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Truth Hurts – Gabbard Leaves Democrat Party | EP 164

Posted on Tuesday, October 25, 2022
by Rebecca Weber

Truth hurts and Tulsi Gabbard is telling it.  She is a former Democratic presidential nominee, eight-year Congresswoman from Hawaii, retired Lieutenant Colonel US Army, was formerly deployed to Iraq, a field medical unit, Hindi, and political force who suffers no fools.

She has had it with the Democrat Party, leaving it as Reagan did in 1962. She says they knowingly betray the Constitution, the supreme document to which she took an oath.

She has decided to suffer what may come – and it will – in Democrat vitriol, the way they savage anyone who defies the New Left, speaks for free speech, conscience, and “objective reality.”

She has had it with being canceled and cajoled into cancelling others.  She has had it towing the line when her party’s leaders push un-ending federal mandates, government expansion, and spend money that we do not have on things that people do not want, pushing inflation to the extreme.

She has had it with arrogant restrictions on individuals, families, and businesses, placing those who live by conscience in fear. She has had it with pushing parents to the back, as the federal government pushes Marxism and racism in schools. She has had it with violation of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 10th Amendments.

She is tired of being marginalized within her own party, told to shut up, badgered by aging party leaders like Pelosi, Schumer, and Hillary “forever running” Clinton, – all whom are self-righteous, disrespectful, and disinterested in what the people want, believe, and have tried to say.

A classic American thinker who began liberal, she is saying “enough.” She knows what used to be liberal is now Independent or moderate Republican — because the core of her Party walked away from her!

She saw it from the inside, watched CNN and the media Bigs come after her because she dared to call out Hillary Clinton, she dared to fight for our country, and dared to be herself.

She is decisive and succinct, noting the Democrat Party is now all about censorship, power, a push for centralized control, and – without using the word but inferring it – oppression. They deny “objective truth,” hurt every American, from parents – to girls in sports, – the military to mothers and fathers.

What else did she say, with remarkable clarity, poise, and power? She said the modern Democrats are not what you think, not the old Democrats, not what we used to think of as Democrats. She says, “It is conform or be canceled.”

Her message is heartfelt, stark, even chilling.

But — it is also one of enormous hope, — like Reagan’s move to the Republican or conversative side of the aisle when he saw the old Democrat Party shifting left, defending Communists, Socialists, Federal growth, and power consolidation.

Her message is also hopeful because it rings true — it echoes what many see happening, and reminds Americans of other brave leaders, many of them women – who stood up to defend their conscience.

Whether Gabbard’s honesty resonates, changes people’s hearts and minds, gives them pause, makes them think about reality not the narrative, is hard to tell.

But she could be the first stone in an avalanche. And even if not, she is real. We need more real.  Truth hurts – But it also helps.

That’s it for today, I’m Rebecca Weber – and this is your Better for America Newsline Special.

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1 year ago

Great video! Thanks for the info.

Steven Tapper
Steven Tapper
1 year ago

After the MidTerm reality check your going to see more moderate Democrats reject the radical progressive left wing of their Party. They will realize that the radical left progressives have no future. And politicians being politicians will go into survival mode and find a way to distance themselves from the radical left. Some will jump ship and become Republicans if they care to stay in Congress.

Randall L. Beatty
Randall L. Beatty
1 year ago

I like her and let’s see what she does she is right on all the different points about the Dems, again will see what happens she is very intelligent and also was a military officer.She can be very helpful in the Republican party.

1 year ago

VERY DIFFICULT TO TRUST her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AFTER ALL, she WAS A CANCEROUS, ANTI-AMERICAN, LYING, CHEATNG, lib

1 year ago

I admire her being true to herself, her beliefs, and her conscience. She is right about many things including the truth that the Democratic Party of the present will not tolerate anything or anyone who disagrees with their anti-American push toward Marxism and totalitarianism. Yet I am skeptical. Time will tell and eventually her true self will be revealed.

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