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America’s 25 Worst Cities are Democrat-Led – The Answer, New Leaders

worst cities

Considerable debate swirls over around crime, poverty and America’s cities – with politicians suddenly blaming each other, and generalizations flying.  Here are facts, which help deliver the truth. 

First, while 535 members of Congress feud and fume over how much federal money to spend on federal entitlements, anti-crime, anti-poverty, anti-drug, and anti-social disintegration programs, a strong argument exists for focusing on local leaders – not Congress – for answers.

Mayors – more than US Senators, Congressmen, and even Governors – have a vested interest in finding solutions for the cities they are elected to lead.  Accordingly, this column reflects research into 55 cities, covering five studies, credible data bases, and mayoral records.

The findings are arresting – and a basis for rethinking how to pull America’s worst cities out of darkness.  Notably, Americans of all ages live in cities. Pew’s Research Center reports 97 percent of US counties – and cities – saw an increase of 65-and-older populations since 2010, a trend that is accelerating.  Older Americans are affected by these facts, along with younger.

What did I discover?  America is experiencing the best economy in 50 years, lifting every major minority group with record low unemployment, growth, dollar valuation, and accelerating wages.  This should turn the tide in America’s cities – but the turn is slow. 

Instead, we are witnessing higher homelessness in “sanctuary cities,” and policy stagnation across major impoverished, often unsafe cities – Baltimore to Buffalo, Birmingham to Brownsville. 

Fact:  The top-ten American cities for homelessness are sanctuary cities, which offer refuge to illegal immigrants, do not cooperate with federal law enforcement, and raise the price of low-rent housing for their citizens.  In this group are Los Angeles (55,000 homeless), Seattle (12,000), San Diego (9,000), San Jose (7,000), San Francisco (6,000), and Las Vegas (6,000).  

So, one policy misfire is not thinking out implications of opposition to border security, while sheltering illegal migrants and blocking deportation of those facing final orders.  Another policy misfire is assuming that one-time shelter funding will stop the inflow of illegal migration; actually, offering safe harbor is having the opposite effect.

Bigger discoveries were made.  Of the top-ten “most dangerous cities” in America, according to Forbes, all have Democratic mayors.  Those cities are Detroit, St. Louis, Oakland, Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta, Baltimore, Stockton, Cleveland and Buffalo. 

Race may have little to do with it, although poverty and unemployment are tied to violent crime prevalence.  Roughly half the mayors in this top-ten analysis were Caucasian, half African American. 

Seven of ten appear in another study of America’s top-25 “most dangerous” cities, which tracks the first adding Kansas City, Little Rock, Milwaukee, Rockford (IL), Albuquerque, Springfield (MO), Indianapolis, San Bernardino, Anchorage, Nashville, Lansing, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Chicago, Houston, Hartford (CT), Chattanooga, and Beaumont (TX), dropping Birmingham, Atlanta and Buffalo.

And of the top 25 “most dangerous,” most are Democrat-led and all but one have poverty rates between 18 to 39 percent.  The national average is 12.3 percent. 

Of the top 25 “most dangerous” American cities, on top of poverty between 18 and 39 percent, most have unemployment between 4.4 and 9.3 percent.  The national average is 3.7 percent. 

So, these Democrat mayors – with good intention – are leading cities deep in poverty, weak on tax base, infrastructure, employers, trained citizens, and policies to attract corporate investment.  They lead the nation in murder, manslaughter, robbery and aggravated assault.

Two last data sets stand out.  They relate to cities deemed “least healthy,” based on available health care, clean environment, and personal fitness.  The first includes Detroit and Memphis, adding Brownsville (TX), Laredo (TX), Augusta (GA), Shreveport (LA), Gulfport (MS), Fort Smith (AR), Jackson (MI), and Corpus Christi (TX).  All are led by Democrat mayors, except Corpus and Gulfport. 

The second list of “least healthy,” on different data, include Shreveport, adding Beckley (WV), Pine Bluff (AK – with a crime rate 383 percent higher than average), Hammond (LA), Mobile (AL), Albany (GA), Monroe (LA), Florence (SC), Gadson (AL), and Macon (GA).   All but two are Democrat-led.

So, what does this tell us?  On the numbers, ten incontrovertible things. 

First, the top ten homeless cities are sanctuary cities, all led by Democrats.  

Second, the top-ten “most dangerous” are led by Democrats. 

Third, the top-25 “most dangerous” are mostly Democrat-led, and among the poorest and least employed, with weak infrastructure, tax base and incentives for private investment.   

Fourth, among the 25 “most dangerous,” most face stifling poverty of 18 and 39 percent, against the national average of 12. 3 percent.  These Democrat-led cities are America’s poorest.

Fifth, most of these cities suffer unemployment rates from 4.4 and 9.3 percent, versus 3.7 nationally.

Sixth, of the 20 “least healthy” cities, all but four are Democrat-led.

Seventh, while these mayors wrestle difficult issues, most oppose policies promoted by President Trump that are bringing prosperity to the rest of the country, such as lower taxes, less regulation, incentives for business investment, stronger law enforcement, cooperation with federal immigration officials, border security, comprehensive anti-drug policies, and local responsibility for declining tax base. 

Eighth, most are in anti-gun coalitions, focused on restricting Second Amendment rights, favoring policies at cross-purposes with allowing citizens to protect themselves.  While each is different, many favor gun-control, bans on concealed carry and higher minimum wages – all proven misfires.

Ninth, taken as a whole – the mayors are pursuing conflicted policies, on the numbers not breaking cycles of intergenerational crime, poverty, unemployment, dependence, employers fleeing tax burdens, untrained employees, accessible private health care, environmental stewardship and personal fitness. 

Tenth, in closing:  These cities can do better.  That is what democracy is for.  If the policies and leadership are not working, there is an option – especially as America’s economy is thriving and cities are seeing a renaissance in investment, employment, income, health and safety:  Elect new leaders.  The numbers are compelling, so are elections.   

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30 days ago

New York is a hate filled, anti-white city.

dennis richardson
1 month ago

Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Covention & now Christianity Today will continue to have the reputation of a lying con man while I have breath. As democratic party bureaucrats make much money pretending to try to resolve society’s ills by more TAXATION and more GOVERNMENT. Remember Ken Hamblin of Denver on radio, he verbally laid waste to democratic city mayors being incompetent. This is a source of very great IDOLATRY in America. These civil government IDOLATORS will achieve a just end by God Almighty.

2 months ago

Sooner or later you have to pay the piper. Coddling thugs and thieves for DECADES has done absolutely NOTHING to better their lives. The more you give them, the more they demand. The solutiion is NOT feeding them. EDUCATE them!!!!!! The narrower the mind, the wider the mouth! Stop your whining and make something of yourselves. LEARN TO BECOME SELF-SUFFICIENT!!! Do it fast because the money is running out! In the mean time … Keep killing each other off … The less thugs and thieves the better!

Ron J Ferrero
1 month ago
Reply to  LikeIdTellya


3 months ago

Please provide information to the study. You quote from “it” a lot, but there is no “it” anywhere in your op ed.

3 months ago

We are so appreciative that there is a RESPONSIBLE, PATRIOTIC alternative to aarp. Thank you and keep up the great work! We are members!

Zeff Coon
6 months ago

Great article! It is so true. How come we lost the election?

Chris Kelley
6 months ago

All big cities are democrat lead. Democrats are scum, but so are Republicans. If you want to see large healthy cites look at any other country on earth. They’re all socialist

D. Abuja
8 months ago

The lack of sources, except for a mention of “Forbes” and “Pew research center”, hurt the credibility of this article. You cannot list a paragraph as “FACT:” and then disregard any need for sources.

4 months ago
Reply to  D. Abuja

You don’t get out much.

4 months ago
Reply to  D. Abuja

Than get off your butt and go to these city’s and look for yourself, it’s true. And getting worse.

Sir Arthur
9 months ago

The people in these cities are not presented good options as far as candidates, and not told the truth regarding issues that affect them. Cities are run by machines; people don’t think their votes count, and they usually don’t. Cities are self-perpetuating, corrupt in nature, and will be for the foreseeable future – as long they are run by crooked Democrats. Dems don’t care if the people don’t vote. They can easily control or cheat with the smaller number of voters. That’s the Democrat way!

9 months ago

The United States is NOT a democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic. Also, the only thing democrats care about is destroying this country.

11 months ago

We’ve become accustomed to yr after yr and election after election corruption and degradation of a country for a long time, in third world countries. They all end up in civil wars and mass killings. The USA is likely less than a year away from that and will never recover!
Braindead !!

ann onymous
11 months ago

I live in Chicago. Downtown areas are decimated and aren’t coming back. People aren’t venturing out to shop. Anyone who can work from home is leaving the city for greener backyards. If BLM wanted integration, they just put it back 25 years. Whites, even Liberals, are just leaving. I live in a high-rise where many young students live. They are all leaving as parents won’t pay to have them live in a “dangerous” city. I remember the 70’s when cops did nothing about drug dealers, hookers, and pimps on every corner. Cabrini Green was a no-go zone. Here we go again. Whites will leave until Chicago is once again a slum populated by only the poor. Kim Foxx has sent a dangerous message. White people were paying attention.

11 months ago

I live in Austin Tx, the slogan here is keep Austin wierd! And believe me it is just that tenfold! The mayor and city council are all communist! The homeless have taken over what was once a beautiful city, trashed it, it’s disgusting! Our city council is spending millions on taking hotels and converting them into homes for the homeless with no stipulations! They are now fining people who don’t wear masks! They spend more money on bicycle lanes that no one uses than on roads.And traffic in Austin is the worst in the state for city it’s size. They are pushing a 13 billion dollar infrastructure with underground tunnels and train and electric buses. The Austin independent school district is forcing 3rd graders to learn about gender fluidity! It’s disgusting! These are just a few of the many liberal policies being shoved in our faces! I really would love to move out of Austin but we are stuck here due to a family issue! Oh and one more thing, crime is on an upward trend here also! But you will not hear about any of this! God bless and don’t forget to vote these libtards out of office, starting at the bottom!

Edward Hathcock
1 year ago

Great article

Bo Lee
1 year ago

Thank God we have those bastions of liberal thought and equality, no way nearly every single race riot in the country would happen in cities of New York, California and Illinois. Good thing those cities also have some of the strictest gun control measures in the nation. No way they would have excess shootings.
Oh….. wait…..
Anyone else find it odd that the leaders who are blaming Republicans for everything have the areas they control falling apart?
Only morons will vote to keep those Democratic leaders in office.

Bo Lee
1 year ago


1 year ago

Super conservative media so I’m not surprised with the bias. The article doesn’t even mention demographics, cities have more people of color. If you look at Republican Congress, they are almost completely white. Also, failed to mention how the senate has lots of power to approve laws, but small rural states are given 2 senators same as populous states . The article doesn’t even mention has income inequality has increased making cities a mix of rich and poor. You know that deficit that repubs are supposed to be against but honestly keep running up isn’t allowed to exist. There is no treasuring dept helping out cities unless the fed wants to support.Therefore cities have difficulty getting their agenda across. We need cities, let’s commit to making them better. This article is super biased cherry picks the facts

1 year ago

At this time in July 2020 it is clear that Democrat mayors do not have good intentions because their intentions are tied to winning elections by allowing looting, arson, rioting, vandalism and intolerance. Democrats are showing themselves as dictators by limiting the Bill of Rights for greater government control which is often incompetent and ineffective and wasteful in public spending. Democrats equal rising crime, inequality and racism. propped up and promoted by a dishonest Media always ignoring facts which demonstrate Democrats as corrupt and dishonest invoking double standards like a common crook.

Dennis Richardson
1 year ago

Ken Hamblin, the radio “Black Avenger” in Denver in the early 1990’s said the same thing. He mentioned the cities Denver, Atlanta, Detroit and New York City (Dinkins) were all failures as mayoral administrations. DEMOCRATS make themselves rich as they take bribes They are Poverty Pimps.

1 year ago

It’s a shame that the citizens in these cities continue to re-elect democrat mayors. I lived in Detroit when Coleman Young was elected. The city went from a wonderful place to live, great schools, transportation, an alive downtown area to ghetto after ghetto in a few short years. Half of the population moved to the suburbs that thrived with new shopping center, great parks, police, fireman and public officials who cared about the citizens – no riots in suburbs. Currently, each of the cities with rioters have democrat mayors who identify with the rioters and in many cases encourage them. They should be forced out of office and replaced with a law & order person will to make tough decisions against the rioters. Unfortunately, the citizens in those cities will vote in another democrat so the cycle of corruption will continue.

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