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Amid Surge in Crime, Virginia Citizens Push Recall of Radical Prosecutors

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While the “Defund the Police” movement has garnered most of the media attention over the past year, another effort to undermine the criminal justice system from within has been even more devastating to the safety of communities throughout the United States. Recognizing the influence of local elected officials like prosecutors and judges, Democratic mega-donors like George Soros have infused these races with cash, helping elect progressive radicals who have failed to prosecute crime, allowed hardened criminals back on the streets, and knowingly neglected to enforce laws. Now, a group of Virginia citizens is fighting back, leading a recall effort against three of those prosecutors whose legal conduct has drawn severe condemnation.

The organization, Virginians for Safe Communities, is specifically targeting Steve Descano of Fairfax County, Buta Biberaj of Loudoun County, and Parisa Dehghani-Tafti of Arlington County. All three prosecutors were backed by Soros and were elected in November of 2019 on a platform of radical changes to our criminal justice system. While they have taken separate approaches to realizing this goal, all have been the subject of public and media scrutiny, including from the liberal press, for their apparent unwillingness to prosecute the perpetrators of heinous crimes.

Descano has pledged to never request cash bail and is actively lobbying the Virginia legislature to eradicate it completely. He and fellow activists contend that the cash bail system – the process by which accused individuals can pay cash to be released from jail until their trial – is racist, and inherently favors the white and wealthy. His solution has been to ban any prosecutor in Fairfax County from “requesting cash bail.” Consequently, the prosecutor must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that an individual is an immediate “flight risk” or “immediate threat” to justify incarceration until the time of trial.

This policy has been adopted in other nearby counties to disastrous results, for example in the case of Angelo Harrod. While awaiting trial, the 29-year-old was under house arrest in Maryland with an ankle monitor. He cut off his monitor, escaped from his home, obtained a handgun and opened fire on two individuals in a parked car. He missed them but struck and killed Michelle Cummings, a Texas mother in town to see her son be inducted into the United States Naval Academy. It was later revealed that Harrod had “eight previous criminal convictions and three pending cases” against him. This was the second time he had removed an ankle monitor and violated the terms of his release. The state prosecution knew he had escaped before, yet refused to detain him until his trial.

All three prosecutors targeted by Virginians for Safe Communities have also dismissed a shockingly high number of criminal cases outright, or have aggressively opposed jail time. The Loudon County Board of Supervisors has publicly criticized Buta Biberaj for dismissing a staggering 491 domestic violence cases out of the 735 that her office has overseen. In Arlington, a man who threw his roommate’s two dogs off a fifth floor balcony, killing both, will not serve jail time for animal cruelty as a result of the plea deal arranged by Parisa Dehghani-Tafti. Instead, he will perform 100 hours of community service and seek counseling.

Perhaps most appallingly, Steve Descano has declined to enforce the mandatory life sentence against a man “for molesting his young relative when she was between the ages of 5 and 10, including… a years-long stretch when the abuse occurred at least weekly.” Though the judge accepted the agreement, he told the victims “Make no mistake…Your government has failed you.”

With Virginia homicides at their highest levels in twenty years and a national crime surge, citizens are demanding accountability. Virginians for Safe Communities said they plan to communicate with 500,000 voters in the coming weeks via mail, text, and digital advertising. According to Sean D. Kennedy, president of the organization, the response to their efforts has been “overwhelming.” He said in response to an inquiry from AMAC Newsline that “we continue to engage the families of law abiding citizens of Fairfax and allies around the country who believe public safety matters and that our communities are not ideological experiments.”

Kennedy hopes this movement will serve as an inflection point for greater awareness of the radicalization of the legal system. While acknowledging that successfully recalling any of the prosecutors will be an uphill battle, Kennedy is resolved that “fighting the good fight is worth it.”

This situation in Northern Virginia also mirrors other struggles playing out elsewhere in the country, as law-abiding citizens and families are growing tired of “Soros Prosecutors” wreaking havoc on their communities by refusing to do their job. While Democrats have dismissed rising crimes rates as a result of the pandemic or “systemic racism,” such explanations fall flat in the face of what is clearly a dereliction of duty by those charged with taking dangerous criminals off the street. Thankfully, groups like Kennedy’s are saying enough is enough and demanding law and order, and providing a path forward to restore greater public safety in the United States.

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[…] in many cases flat out refused to prosecute violent crime. However, as AMAC Newsline has previously reported, citizens are starting to fight back and remove prosecutors who refuse to enforce the law. But as […]

1 year ago

These Virginians have got the right idea. They need to be brutal in their assault on these corrupt and paid for traitors.
This needs to start happening across the US…Big time !!

1 year ago

Talk, talk, talk….no action! If talk would solve the current political situation… it would already be solved!

1 year ago
Reply to  Chigger

Ok lead on pal. You are tired of inaction. You are a man of action? Then start. No one is stopping you. obviously you know what needs to be done. So go do it. Or are YOU just
“Talk, talk, talk….no action!”

1 year ago


Mike Ecko
1 year ago

I don’t know if it would make much of a difference, but every prosecutor running against a Soros backed incumbent should use that information in their campaign ads. Maybe it would wake some of the people up. Maybe.

1 year ago

Take a look at the names of these so called prosecutors. You can’t tell me that they are American citizens

1 year ago

George Soros continues his war against the US and its Constitutional Democracy. He believes he is GOD ……..

1 year ago
Reply to  Hal

Well, God will take care of Mr Soros, it’s in his will.

1 year ago
Reply to  HocasPocas

unfortunatly the son will take his place after that.. Any money donated from that whole scenario SHOULD be illegal and the ones who take it need to be tried for not obeying their oaths to protect Citizens and the Constitution .I call it bribery . Its like theres no consequences for illegal actions anymore , this is why people need to be able to defend their family . These criminals including politicians all need to be rounded up , lose their citizenship , and be banished from the USA . Cash bail to me is to keep the ones IN JAIL and any bail bonds person would be stupid to secure a bond for someone like that too..seems the “racist” term is used from toilet paper to coffee now days .. and people still buy into this BS. I hope this movement gains traction and gets bigger . We need more like it everywhere now..

1 year ago

When are clear majority people going to wake up to the News Media fawning bias to the DemocRat Party’s Commie leaning .. which breeds and feeds on civil chaos?

1 year ago

Sure the DA in Manhattan, NYC is too busy trying to nail Rudy Guiliani and Pres Trump for made up crimes instead of vigorously prosecuting the real bad guys like vicious murders and rapists.

1 year ago

Don’t vote for anyone supported by Soros.

1 year ago

How is Soros a foreigner allowed to get involved financially in our political system. Is it because his relatives are married to a Clinton or a Pelosi. This needs to stop and we need term limits besides voter I.d. cards.

Tim Thompson
1 year ago

It’s about time that people wake up and oust Attorney Generals who like in San Francisco are helping destroy the city with lax to no support to police and allowing criminals to run wild in their city.

1 year ago
Reply to  Tim Thompson

Where is Dirty Harry when ‘Frisco needs him???

Ralph S
1 year ago

DemocRAT polliticians and voters who listen to Soros and other Communists are obviously guilty of SYSTEMIC STUPIDITY!!!!!

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

This needs to happen in every major Democrat run city across this nation… The Soro’s bought & paid for district attorneys need to be SHUTDOWN, arrested & with permanent loss of law licenses.
No more FREE rides for the Marxist groups of BLM/ANTIFA, game over…
These groups dare to come out again, they should be shot on sight, any that survive, go to jail for a long time… This is long overdue…Want to stay alive, stay hidden under mama’s apron…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

H L Howell
1 year ago

perhaps survivers should be shot again. just a thought.

1 year ago
Reply to  H L Howell

Um, double tap to the forehead only requires two light pulls, game over!

1 year ago

“We the People” need to start mass protests fight violence with force. That is the only thing the Socialists can understand. Do nothing and get destroyed !!

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