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An Urgent Immediate Call For State Laws & County Ordinances

By Paul S. Gardiner

There is an urgent immediate need for specially crafted state laws and where necessary, county ordinances to protect American citizens from the totalitarian dictates of the international World Health Organization (WHO). As early as May 2023, due to a voluntary loss of US sovereignty by the Biden administration, the WHO will have authority to dictate medical practice and treatments in America under WHO-declared pandemic situations which can be manufactured at will by WHO supporters that include the Chinese Communist Party.

Due to the fact that many state legislatures have concluded or soon will conclude their 2023 regular sessions, it most likely will require a special session to enact the laws proposed herein pursuant primarily to the 10th Amendment. Further, to spur some legislatures to act, a groundswell of county ordinances may be required to persuade some state governments to act.  

According to well known Harvard attorney, Dr. Francis Boyle, in May 2023, the United States will most likely become a signatory to a WHO international agreement (via presidential executive agreement — sometimes called a treaty) giving that organization the authority described above. Dr. Boyle further explains that even if America does not become a signatory to the agreement, the WHO will gain authority over American health care and physicians during a pandemic through amendments to international health regulations first established in 2005. These amendments do not require US congressional approval to become effective.

Thus, WHO “elite” leaders and supporters such as the Chinese Communist Party soon will be able to dictate what American physicians, hospitals, health care workers, etc. can and cannot do during a pandemic. It is well documented that the so-called global “elites” plan to establish a one-world government (the “Great Reset”) primarily through the health dictates/mandates of the WHO. Thus, for all concerned patriotic Americans, this is a completely untenable development that must be fought “tooth and nail”. 

Dr. Boyle suggests in other commentary that absent outright withdrawal from the WHO (as President Trump did in 2020), the last line of defense against WHO control and regulations is first, for state governments to enact laws, pursuant to the 10th Amendment, that clearly and definitively state, among other things, that their jurisdictions will not abide by WHO regulations and policies during pandemic situations or other health emergencies. If state legislatures fail to act (or must be goaded into action), then county government ordinances need to be enacted against the forthcoming WHO health regulations. These state laws and county ordinances will probably lead to litigation, but as Dr. Boyle states, “the fight is worth it and must happen!” 

In summary, there is an urgent immediate need for state laws and where necessary, county ordinances that protect Americans from the totalitarian dictates of the international World Health Organization. There is no time to waste in drafting these laws and ordinances so that they can hopefully become effective no later than April 30, 2023. 

Paul S. Gardiner is a retired Army officer, Vietnam veteran, and avid lover of America. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Alabama, and the US Army War College.

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Richard Lewis
2 months ago

Americans need to make some demands of congress:

1. Regulate banks by forcing them to choose between investment and commercial banks and protect depositors with FDIC Insurance or disband the FDIC and remove the Gold Stickers from every bank in the United States!

2.Congress must Respect “The Informed Consent Process”. Debate Digital currency publicly and insist that our Constitution be amended to adopt a digital currency!

3. Congress swore an oath to defend our Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. The Great Reset is a plan to end private property ownership which would overthrow our Republican form of government. Congress must publicly oppose the great Reset and implement a plan to prevent it!

2 months ago

The thing about a one-world government announces that the end of time is at hand. It doesn’t matter who leads the one-world government; it is still the same outcome—complete failure. The only government that will be successful is from GOD.

2 months ago

Question: If I understand this, Biden signed Executive Order that gives WHO the right to dictate what directions USA must follow in case of an epidemic. I hope that Congress will stop this EO if that is the right info.

William Boylan
2 months ago
Reply to  johnh

Any surrender of sovereignty has to be unconstitutional. Regardless, the WHO has no authority over me and I will not comply.

William Boylan
2 months ago

Speaking of county gov’t, the office of sheriff is the ONLY constitutionally established law enforcement agency in the country. Therefore, its authority exceeds every other authority, including local police, state troopers and EVERY federal law enforcement agency.

Unfortunately for the people of Connecticut, that system was abolished some years ago via ballot measure to amend the constitution. The reason it came to ballot was because of corruption in a few counties. In their ignorance, voters threw out the baby with the bath water. SMH

Gary E Bowling
2 months ago

Wont work. Our sovereighnty is given to us by God and protected by our Constitution. This is REPUGNANT to the Constitution.

Ronald Woeber
2 months ago
Reply to  Gary E Bowling

It’s called Nullification

2 months ago

And how many states are lock-step with the Feds? We can’t expect the States to step up and stop this. Very sad to see this demise, but remember, this world is not my home…

2 months ago

Brandon wasn’t kidding when he said the “great reset!” In layperson terms that means he and his administration is ending the Republic and getting us in line for the New World Order. The Oligarchs must be ecstatic and giddy to know it only took two years to get us here!

2 months ago
Reply to  Markr

So very true. This is exactly what Obama meant by the “fundamental transformation” of the U.S.! He started it and jerky Joe is trying to finish it.

pam clymer
2 months ago

There will be a war if they try to do this! It’s unconstitutional!

Stephen Russell
2 months ago

Do U want WHO dictating your Health Care??

2 months ago

Wonder who is really doing this in light of our demented government, with sleepy Joe and the Keystone Kops? I think we need only to follow the money. Looks a lot like a Juan going into Joe and Hunter’s pockets.

Rob citizenship
2 months ago

This extremely important matter, the sovereignty of the United States of America, in your article should help in more people understanding what all is going on in connection with public health being used as part of a strategy, Well Done, Mr. Gardiner. At the county level of addressing this matter it will aid in identifying who is who, that is , who cares about the sovereignty of the country and who doesn’t. Anyone who has any appreciation of history should realize that if something involving the United Nations, such as the World Health Organization, is promoting an idea it needs to be regarded with suspicion, and rightly so, because of the influence that totalitarian governments can have with the U.N.
The truth of this matter is presented clearly in this article. A victory for truth will help to defend liberty.

David Millikan
2 months ago

All States must BAN any dealings with the Wuhan Health Organization (WHO) including banning any State taxes used to support WHO in any way shape or form.
My medical care is my business.
NOT the Wuhan Health Organization (WHO) owned and controlled by Communist China.

anna hubert
2 months ago

WHO is a part of UN Therefore untouchable no matter how horrible the crimes are

Letts Brandon
2 months ago

FJB is determined to give away US sovereignty and destroy our constitution before he leaves office and this is just one of the many fronts he is working on to do it. One world Marxist government is his goal.

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