The Better for America Podcast

Senator Rick Scott | Two Standards of Justice in America | EP 199

Posted on Thursday, March 23, 2023
by Rebecca Weber

“We can’t have two standards of justice!” Florida Senator Rick Scott joined BFA to discuss the looming Trump indictment and the Soros money behind it. Scott exposes the intentional shortcomings of the Biden Administration before covering his plan, Rescue America, on how to take back America for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.

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6 months ago

the reason the democrats want open borders is to add more more voters to the democratic rolls

Randall L. Beatty
Randall L. Beatty
6 months ago

Since Biden came into rule and his Dem backers in the White House the rule of law is in the toilet anyone that does not side with them they go after with the help of the DOJ look what they are doing to President Trump they will do what ever they can to stop him from running for president. The Dems have wasted so much tax payers money trying to President Trump it makes a person sick two standards of law one for the Dems and another for those that do not go along with them.

Thomas Harper
Thomas Harper
6 months ago

I just watched the “Better for America” podcast with Senator Rick Scott, and I agree with what he said except for one thing. He said to go out and protest. The Biden regime has outlawed peaceful protests by conservetives. ANTIFA and BLM can commit arson and murder with almost total immunity, but people on the right who commit misdameners and sometimes no crime at all are rounded up and sent to the Goolog in Washington DC. Until there is a fair Justice System that is NOT corrupt, I will not protest publicly

6 months ago

There are two standards. One for the rich and powerful and well connected and one for everybody else.

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