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Fighting for Truth, Breaking Biden | Alex Marlow | EP 274

Posted on Wednesday, March 27, 2024
by Rebecca Weber
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Embarking on a Cultural Journey

At the young age of 21, Alex Marlow was selected by Andrew Breitbart to navigate the culture war through media. Marlow has since become a two-time New York Times best-selling author, showcasing his significant impact on the media landscape and the editor in chief of Breitbart.

Exposing Media and Political Corruption

Marlow’s books, Breaking the News and his newest Breaking Biden, delve into the corruption within the establishment media and the Biden family’s international dealings. He emphasizes the need for accountability and highlights Joe Biden’s role in creating a pay-for-play culture in Washington, D.C.

The Power of the Cultural Left

Marlow argues that the cultural left, controlling institutions like the media, Hollywood, and academia, poses a significant challenge to conservative voices. He underlines the importance of alternative media in providing a platform for conservative perspectives and combating the establishment’s narrative like Breitbart and AMAC. 

Election Integrity and Voter Concerns

The discussion touches on concerns regarding election integrity, the influence of illegal immigration on voting, and the potential for “cheat by mail” tactics. Marlow stresses the importance of conservatives working harder to ensure a fair electoral process.

America’s Foreign Policy and Financial Interests

Marlow criticizes the financial motivations behind America’s foreign policy decisions, particularly in relation to the defense industry. He points out the conflict of interest inherent in the relationship between government officials and defense contractors.

Optimism for America’s Future 

Despite the challenges, Marlow expresses optimism for America’s future, emphasizing the importance of hard work, free speech, and balanced media representation in preserving the nation’s founding principles.

Marlow’s insights shed light on the complexities of American politics, media influence, and the ongoing struggle for truth and integrity in the public sphere.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Rebecca: Hello, I’m Rebecca Webber. You’re watching Better for America, presented by AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens. Joining me today is Alex Marlowe. He is the editor in chief of Breitbart News. At the remarkably young age of 21 he was hand picked by the renowned media mogul Andrew Breitbart, and he has been embarking on a journey to navigate the culture war one headline at a time.

Alex has since established himself as a two time New York Times best selling author, showcasing his profound influence in the media landscape. We’ll be back in just one moment, so don’t go anywhere. Okay, and now we’ll bring you in. Great. Alex Marlow, thank you so much for joining us on Better for America.

It’s a thrill to have you here with me.

Alex Marlow: Oh, that’s so kind. It’s a pleasure to be here. I’ve been a fan of AMAC for a long time as a Dennis Prager listener. Then I’ve been, I’ve been hearing about AMAC for a very long time.

Rebecca: Well, that’s terrific. And really, I want to thank you on behalf of our over 2 million AMAC members.

We thank you because you have been educating the American public on some of these stunning details of freedom. Fake news stories that we saw during the Trump administration. And then you’ve written extensively on this. You even published a book, Breaking the News, exposing the establishment media’s hidden details and secret corruption.

And then your most recent book, Breaking Biden. That was an instant New York Times bestselling author. So tell us, uh, to the extent that you can without maybe spoiling it, what your latest book is all about and how our AMAC members can get their hands on it.

Alex Marlow: Oh, that’s kind of you. Yeah, the, this book is, it’s hard to summarize.

It’s kind of a, kind of a hefty book. So it’s kind of hard to summarize in just a sentence or two. But I think if I could do that is that I think a lot of us have not assessed Joe Biden correctly. And I think a lot of people have not really bothered to try to figure out why he keeps winning, how he’s been such a mainstay in political life in the United States of America.

And when you start looking into the details and how he’s been such a survivor politically, you start, I think, Understanding who he is and really the moment we’re in as a country, why this type of guy would get selected and continue to stay at the top of the food chain, so to speak politically. And I found that his corruption was much deeper than I had anticipated.

The international deals of the Biden family cuts are so extensive, it’s beyond belief. And he’s also a particularly ruthless individual and a bad person. I don’t say that lightly. I don’t say that about most of my political opponents. People are familiar with my talk radio persona and things I’ve written.

I’m not out there trying to trash people who don’t deserve it. He really is a bad guy and he comes from a bad family. filled with bad people. And I find this to be totally interesting. And it actually, I think, conveys why he’s been able to be a survivor in an increasingly cutthroat Washington. And the results have just been just terrible for the country.

It’s a, we are now in a moment where DC is a pay for play culture, where it is all about big corporations, big entities, buying off aspects of the government. And that starts with Joe Biden. He created that culture and he needs to be held accountable for it right away.

Rebecca: Well, I, I can’t wait to get my hands on that book and, and get you back with us again so we can dig into it a lot deeper.

But it is, uh, you know, terrific reviews and something that every American I want to encourage should, should take a look and understand how this one man has fundamentally really changed America. And then we see really the, the progressive leftist Democrats, they are battling truth. They are, they want to have a war with truth.

For example, they say the border is closed. It is not closed. Right? They’re, they’re experts at word manipulation. Uh, they’re changing words like illegal alien to newcomers, right? And, and for the last two decades, I want to say, they have been really obsessive about owning the narrative in mainstream media.

Now you’ve done a terrific job of creating this ecosystem of truth tellers. Uh, so I want to ask you, what can average Americans really understand about the power the left has over, you know, mainstream media, social media, In general, and how can every American citizen participate in the fight to preserve truth?

Alex Marlow: Yeah, it’s a great question. It sort of is the underlying question that undergirds my entire career. I started with Andy Breitbart and he was the first employee of Breitbart News 16 years ago and he had a fundamental belief that it wasn’t that the A political left was really controlling America. It was the cultural left and they were controlling our major institutions, the media, Hollywood, and academia.

And since then, I think they’ve added a third, which is, uh, the corporations. Corporations are increasingly supportive of the Democrat status quo. Uh, they, they dot the boards of every major company and like the New York Times, every media company, uh, Uh, every entertainment company is all people who are part of the Biden Harris Democrat machine.

They’re all working in concert. And that’s very scary stuff, because it really does explain a lot of the messes we’re in is the fact that, culturally speaking, there’s The United States is guided by the hard political left, and so we have to overcome all of that as people who are right of center, people who are at least anti woke.

All of us have to get past that first layer of establishment, uh, cover that the political left provides. And so that’s why we have so many problems in this country, is that if you’re a default factory setting voter, You probably only heard the left wing perspective and it’s up to conservatives to break through that and to share our perspective with them.

But that involves tuning in to talk radio. It involves seeking out websites like Breitbart or colleges like Hillsdale. I mean, there’s very few places where you’re going to get that relative to the ubiquity of the left wing. of establishment left wing thought. And so that’s what Breitbart News does in a nutshell, is we try to take on one aspect of that culture war, which is the media, and try to provide news from a conservative perspective.

And we’re open about that. The New York Times never admits that they’re left wing, they’re liberal or whatever. They, they don’t admit that what their corporate interests are. They don’t admit the foreign funding that goes into them. But we share where we come from. We’re a populist, nationalist, conservative outlet, and then you can judge our news accordingly.

Now, we always value truth the most, so we want all of our articles to be accurate, and when they’re inaccurate, we get harassed non stop by left wing corporate fact checkers. But I will say that it is once you get to our website or to any of our broadcasts, You’ll see our topic selection is has a conservative audience in mind and we think that’s pretty great.

It’s worked out very well for us so far.

Rebecca: Yeah, that’s terrific. It’s similar to AMAC versus AARP. You know, people don’t realize the behemoth they are and what they’re really all about. They hide behind their. Their agenda, you know, they hide their agenda rather. And, um, you know, so more and more people are recognizing that, that there’s choice and, and, and it’s so good.

Thank God for Breitbart News, because you really are making a major difference. Um, You know, it’s it’s clearly, uh, you know, it’s obvious to so many people that Joe Biden is suffering in the polls. Uh, you know, people are beginning to see that the Biden family was selling access in this pay to play scheme scheme demanding, you know, payments from the Chinese Communist Party.

But then we also recently heard this damning report revelations from the her report confirming that Biden You know, he’s got memory issues. Couldn’t remember certain important dates. How do you think this will impact Joe Biden’s reelection come November, especially among independents and moderate Democrats?

If there are any left?

Alex Marlow: Yeah, right. So one thing that’s really interesting about the Democrat establishment is is they don’t necessarily need a dynamic leader or someone who is shepherding the party into the future. No, they just want to preserve the way things are now. Because if you look through American life, the people who are at the very top of the very, of the various cultural pyramids.

They like the way things are going. People in the defense, the defense industry, they like the way we do our foreign policy where we’re constantly, uh, cutting checks from the American taxpayer out of money we don’t even have yet, uh, to be able to aid that industry to continue to support wars all around the world.

That’s the Joe Biden foreign policy. Uh, if you look at the corporate policy, Joe Biden is not a threat to big tech. He’s not a threat to Wall Street. They’re very happy with it. It is. He has been. Uh, I think this is a, uh, it’s noteworthy how both he and Kamala Harris have done ample pandering to Hollywood over the years.

And so when you start seeing who’s lining up behind Joe Biden and you look at his war chest, his war chest dwarfs Donald Trump’s. Donald Trump is crushing, Joe Biden in the polls. We have not seen polling like this for Republican candidate in decades. Uh, Reagan, maybe, I mean, it is that level of dominance.

We’re seeing the polls from Donald Trump right now. And yet still people keep donating to Joe Biden. Why is that? They kind of like the way things are as scary as that sounds. They’re not moved by inflation. They’re not moved by the open border. Uh, they’re not moved by the law fair against political opponents of the, of the regime in power.

None of this is convincing a lot of those people, particularly those in Silicon Valley, to stop cutting checks to Joe Biden. And that just shows you how broken the system is that so many of these people actually like what’s happening in this country right now, which is stunning.

Rebecca: And when we talk about those people, I believe it’s that 1 percent of this elite, uh, you know, extremely wealthy, a group of people that, that are people in positions of great power that are really controlling this and that the vast majority of Americans.

See what’s really going on. Are the American people, you know, we the people, enough to combat that one percent that really is controlling uh, this narrative and getting Joe Biden, you know, it’s shocking to me that he’s even, that he’s even the nominee.

Alex Marlow: Yeah, that is well, this is why he’s the nominee is because that group of people likes him because they don’t want stuff shaken up.

They don’t want to any threat. They don’t want anyone with any unique vision. They want people just to keep things the way they are as close to the way they are now. They’re not progressive any longer. They’re very much for the status quo. They’re for America as we know it with the open border, etc. And so that is why Biden’s the nominee and Biden understands that.

And he panders to these groups of people and he moves them around like blocks of voters. Uh, but do I think we, the people can, can beat them? Yes. But we, the people have to beat that group by a few percentage points because they’re going to do everything they can to milk every last vote. out of their core audience.

And they’re going to do this with what I call cheat by mail. They’re going to do with their drop boxes. They’re going to do it with tech and AI manipulation, making sure low information voters don’t have access to the truth about Joe Biden and his family’s corruption and the depth of his policy failures.

So we have to work extra hard to make sure we’ve got a several point cushion. Uh, but I do think when the American people grow, go to the grocery store when they go to McDonald’s, when they go about their normal lives and they see how much more expensive it is when they go to the gas station, you can’t fool them and they know something’s wrong.

They know mistakes are being made. I try to explain in breaking Biden what the mistakes are. I think it’s important to know what they are, but I think people intuitively get it. You don’t have to be paying that close attention to understand things are going in the wrong direction and that tends to bode well for a challenger, who in this case is a Republican.

Rebecca: Yeah, so people are fed up, Alex. People are really fed up. They see what’s happening. Millions of people illegally crossing our border. Uh, the cost for food, fuel, rent, everything is skyrocketing.

Yes. We see how censorship is impacting people. And I have been saying this over and over again. We are in a battle for the soul of America. I want to ask you though, because of what’s happening at the border and the fact that we’ve got millions, eight million or more entering illegally. Um, it seems to me that the Biden administration has a pathway for these people to get registered to vote.

How confident are you that our elections will be free and fair? Especially considering that the administration is intentionally allowing these illegals to flood our country. Uh, is Joe Biden importing voters in your view?

Alex Marlow: He absolutely is there. He 100 percent is importing voters. Now, will all of them vote in national elections this time?

I don’t think so, but they’re already trying to get illegally. Illegal aliens are voting in local elections. Obviously the intention is for them to vote in national elections and their children are going to be born and they’re going to end up voting and they’re coming of age now. I grew up in L. A. I mean we had an illegal alien problem when I was, you know, a child.

So it’s been 30 years. So these people who are here have children and the children are born and they tend to vote Democrat. Now Trump is making headway. with a lot of various demographics, which is very exciting. Latinos, blacks, suburban women, all that’s very exciting. But the bottom line is, is that a lot of people who are in that background, they’re, they speak Spanish, they don’t consume English language media, which means there’s even less opportunity for them to get exposed to conservative values.

And a lot of them end up in the system, the government system, where they’re getting their food, They’re getting welfare, they’re getting health care, uh, through the government. And, uh, through that, they’re not going to vote for fewer benefits, they’re not going to vote for the people who could potentially cut spending.

So they end up voting Democrat. So this is absolutely a replacement of Americans with foreigners who are going to, who tend to vote Democrat. And the reason is conservatives have more Children, Liberals have fewer Children, and they’re also more ruthless in their tactics. They are willing to import new generations of voters.

This is a fundamental fact that is going on. Does it take place overnight? No, it doesn’t necessarily. I don’t know if that will be the difference in this election per se, but that principle is clearly at work with the open border right now.

Rebecca: I’m glad you said it. We see it. Uh, and we’ve got a great petition going on.

We’re, we’re notifying Congress and we’re really trying to get them to act. So important. People need to go to a Mac dot us to get involved with that call to action. Uh, and you know, Alex, many, many of our members are saying, is Joe Biden really calling the shots? I mean, especially when we see him saying that he can’t answer a question for fear of getting in trouble.

Uh, what do you make of this in your view? Is there a team behind Joe Biden pulling the strings?

Alex Marlow: No, it’s a shtick. Um, that because it protects him and it’s working out for him overall. Uh, though he’s completely in charge. Uh, this has been a big mistake that the conservative movements made is to act as though he’s not in charge.

It hasn’t worked for us. He beats us every time he’s got elected for 50 straight years. And he was a senator, a terrible senator. He was vice president. He was terrible in that job. And now he’s a terrible president. And yet he keeps winning. Why does he keep winning? And he does these things. He’s much more clever than people give him credit for.

He’s not some sort of a genius. But the fact that he and his family have been able to enrich themselves all over the world with no noticeable skills, no noticeable credentials, it speaks to a group of people who have a way of thinking. Figuring out how to make the system work for them. So Joe is absolutely at the top.

He is absolutely in charge. He was always going to be the nominee and it’s time for people to get deeply focused on beating Joe Biden. And not just because he’s old, he’s way too old. He’s a thousand years old, all that. So I get it, but that’s not it. It’s that he’s deeply corrupt and a failed leader. He does not bring the country together.

He divides us. He hates his political opponents. And I think some of his even political supporters, he hates them. Uh, he has been a failure in every job he’s ever had and we need to stop electing him. And so if that is, that is the reset that I think people need to have heading into this election. Don’t assume it’s some sort of shadowy cabal.

This is the guy at the top and he needs to be voted out.

Rebecca: And again, I just want to talk a little bit about the corruption we spoke about a few moments ago. In a recent tweet, you stated that there are actors who create wars, then go into the private sector and make massive profits and are never held accountable.

And then you went on to say, this is how our country works. Can you expand a little bit on that? Maybe give a couple of examples.

Alex Marlow: Yeah, thank you for that. I was thinking of Victoria Nuland at the time, who is one of the main characters in Breaking Biden. She’s the architect of Joe Biden’s Ukraine policy, and she’s a Russophobe.

Now, at Breitbart, at our coverage, we’re very negative on Vladimir Putin. He’s a dictator, he’s a bad guy, he kills journalists, all that stuff. But I will tell you that it doesn’t make sense when you’ve got a nuclear power with more nuclear weapons in the United States and a massive energy producer on a story to store country with lots of history and things that are Uh, you know, worthwhile that came from Russia or comes from Russia today.

Uh, they’re a geopolitical force. And it doesn’t make sense to have the architect of the Russia Ukraine policy be adamantly anti this country to the point where it’s famous. She is world famous for just spying Russia. All the time. And again, I say this, someone who doesn’t like Russia or Putin, it makes no sense for her to have been in this role.

She was in this role. She was one of the architects of the coup that took place about a decade ago. That was the precursor to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Uh, if Joe Biden’s Ukraine policy wasn’t so horrible, and if he hadn’t appointed people like Victoria Newland into the top roles in the state department, in our foreign policy, then Putin would not have invaded Ukraine.

I think. Absolutely not. Under no circumstances would he have invaded. Uh, and just to be more clear on it, if Donald Trump was president, Putin would not have invaded. So these are the people who deserve all the blame. Now, so this huge war breaks out. We send all this money to Ukraine. No one knows where it’s going.

A hundred billion dollars. There’s no accountability. Well, before it gets to Zelensky, and the people in Ukraine. It stops at U. S. contractors, the five or so defense contractors that do most of the war industry in this country. And Victoria Nuland is going to bag mountains of cash from those exact entities.

This is where Tony Blinken makes his money when he’s not in the government. This is where Lloyd Austin makes his money when he’s not in the government. Lloyd Austin was literally on the board of Raytheon before. before he was the defense secretary. So there is a massive industry that wants to see global war taking place because that’s how they make their money.

And they make the money from U. S. taxpayers. It’s so disgusting if you think about it in those terms. It’s so low integrity. And those are the people, not just dotting the Biden administration, they’re his cabinet secretaries. They’re the people who are setting his foreign policy. And that is why he has built such a solid core of support in the Institutional Democratic Party.

And is because he makes them all rich in their spare time.

Rebecca: Yeah, it’s, it’s so, uh, shocking and, and to so many of our AMAC members, you just can’t believe that there are people that would, uh, that, that, you know, exist that put their own personal, you know, financial gain and power. Uh, they’re so they’re so addicted to that power that they put that above and beyond the oath that they make to the American people.

So we see what’s happening here. Boy,

Alex Marlow: I want to speak to that because I lived in Washington for eight years and that when I got there, I had been told that was true. About the military industrial complex and about the way that the various consultant industry, uh, which is brokering taxpayer money, getting sent to major corporations like Google and stuff like that.

And I thought there’s no way that’s true. That’s just impossible. It’s so immoral. There’s no way we can have a country where that’s possible. That is exactly the engine that makes Washington run. It is every bit as bad as I’m describing it. And I was a skeptic of this philosophy when I got there, and I was there for eight years, and I couldn’t believe it because people just can’t help to give themselves more money when the money is available to them.

They will always vote in a way that gives them more money, and they’re never going to take food out of their own mouths. They’re never going to vote in a way that makes it so that their job prospects go down. And that’s the major thing is that this industry of the taxpayer dollars. Being shepherded to American private companies is the major function of our bureaucratic class right now in DC.

And when Trump talks about draining the swamp, this is literally what he means.

Rebecca: Yeah, I think one of the best things he could have done, whether you love him or hate him, was make it clear to the American public that we’ve got real fake news. It’s a real thing. We’ve got, um, misinformation and a, and a, and a, and a, a president who, uh, is gaslighting Americans every step of the way, as well as Kamala Harris.

We know that they are certainly a threat to our fundamental freedoms also. because she’s saying that every, every day I see a new tweet. Um, they’re afraid. I think people on the far left are afraid. We, the American people can do something about it before we let you go. I have two, two last questions. Um, how confident are you for the future of America?

Do you think we can really turn things around? We are battling for the soul of America. And I pray that we, uh, we don’t have a second term with Biden.

Alex Marlow: Uh, I’m, I’m incredibly optimistic. I don’t, I sometimes, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just a natural, the hard wiring. Um, but I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

I have four children, so I, I’m not, uh, I wouldn’t bring four children into a world that I thought was so bleak and hopeless. I think so long as there’s a modicum of free speech in this country, uh, that I do think the cream will rise to the top. The best ideas can win out in America. I think we are. It was a gift from God that the founding fathers all happened to be walking the earth in the same in proximity of each other when they were to give us founding documents that really can forge the greatest nation on God’s green earth.

So I’m a big believer in that. Um, however, I’m also a believer that it’s going to take immeasurable amounts of hard work to maintain what we were given. And, uh, there are days where it just looks quite dark, but I do think if there’s a balance to the media ecosystem and the cultural ecosystems that have been dominated by the left, which we’re trying to do at Breitbart, I know you’re doing that at AMAC, uh, then I have infinite hope for America.

Rebecca: Oh, that’s wonderful. And I do think that we’ve got a couple of great people, uh, folks like Matt Taibbi, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, you’re one of them, sir. You do so much for this country and we’re so, we’re so grateful to have this relationship with you. Before you go, tell our great members how they can find you on social media and how they can subscribe to Breitbart News.

Alex Marlow: Oh, terrific. So the best thing you can do is get the Breitbart app and check it all day long. We’re constantly refreshing it. I would put this latest stories that we put out of Breitbart every day against any publication with 100 times our budget, better than the Wall Street Journal, better than Fox News.

It is the best place to get your news, period. in my humble opinion. And if you want to follow me, uh, alexmarlow. com, you can find all my socials there and please pick up my books, Breaking Biden and Breaking the News. Uh, you will, you will enjoy them. I promise they’re good reads and you’ll learn a lot.

Rebecca: Alex Marlow, a great American patriot. We thank you so much for spending time with us and I hope to have you back again real soon.

Alex Marlow: My pleasure. We will do, we will definitely do that.

Rebecca: Very good. And to all of you out there listening, don’t forget to renew and join AMAC. Tell friends and family all about us.

Thank you for joining me. I’m Rebecca Weber. Until next time, have a great day, everyone.

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Philip Seth Hammersley
Philip Seth Hammersley
22 days ago

EXCELLENT INTERVIEW! Too The corrupt bad that so many people are ignorant of what is going on! The corrupt, deep-state media MUST keep people uninformed to get their woke agenda passed!

21 days ago

Obumma 2.0, not ONLY making money off USA WAR machine but imposing policy that blocks everyday Joe from hearing about it. THANK YOU

Stan d. Upnow
Stan d. Upnow
22 days ago

I think Marlow is wrong when he says it’s just Biden in charge. Biden was installed as the compliant frontman, if he accepted the Progressive-Socialists’ terms. You have to be willfully blind not to see the overriding connection with Obama, the Clintons, and the big money donors, who are the guiding darkness behind the Left.
Now, when he says Biden needs to be gone, YES, because he does hold the titular title of president, with all the power that office commands. But, even if Trump gets in(pray), unless he has the determination this time around to steam-clean the Entire federal bureaucracy, the problem will still exist. Like cutting the top off a weed, leaving the stem & roots. The cancer of Progressive-Socialism has metastasized into every facet of our govt. and society. It is rapidly eating away at the core of what makes America, America.

Stan d. Upnow
Stan d. Upnow
22 days ago

They’re saying inflation rate now is 3.1%. Went to Lowe’s yesterday to get some lumber and noticed the 7/16″ OSB sheathing I bought 4 weeks ago for under $14+ was now $19+.
That’s an increase of about 36%! Just went grocery shopping and spent $256; I’m single.
And that was after spending$100 for animal feed for a dog, a few cats, and 2 chickens!
3.1%? Yeah, don’t believe your lying eyes.

23 days ago

How in the world can someone who is illegally in this country be able to legally vote?
Something is really wrong with that picture…

23 days ago

The one that controls the computers will win the election. Listen to this podcast and then listen to Professor David Clements documentary and explanation of how the Democratics can run anyone and get them into office regardless of how many people actually vote for him. I have been following closely the investigation about voting fraud. Seems we have not had fair elections for decades. Someone(?) decides who gets into office and the computer manulipates the vote in real time until the end of all the real voters cast their ballot. We need paper votes and no more computers.

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