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Unmasking Media Manipulation | Bianca de la Garza | EP 287

Posted on Wednesday, June 5, 2024
by Rebecca Weber
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Transformation of Mainstream Media:

Mainstream media has evolved into an entity that suppresses speech, dictating what can and cannot be said, particularly targeting conservative viewpoints. This shift began intensifying during the Obama administration and continues to affect how information is disseminated and controlled.

Impact of Media Bias on Public Perception:

The current media landscape is criticized for being complicit in lawfare and not exposing significant issues fully, such as the criminal cases against Donald Trump. This biased coverage impacts public perception, leading to a misinformed populace and undermining democratic processes.

Economic and Social Disconnect:

There is a growing disconnect between the portrayal of the economy and social conditions by the media and the reality experienced by Americans. The media often presents a thriving economy and safe borders, which contradicts the everyday struggles of citizens facing economic hardships and border security issues.

Role of Media in Political and Social Divides:

The media’s role in perpetuating political and social divides is significant. By favoring liberal perspectives and censoring conservative outlets through mechanisms like NewsGuard, the media shapes narratives that influence public opinion and political outcomes, contributing to societal fragmentation.

Revival of Conservative Values:

Despite the media’s bias, there is hope for a revival of conservative values, driven by an informed and awakened citizenry. The rise in popularity of conservative news outlets like Newsmax reflects a thirst for truthful reporting, and there’s a push for returning to traditional values and logical governance.

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Rebecca Weber: Hello everyone. I’m Rebecca Weber, and this is your podcast, Better for America. Joining me now is Newsmax’s rising star and host of their flagship show, Newsline, her name, Bianca De La Garza. We have a great wide ranging episode coming up in just a moment. So don’t go anywhere. Bianca, I’m thrilled that you’re here with me today.

Now, you began your career in conservative media decades ago, and I speak for many Americans when I say that we can remember the days when our prestige media was claiming that Donald J. Trump was a danger to the country because he called our mainstream media enemies of the people. one example is a CBS reporter, Catherine Herridge.

She had all of her files and her computer seized by CBS. This was really unprecedented, given that one of the stories that she had been pursuing was Hunter Biden’s laptop. And then she was held in contempt of court by an Obama appointee judge because of her refusal to reveal her sources in a 2017 report.

Bianca, how did mainstream media morph into really a speech suppressing machine, essentially teaching those of us on the right side of the political spectrum what we can and cannot say and what is allowed?

Bianca De La Garza: Well, first off, Rebecca, what a spectacular question to start off with and really something that speaks to the heart of something I’m passionate about.

On a mission, really to combat every day in and day out. And it’s a pleasure to be with you on your, podcast. I do really believe journalism can be saved and I do believe there are select few who, Are still committed to the truth and the facts and not twisting them. I don’t think right now that we are in a place where Americans are being informed, to the extent of truth.

And that scares me and it should scare every American. A free and fair press is something that is, The fabric of our nation. It’s Americans ability to make conscious and clear decisions when it comes to elections decisions when it comes to even school boards, even these smaller things have now taken so much more importance as we see sort of the spotlight on how disinformation can seep into books your Children are reading.

So it strikes at every level. So, yes, we’re sitting in a situation now where our Former president is, being tried for a criminal case where the mainstream media has been very, Very complicit in some of the work that is the lawfare and not exposing it to the extent that it can be. And I think you’re hit on some really important notes here when we talk about reporters having their files seized and it goes back to the Obama administration, you know, the spying on reporters.

And we now know so much more about disinformation after covid and the suppression of voices that really impacted our lives. We are at an inflection point. I do believe there’s hope. I do believe that people have woken up as they say, but it is going to be, An uphill battle, I think, as we have so many AKA journalists, and I do put air quotes around them, who have been co opted to now be propaganda pushers of this administration, and it is frightening, and it should be frightening, but The more we discuss it, you know, like discussions we’re having, I think it will come across dinner tables, kitchen tables, and hopefully then go into a policymaking decision where people have the power with their vote.

Rebecca Weber: Yeah, you know, Bianca, I think what’s most frightening about the current attacks on journalism and journalists isn’t just simply that. a presidential administration might be using law and form enforcement to punish political enemies and limit speech. What’s even more frightening is that we have an administrative state and government agencies that actually seem to rank above the president.

I mean, it’s, it’s hard to, really, I don’t really understand how much things have changed. It seems that yellow journalism is roaring back that ethics and accuracy are out, but we do know that history teaches us that it’s not really all too new. The media has always struggled really to present facts and maintain credibility.

But as we watch this, our sitting, you know, sitting President Joe Biden and the Attorney General, heads of the FBI, the IRS and other agencies openly lie and deny acts with the modern newsroom essentially ignoring these facts. Where does all of this lead us as a nation?

Bianca De La Garza: I mean, it leads us to a very powerless situation where we sit right now, where they try to tell us the economy is thriving and Americans are wondering how they’re going to put food on the table.

They tell us that the border is safe and we see a porous open border. And ultimately it is, to your point, it is the leadership’s fault. And with new leadership, we can change everything just like that. I’ll give you an example. A news guard, has been receiving, Funding in part by our government and basically it will censor conservative news outlets and the way they do it is through, in a way, economic warfare.

Well, they’ll judge certain news outlets and guess who has the favorable ratings? It’s all the left leaning outlets with a liberal media, and that’s what they’ll put out to advertisers. So they’ll try to hurt outlets by saying, don’t advertise on these so called places that aren’t upwardly standing. I mean, that is.

A complete, Aberration of anything we stand for here. These are not these are operatives. These are political liberals who have now been put into positions and created these facades where they’re going to go after and try to create judgments on the media of what they think is fair because they want to direct a narrative.

It is sick. It is twisted and it is happening and You know, the more Americans get, you know, I’m very blessed. I work at Newsmax. We can share the truth. We always say it’s, real news for real people and it truly is. But, you know, when people watch us, they really get a grasp of what’s going on here.

And we’ve seen our ratings surge because there is this thirst for, I need to be informed so I can make informed decisions. And it really is incumbent, I think, upon also every American to understand that they have been told lies, that they have been pushed lies, and to search out the truth as well. And it does exist out there.

There are outlets like my show every day where we are bringing on some of the best and brightest legal minds to break down where we are in this. case right now against Donald J. Trump. And when it comes to people who are looking at who the real threat to democracy is, when you see how they have been able to weaponize our legal system and bring indictments against a former president, and then you take a step back and you hear from some of these legal experts on how thin these indictments are and how Twisted they are and how manipulated they are.

It does get to the point where people there’s no way you can look back and not say this was all a setup. The fix is in. So knowing that I do really have hope and faith. and it goes back to sort of understanding and not being not being a victim, right? Like anything we do in life. I never want people to feel like they are, Hopeless, we have power.

Americans have immense power. we are a great nation. We were birthed in American exceptionalism. we were, we have people who are willing to, say what’s right and stand on the right side of truth, even today, even if it’s unpopular. And I think the more we can elevate those voices and, and push those forward.

Voices out. It is. It is a something I take very seriously as a duty and an honor to this nation because I do fear for what’s coming down the road. My daughter, who’s 18 years old. I could have never thought in the world today that we would be repeating some of the errors that you know, we have in the past.

Rebecca Weber: Absolutely.

Bianca De La Garza: I never want to see a terrorist attack happen. I never want to see some of these tragedies reappear. reoccur. but for some reason, there are people here who are bent on destroying America and the media, like you say, is acting in concert with them.

Rebecca Weber: Certainly is what’s happening. And I do think Americans are waking up and we all can recall what happened in 2019 when Donald J.

Trump asked for people to peacefully or I should say January 2020 to peacefully leave the Capitol building. And of course, they slandered him and said that he did otherwise, and that he, you know, created this insurrection. People saw how he was canceled. People see how he is now facing criminal charges could face hundreds of years essentially in jail.

These charges are nonsense. It’s ridiculous. There’s no real crime that they can find. But if mainstream media looking Has the cart launch over. You know what information is going to be put out in front of people and then they can actually go into, you know, twist the arm of Facebook and meta and you know, all of these social sites, which have really changed the world.

We’re different than we were. I grew up in the eighties. Things weren’t like that back in the eighties today. Young people such as your daughter, they’re getting their news and quick bites. And if people who are controlling those levers Are being run, you know, by, you know, government agencies, essentially, we’ve got to reverse that.

And that’s why I’m so glad that you do what you do and you’ve got an incredible voice and your show is terrific. I encourage everyone to tune in. Newsmax is an incredible place to go get the truth. Tell me a little bit about what you are hearing. You’ve interviewed a lot of people. You’re talking to the experts.

As Donald Trump sits in the icebox as he calls it, he seems to be gaining popularity among many Americans who feel if they can do it to him, they can do it to me. How do you see things unfolding?

Bianca De La Garza: You know, I think We have to really hope that those jurors are going to see, see it what it for is. But either way, we do know we’ve learned a lot through this process.

And I also am looking forward to the debates that will happen, no matter what, between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, because there, I think we will actually see who will win. Americans truly think can run this nation and be in charge. And I think the debates are going to be in very interesting point of inflection for people.

Now, I will say, I think that the parameters around it is unfortunate. You know, they’re now coming to that where he wants Biden asked them to be seated. I mean, he can’t find his way off the stage. He’s fumbling. He needs cue cards. You know, he needs a lot of direction. So I don’t think this will be a great outing for him.

You know, I think when you come to the media a few days ago, Kathy Huckel was talking about the Bronx rally where we saw so many Americans just In an economic hardship, looking at Donald Trump and the leadership he was talking about and the policies that he once had that were better for African Americans, that is an indisputable fact.

And for Kathy Hochul to say, Donald Trump will bring his clowns to Jake Tapper, who will be one of the debate moderators, and there’s no pushback. There’s no, affront that she just used that word to describe Americans, I think was a sad inflection point for me, because. We are forgetting that Americans are hurting and it’s great when that, you know, I think it’s actually backfiring.

They want to trot out folks like De Niro and these ivory tower folks and Jeffrey Katzenberg wants to be on Joe Biden’s reelection campaign. These people do not live like the rest of us. They’re not trying to earn a living. They’re not trying to keep their kids safe. They’re not trying to make sure that they have a 401k for their future and retire hopefully someday.

It’s, A struggle for Americans and Democrats are so disconnected and the further we get from that, I think it only bolsters the conservative movement. Blacks, Latinos, my family, my, my grandparents immigrated legally from Mexico. They’re upset with this immigration policy that they have tried to sell to us as a guise of something that’s very.

Very, you know, humanitarian. It is anything but there are Children being trafficked every day. All of the Democratic policies, all of them have caused so much destruction to this country. So at some point, and I think to answer your question, there will be a breaking point. And people, I think, are right there saying no more.

And they do want to talk about January six, and they do want to talk about abortion. But Americans are saying January I want to talk about, hey, how I had more money, how the world wasn’t on fire. Let’s talk about things that are going to make my life better. And so I think it’s a real disservice what the media is doing, but I also think in a way it is advantageous because it focuses us on On who we are as a nation, how we want to get it back.

And, I think we’re close to get, I really do think we’re close to getting some real leadership change. And I, and I pray and I hope, I know God is in control and that’s how I can sleep at night.

Rebecca Weber: You know, what’s interesting is you and I both know that if, if, Donald J. Trump were executing the same decisions, if he was sitting in office and had the same results that Joe Biden has.

the left, the Democrats would, would be attacking him. They’d be pointing out that hundreds of thousands of people are dying of drug overdoses, that our cities are collapsing, that they’re unrecognizable, that our children are being indoctrinated, and that we’re not prioritizing Americans. There’s definitely a real, you, you, whether you’re spiritual or not.

I don’t see how people can’t see this spiritual war. It really is the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. so, you know, I personally do see a shift occurring throughout society, and of course our members are very vocal. I think people are beginning to break free, even from their party allegiances, to vote for policies that better their own lives, as you just stated.

but looking forward at the 2024 election, are you expecting that, I, it’s, it’s a pretty broad question when I ask what are you expecting? Because I do think that if Joe Biden wins, we’re going to see mayhem. And if, if Donald Trump wins, we’re going to see the same. who in your mind wins?

How big, close or, or a landslide? What do you see for the future in November?

Bianca De La Garza: Certainly. It certainly feels like. It does feel like we’re in a tinderbox right for the United States right now it’s felt that way for some time The polls and you know, obviously the polls are just one Marker, the polls are showing Donald Trump Leading in the battleground states and that’s really what where it’s at, you know, these battleground states are very important They do show him they do fluctuate, of course, and there’s margins of error But he’s he’s leading in places and very close in places that you Outside of them, like New York, he’s, he’s pulling really well in New York.

It’s traditionally democratic. he’s doing well in Michigan and Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia. So I think that there is, A very big, opportunity. And I think that that is coming. I think people are, going to have to think about maybe, mail in voting, or if they can’t get to the polls. I think Republicans have done a good job talking about that and, you know, making sure that people are engaged.

I’ve also seen, and we’ve reported on the fundraising, while the Democratic machine has had a lot of fundraising. and I know that they probably would love to use some of these. to vote in future elections. I do think that Donald Trump’s fundraising has been incredible. As of recent recent numbers, I think that scares Joe Biden and his team.

I think that’s why they went to the courthouse to hold a news conference here. I think that’s why they’re dropping, I believe, a hundred million dollars into from a super PAC into abortion ads. They’re going to try to use those touch points here. I don’t know. I don’t know what happens for this future, but I know what I would like to see happen.

I would like to see a return to logical, loving conservative values and conservative isn’t necessarily you could extrapolate it and say it’s it’s not necessarily conservative means fiscal, conservative, conservative with how you make decisions, not allowing schools to make decisions and hide your kids if they want to change their genders and not take loop in parents and you lose your custody.

I mean, these are things that are insidious. So we have this whole thing of people who are insane. Boys in deciding they want to play a sport and a girl’s sport because they wear a skirt. And it goes into even locker rooms for adult women. There was a situation where a woman walks into a plan of fitness and there’s a dude saying, well, I identify as this.

These aren’t normal values. These are not any traditions from our nation. People want to get back to sanity and safety. And that’s the choice really with this election. And I do believe that People see it now clearer than they ever have before. And guess what, Rebecca, there’s even more time. And I don’t think anything they’re doing right now is going to elevate or change people’s minds.

I think some of this has already been baked in, if you will. I don’t think there’s time to turn around the economy. There’s definitely not any time to fix the border. In fact, they don’t want to fix the border. And, you know, with reversing, changing title nine, Joe Biden’s made it really clear. He made it really clear on Easter Sunday that it was a transgender day of visibility.

And I know people are saying, well, that was always the day that was on. No, no, they made a proclamation and the way they’ve treated the indoctrination in college campuses is another sure wake up sign for folks on the, Jew hate that is on our campus and the pro. Terrorist eruption across our nation. If that right there doesn’t spell everything, the danger of the infiltration of how dark some of this dark money has infiltrated from our schools all the way up to the top.

I don’t know what does

Rebecca Weber: Yeah, that’s a lot right there. And this is what I’m speaking about when I say, you know, spiritual warfare or spiritual element, you know, to to to school. Yeah. Advocate for abortion in the ninth month right up to delivery. And then to say we’re not going to save the life of the aborted baby who makes it through, you know, a botched abortion.

That’s evil, you know, to say that keeping a border wide open and allowing these these Children to be trafficked in, to pour drugs on our streets. That’s evil. These are the policies, you know, that that Joe Biden supports. you know, as you mentioned what he did on Easter Sunday, it’s terrible, the way that he’s, really trying to erase motherhood in a sense by saying a man can be a mother.

I mean, these are, you know, the difference is so stark, the difference between Joe Biden and Donald J. Trump. And, it, I love that you point out that being conservative is not being old fashioned. You know, being conservative is saying, Our values matter the traditions that made this country great. There’s nothing wrong with, you know, honoring, you know, your mother and your father on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and so on and so forth.

We could go on and on. But, you know, one thing I just came to mind is Donald Trump has this incredible, I call it a winning strategy. And that is unlike Joe Biden, Trump doesn’t go after groups of people. Label them and, you know, and, and attack people from that angle. He doesn’t do that. What he does very wisely is he, right?

He, he looks at the, the character of the individual person and he goes at it that way. And I think that is probably one reason why he’s one over so many people, because people can relate to him, because he’s just a relatable guy, you know, a billionaire. He is, but he certainly is, is very relatable. one thing I loved about what Donald Trump did recently.

He said, America must pray again. And I thought that was great. What a great message. how big of a role, go ahead. I was going to just ask you, how big of a role is that in American society? You know, in politics, even how, how important do you, would you say that is?

Bianca De La Garza: I mean, I believe in the power of prayer.

I’m an evangelical Christian and I believe, that prayer, works when Donald Trump said that I actually, Have an interesting story about that. So, a few months back we had iconic music singer, Lee Greenwood on my show, and he talked about the God bless the USA Bible. I said, Lee, I love it. It’s wonderful because it, you know, it, it, I really want people to start having the Bible, you know, open with their kids if they’re, if they’ve gone away from it.

Right. And I think there’s no shame in that. And I think in this culture where we’re having satanic clubs at high schools, it’s so, it’s even more important that people get grounded in their faith. and, and, and find Jesus. And Leo Lee sent me that Bible and I was using it and I love it because it also has the Constitution Declaration of Independence.

It really is sort of this beautiful, keepsake. Donald Trump came out and as you said, he said, let’s, let’s make America pray again. Nothing wrong with that. That’s, that’s great. that’s beautiful. And, he mentioned that Bible and there was so much hate from. vote the left the radicals that there’s seething anger and how you could be angry about that.

I just find it. I find it says it all. It really does says it all that it is. It is evil forces that don’t want you to be in touch with that because there is a supernatural, you know, sense of when you pray and go direct to, The source there that you are able to, to see the calm, you know, when the world’s on, you know, going crazy and everything is that you come back to God and he says, be still and know that I am God.

And when you get to your center through him, you just get so much strength from that and we really need our strength. And I think that there was a beautiful message and I love that the more they attack, and there was some pieces written about how, you know, when you I supported that. I thought it was a wonderful message and it just, it, it happened during Holy Week, right?

Jesus last week on earth. So of all, of all the times, I mean, they want people to not not turn to God, but they are. I do believe there’s a revival happening, Rebecca, in this, in this nation. I feel that I feel that there is a revival because I feel like people are saying when they get to the bottom, which we’re pretty darn close to with some of these radical policies.

God is there. He is the rock and he’s the foundation. He will build us up from where we stand. And I, I don’t forget that. I am so humbled that every day I can ask God for help and ask him to, you know, bring me through this and channel the Holy spirit, please, you know, and it’s a power that everyone has.

And I just want to say one thing in closing, you know, people will criticize Donald Trump for all these things. They used to love him before he got into politics. He was everyone’s favorite person, number one shows, did all these great things for New York, entrepreneurial real estate tycoon. They, everyone loved him until he became president.

And I just want to say, you know, if God’s going to use people, he doesn’t, you don’t have to be perfect to find God. You don’t have to be the most, you don’t have to have a, We’re all sinners. You know, God will use people, when they allow him. Draw close to me and I will draw close to you. So I, I just think we all have to remember who Donald Trump really was before all of this lawfare started, before all of this insanity began from the left.

Power wants to stay in power and they will do it at all costs. And that I think is what is playing out.

Rebecca Weber: Oh, Bianca, that’s so powerful. And, you know, I love that you share. you know, your intimate thoughts here on faith and how important it is for you. I always say that I don’t want to keep a secret. The one thing that has really changed my life and makes me a better person each and every day.

Why would I keep that secret? I’m not going to be ashamed to say that. You know, I do. I look to God is my moral everything. and the Bible is so powerful, and I just love what Lee Greenwood did. And I think it’s incredibly important that we have a president who recognizes that America was built on Christian Judeo values, and those values are what made our nation so great.

We can look back in history and and see what our founding fathers said about the importance of faith on. And it is so important. So for me, I am honored to be able to share with our great over two million AMAC members to say no, we’ve got to return to remembering who we are as a people and not stray from God.

And we pray that God will continue to bless America and I just pray for strength for Donald Trump. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. What’s happening to him is so grossly unfair. and the truth will prevail because good always beats out evil in the end. And we know God wins every single battle. so this has been just so special to hear you, share with me a little bit there, Bianca, before I let you run, I wanted to ask you for, for people that are watching, listening, that are, you know, and a lot of our members, they’ve got, college age students, young adults in the family, What advice might you give to those folks?

Young people who are interested in entering journalism, the news media. What advice would you give and how might you empower them?

Bianca De La Garza: Oh, that’s a wonderful question. And, I would say to go for it. We need young. Energetic truth seekers to enter this profession that has somehow. Somewhere gone off the road.

So I would, would say it’s, it’s a noble profession. It’s one I got into because I thought of it as a civic duty. It’s not for me, it was always about telling stories voice to the voiceless exposing corruption. I would say there’s so many opportunities to get involved. There are always different, conferences happening.

There are free groups. You can join and get more involved. I went to school for journalism, but you don’t necessarily have to to get an entry point. A great point would be maybe reaching out to somebody on Twitter or Facebook and say, Hey, how did you get your start? Do you have any unpaid internships? You know, kind of that, That work ethic that I think also young people have to understand that, you know, you do have to put in some of the grunt work like we all did to get to where we are and, our, our youth sometimes it’s a little bit because of our lack of, attention span.

And we’ve been taught for instant gratification. And, you know, like you had mentioned earlier, a Tik TOK video or something fast that, you know, you have to put in a lot of work. Of work to get to it. But if anyone is interested in I think this is the time. These are important stories. You’d be reporting on things that could change the future and really define America.

First, that policy, I think, is still being, you know, shaped. What does America now look like as we enter sort of this deep? new chapter after a very, I say, dark five years after COVID, you know, BLM riots, kind of the push of the Marxism, the culturism, the DEI. as we break away from that to be part of something and define it and really be the truth warriors, I say, welcome.

I would love to see more young people get involved. And I think it is a profession, that we can soon no longer call fake news, but we’ve got to write the course right now.

Rebecca Weber: Great message. You are a truth warrior. Bianca de la Garza. Thank you so much for being with me today and pleased to all of you out there listening.

Be sure to check out her great show. She is a rising star. She is the host of their flagship show on Newsmax Newsline. Check her out. Bianca again. Thank you for being here and God bless you.

Bianca De La Garza: God bless you, Rebecca, and all of your viewers who are watching such important times. And I just thank you for an opportunity to speak about them.

Such a thoughtful conversation, and I’m truly humbled and honored.

Rebecca Weber: Thank you so much.

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