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Navigating Woke Culture: Weak Military, Identity Politics, and Corporations | Carl Higbie | EP 213

Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2023
by Rebecca Weber

Former Navy SEAL and Newsmax host, Carl Higbie, joins the Better for America Podcast to share his unique perspective as a veteran and journalist. Higbie expresses his disdain for the COVID lockdown measures and government mandates, making a compelling case for accountability and holding individuals responsible. He reflects on the profound impact of these policies on education and societal morale, emphasizing the importance of people recognizing the consequences these decisions had on their lives. In this engaging discussion, they also explore the divisive effects of incorporating identity politics and victimization narratives, both in educational institutions and corporations. Join us as we question why our government seems so out of touch with “We the People” and the need to reevaluate the extent of our reliance on it.

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A Voter
A Voter
3 months ago

We can all sit around and discuss these issues as if they are the problem, and while yes they are certainly problems of concern which must be confronted, I grow ever weary because these issues are the symptoms of a much larger problem which no one is discussing.
Take all issues we face from the left, no matter what they are and understand the underlying reason these issues are being used and weaponized against us. We are literally in a battle between collectivism on the left vs individualism on the right, and that is the battle we must discuss, understand, face and fight. Wokeness, transgenderism, racism, cultural ism, environmentalism, the border, the military drag queen recruitment, woke corporations and anything else you can throw into this mix are all just symptoms of the larger disease of collectivism.
We can not win the battle against the disease by simply fighting the symptoms. We must understand that those who side with collectivism have no steadfast morals to speak of because those morals stand squarely in contrast to the ideology of the ends justifying the means, which is the one and only hard rule of collectivism.
Call it what you want, collectivism vs individualism or good vs evil. The two choices are interchangeable.
I would love to now say here is how we fight this, but I do not have that answer. My hope is that someone, much more intelligent will read this and say, ‘You know, he’s right. Let me get to work on this.”

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