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Better For America Podcast: Women In the Arena with Karoline Leavitt

Posted on Thursday, December 9, 2021
by Rebecca Weber

This week Rebecca had the pleasure of interviewing Republican Party rising star, Karoline Leavitt! At 24, Karoline has already interned at Fox News, served President Donald Trump in the West Wing under Kayleigh McEnany, and is now courageously taking on the challenge of running for Congress in her home state of New Hampshire. While we cover a broad range of topics, the biggest takeaway from this communications expert is that no matter how right Conservatives are on the issues, the Left continues to win the war on messaging. Listen to the end to hear Karoline’s favorite memory of serving in the Trump White House!

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Rich C
Rich C
1 year ago

It is so encouraging to see so many intelligent conservative women running for political office. It’s about time we see common sense take the place of liberalism in our countries government.

1 year ago

Thank you Ms Rebecca Weber for your insightful, inspirational and godly questions to the insightful, happy and godly answers of Karoline Leavitt; it was a pleasure listening to the both of you talking to each other and respecting one another. I’m honored to hear ppl say positive words about Ab, Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit; it warms my soul and heart for a candidate to be vocal about one aspect of the trinity in the Holy Bible. I would like to leave a suggestion for future BFA episodes: bubbly, outgoing and godly characters like Ms Weber and Ms Leavitt.

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