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America’s 25 Worst Cities are Democrat-Led – The Answer, New Leaders

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Considerable debate swirls over around crime, poverty and America’s cities – with politicians suddenly blaming each other, and generalizations flying.  Here are facts, which help deliver the truth. 

First, while 535 members of Congress feud and fume over how much federal money to spend on federal entitlements, anti-crime, anti-poverty, anti-drug, and anti-social disintegration programs, a strong argument exists for focusing on local leaders – not Congress – for answers.

Mayors – more than US Senators, Congressmen, and even Governors – have a vested interest in finding solutions for the cities they are elected to lead.  Accordingly, this column reflects research into 55 cities, covering five studies, credible data bases, and mayoral records.

The findings are arresting – and a basis for rethinking how to pull America’s worst cities out of darkness.  Notably, Americans of all ages live in cities. Pew’s Research Center reports 97 percent of US counties – and cities – saw an increase of 65-and-older populations since 2010, a trend that is accelerating.  Older Americans are affected by these facts, along with younger.

What did I discover?  America is experiencing the best economy in 50 years, lifting every major minority group with record low unemployment, growth, dollar valuation, and accelerating wages.  This should turn the tide in America’s cities – but the turn is slow. 

Instead, we are witnessing higher homelessness in “sanctuary cities,” and policy stagnation across major impoverished, often unsafe cities – Baltimore to Buffalo, Birmingham to Brownsville. 

Fact:  The top-ten American cities for homelessness are sanctuary cities, which offer refuge to illegal immigrants, do not cooperate with federal law enforcement, and raise the price of low-rent housing for their citizens.  In this group are Los Angeles (55,000 homeless), Seattle (12,000), San Diego (9,000), San Jose (7,000), San Francisco (6,000), and Las Vegas (6,000).  

So, one policy misfire is not thinking out implications of opposition to border security, while sheltering illegal migrants and blocking deportation of those facing final orders.  Another policy misfire is assuming that one-time shelter funding will stop the inflow of illegal migration; actually, offering safe harbor is having the opposite effect.

Bigger discoveries were made.  Of the top-ten “most dangerous cities” in America, according to Forbes, all have Democratic mayors.  Those cities are Detroit, St. Louis, Oakland, Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta, Baltimore, Stockton, Cleveland and Buffalo. 

Race may have little to do with it, although poverty and unemployment are tied to violent crime prevalence.  Roughly half the mayors in this top-ten analysis were Caucasian, half African American. 

Seven of ten appear in another study of America’s top-25 “most dangerous” cities, which tracks the first adding Kansas City, Little Rock, Milwaukee, Rockford (IL), Albuquerque, Springfield (MO), Indianapolis, San Bernardino, Anchorage, Nashville, Lansing, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Chicago, Houston, Hartford (CT), Chattanooga, and Beaumont (TX), dropping Birmingham, Atlanta and Buffalo.

And of the top 25 “most dangerous,” most are Democrat-led and all but one have poverty rates between 18 to 39 percent.  The national average is 12.3 percent. 

Of the top 25 “most dangerous” American cities, on top of poverty between 18 and 39 percent, most have unemployment between 4.4 and 9.3 percent.  The national average is 3.7 percent. 

So, these Democrat mayors – with good intention – are leading cities deep in poverty, weak on tax base, infrastructure, employers, trained citizens, and policies to attract corporate investment.  They lead the nation in murder, manslaughter, robbery and aggravated assault.

Two last data sets stand out.  They relate to cities deemed “least healthy,” based on available health care, clean environment, and personal fitness.  The first includes Detroit and Memphis, adding Brownsville (TX), Laredo (TX), Augusta (GA), Shreveport (LA), Gulfport (MS), Fort Smith (AR), Jackson (MI), and Corpus Christi (TX).  All are led by Democrat mayors, except Corpus and Gulfport. 

The second list of “least healthy,” on different data, include Shreveport, adding Beckley (WV), Pine Bluff (AK – with a crime rate 383 percent higher than average), Hammond (LA), Mobile (AL), Albany (GA), Monroe (LA), Florence (SC), Gadson (AL), and Macon (GA).   All but two are Democrat-led.

So, what does this tell us?  On the numbers, ten incontrovertible things. 

First, the top ten homeless cities are sanctuary cities, all led by Democrats.  

Second, the top-ten “most dangerous” are led by Democrats. 

Third, the top-25 “most dangerous” are mostly Democrat-led, and among the poorest and least employed, with weak infrastructure, tax base and incentives for private investment.   

Fourth, among the 25 “most dangerous,” most face stifling poverty of 18 and 39 percent, against the national average of 12. 3 percent.  These Democrat-led cities are America’s poorest.

Fifth, most of these cities suffer unemployment rates from 4.4 and 9.3 percent, versus 3.7 nationally.

Sixth, of the 20 “least healthy” cities, all but four are Democrat-led.

Seventh, while these mayors wrestle difficult issues, most oppose policies promoted by President Trump that are bringing prosperity to the rest of the country, such as lower taxes, less regulation, incentives for business investment, stronger law enforcement, cooperation with federal immigration officials, border security, comprehensive anti-drug policies, and local responsibility for declining tax base. 

Eighth, most are in anti-gun coalitions, focused on restricting Second Amendment rights, favoring policies at cross-purposes with allowing citizens to protect themselves.  While each is different, many favor gun-control, bans on concealed carry and higher minimum wages – all proven misfires.

Ninth, taken as a whole – the mayors are pursuing conflicted policies, on the numbers not breaking cycles of intergenerational crime, poverty, unemployment, dependence, employers fleeing tax burdens, untrained employees, accessible private health care, environmental stewardship and personal fitness. 

Tenth, in closing:  These cities can do better.  That is what democracy is for.  If the policies and leadership are not working, there is an option – especially as America’s economy is thriving and cities are seeing a renaissance in investment, employment, income, health and safety:  Elect new leaders.  The numbers are compelling, so are elections.   

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Frank S.
1 year ago

Good information, but nothing new here. People are getting the government they vote in. Most of these mayors are either incompetent or corrupt, or both. No one seems to be held accountable. The politicians aren’t, nor are the voters themselves. And too many citizens are playing the victim card, which allows them to shirk responsibility. It’s all very insidious. No easy or fast fixes here. Just lots of common-sense solutions. And vote in competent leadership. And push responsibility down to the lowest local level possible. Everyone must be held accountable, or else expect more failure. The federal government is in… Read more »

1 year ago

The democrats have NEVER been interest in human improvement in any way. They promise all to get votes and then only institute laws that promote their own personal agenda. It has been that way forever – Impossible to understand why their constituents don’t see that.

Press ONE for English
1 year ago

The short term solution has three parts, one, radically curtail welfare benefits, and force people back into the labor market. People who are tired from work will be too tired to engage in mischief. Second, get serious about policing and prosecuting crime, with serious time being dealt to miscreants. Third, reform prisons. Get rid of TV’s and gyms. Bring back work gangs and prison labor, ten hours a day, six days a week MINIMUM. People who are tired from work will be too tired to engage in mischief. It’s not much but it is a start.

1 year ago

Socialism is simply a welfare system. Welfare is the modern slavery offering the willingly dependent no hope for the future beyond their next handout. A devastatingly soul crushing existence.

If you don’t believe me, just watch one of the democrat debates where they are all trying to out-give (taxpayer money) the other contestants. They should call these events; ‘The Give-Away Game Show’.

1 year ago

The demoncraps are RUINING this country! They must be voted out of office in 2020!

1 year ago

The real answer to stopping the decay, corruption and violence occurring in these cities is unfortunately smarter voters in those cities. Decades and decades of no real improvement in these Democrat-controlled bastions of power and influence have done NOTHING for the very people the Democrat Party claims they “care for”. Yet the overwhelming majority of voters in those cities continue to robotically vote Democrat. You would think that after the first few years of nothing materially improving, that voters in those cities would have realized that they have been lied to and vote for positive change. After all, there is… Read more »

Rick J.
1 year ago

Eye opening article. Should be a must read for all. Based on this article the answer to the problem is to
elect more Republicans. Seems like the democrats need to keep people in poverty and violence to stay in power.

1 year ago

It is very difficult to cleanse these cities of their democratic leaders, They are so embedded with unions and employers who benefit off low wages offered to illegals. Kick backs from slum lords and loyalty by free loaders who have lived on welfare and the dole for most of their lives. You would have to change the culture of these cities, it would be impossible if you can’t even get a foothold in city hall.

1 year ago

Looks like those Mayor’s could use some common sense. Maybe they should try supporting the President and following the law.

Annabelle Johnston
1 year ago

The Republican party needs to show the American people what socialism means. The Democratic party has done a great job pushing the idea that socialism will take from the rich and give to the poor and needy right? Wrong, socialism will take from the rich, poor and the middle, AND GIVE TO THE GOVERNMENT!! That in itself should give anyone nightmares. The “GOVERNMENT” has done so well with social security, Medicare, veterans care, etc., that the GOVERNMENT says these programs will eventually be BROKE. Now add the thousands of people coming over the border who right now are housed and… Read more »

Gerald Boreland
1 year ago

Our Nation has been indoctrinated going as far back as the 60s when Universities, Colleges and K-12 began attacking our children like ANIMALS! e.g. wolves and loins that always! try to take down the young Deer or, Elk, etc., etc. vs the older & stronger! On top of that you see every day how those indoctrinated children have now grown up and penetrated our government having become brainwashed and that KNOW NOTHING about true “USA” history or, why the constitution reads the way it was written, e.g. True history and wisdom. Add the FAKE NEWS industries that LIE every single… Read more »

1 year ago

Corruption has much to do with this problem. We need to clean out the corrupt politicians in these cities before anything will be done.

1 year ago

And the Dems say they care about the people ; all they’ve done to the people is teach them all how to be helpless. Giving them free stuff only teaches them “Learned helplessness”. Yes there are those whom really need the help. I’m not refering to them. I’m referring to those who have bought into the deception that there’s no hope, no oppertunities, no reason to look for work because the system has worked against you because your of the marginalized group that’s gotten left behind. Because of that you are entitled to free stuff because after all, its not… Read more »

1 year ago

Almost all ignore crime; Remember when the Mayor of NYC was a republican and he instructed police to arrest people jumping over the turnstiles? Crime went into the cellar. All crime was reported. It works.

Betty Moore
1 year ago

Americans should be OUTRAGED by open borders. Over 70,000 Americans under the age of 50 have died by drugs coming across the southern border and over 4,000 Americans have been murdered by illegals here in this great country . Thank the mentally ill democrat party. They don’t care if you die as long as they get your tax dollars and the vote from the illegals. Dems have been brainwashing you for over 50 years, will they the stupid democrats ever learn, no, this is why we are on our fourth generation of illiterates. More people are dying then on 9/11… Read more »

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

I say Purge City Hall, policies , procedures or Nothing changes.
See Baltimore.
Raze whole sections & rebuild or scrap.

Kathy g
1 year ago

No surprise here. The dems favor lack of work, lack of responsibility, promotion of lawlessness in their sanctuary cities, and the false belief that the failed model of socialism can somehow work today. Will the voters wake up and open their eyes? Too many stick to party lines out of a sense of false loyalty and lack of knowledge in regard to what their party actually stands for.

Brenda Blunt
1 year ago

Oh my goodness! Those in power need to step back! Legal citizens who have worked are entitled to live well. If those that do not want to work and are able to do so but have chosen not to, should NOT receive any assistance. Politicians need to concentrate on legal citizens instead as the illegals have brought their city down in the dumps and beyond!!! Until the politicians decide to take care of their legal citizens, no federal, state or any other funding should be received!!

1 year ago

Socialists and RINOs are a plague on America and need to be voted out of all offices. They want to do away with the Second Amendment, and the First Amendment and further push their ideas on America. It’s time Americans wake up and see what is happening and vote them out of office before it’s too late. No where in the world has socialism worked.

Raymond F Miller
1 year ago

It will be impossible to change the leadership in these corrupt cities. Why, because the only way anyone can win in those cities is to be more corrupt than the other guy, the free loaders are interested in only one thing, getting more rewards for their vote than they got before. We have that in NJ. Look at Cory Booker and Bob Menendez, Booker is purported to have been one of the most corrupt Newark mayors ever, he wins an election for the Senate, Bob Menendez is guilty of corruption and what happens, he’s re-elected to the Senate. Our State… Read more »

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