# NO! A recent true recent experience–the IRS making money! IRS SEIZES “PROCESSING FEE” FOR THEIR OWN ADMITTED ERROR A current Policy of the IRS as verified by a local IRS Agent as well as an Agent in the Regional Office in Sacramento (along with reporting this issue personally to Senator Mark Udall of Colorado) is to charge a processing fee of $120.00 for an acknowledged error by an IRS Agent. THE ISSUE: My son tried to retrieve cash from his checking account from an ATM and it showed zero balance. Upon checking with the bank, he was informed that the IRS seized all monies in both his savings and checking accounts. He immediately contacted the IRS by phone and the Agent spent nearly 1 ½ hours checking the records and discovered that there was a clerical error keying in data. It was one wrong number on… Read more »

Al Paparesta

History teaches it is the nature of government, all governments, to expand it’s power. The only way for government to expand it’s power is by limiting individual liberty. Everything this administration does reeks of this. The “unaffordable care act”, the IRS scandal, The Justice Department’s investigation of journalists, the use of the EPA and other arms of government to bypass Congress are signs this President has no regard for the Constitution.

Christine Caraher

Just when do the chains & shackles come out?? Slavery was abolished, not only through the Emancipation Proclamation, but also through Constitutional Amendment.
What does Shaheen have between her ears??? Evidently, nothing!! not even air!

Fred Hertz

One thing this will certainly do if enacted is spur the explosive growth of an underground off-the-books economy where cash will once again become the primary medium of payment. With few exceptions, cash payments are not traceable. When the government is unable to follow the flow of funds, tax policy will become essentially useless. Of course, the upshot of that will be that those people dependent on government services will suffer even more as tax revenues shrink.