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AMAC/TRAFALGAR POLL: Majority Believe Biden Administration Has Crossed “Important Ethical Line” in Targeting Republicans

AMAC Exclusive – By Seamus Brennan

In recent weeks, the Biden administration has raided the home of former President Donald Trump, made clear that it is devoting vast resources to multiple criminal probes of Trump and other prominent conservatives, sent the FBI to arrest pro-life activists at gunpoint for protesting outside abortion clinics, and repeatedly demonized Republicans as fascists and domestic terrorists. Now, a majority of Americans say the Biden administration has gone too far, according to a new poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group for AMAC.

When asked if they “believe the Biden administration has crossed an important ethical line in pursuing political opponents,” 51.4 percent answered “Yes,” indicating that the Biden administration’s efforts to intimidate and silence their political rivals – Trump in particular – may be backfiring in a big way with voters. 41.2 percent answered “No.”

The results from the September 21-26 survey of 1,078 likely voters, with a margin of error of 2.9 percent, should be of major concern for Democrats just over a month out from a pivotal midterm election contest. Even as the left insists that it is conservatives who are a “threat to democracy,” the poll results clearly indicate that voters may believe it is the left, not the right, that is flouting political norms and ethical boundaries.

Among the respondents who answered “Yes” and said the Biden administration had crossed an important ethical line were a staggering 74.2 percent of Latino voters—many of whom have family roots in countries where political and religious persecution is the norm. 56.3 percent of Asian Americans responded “Yes,” as well as 55.5 percent of white voters and 76 percent of voters of other ethnicities. Black voters responded “No” more than any other ethnic group, with only 13.9 percent answering in the affirmative and 69 percent answering “No.”

When broken down by age group, younger respondents were noticeably more likely than older respondents to say the Biden administration had not crossed an ethical line. 62.4 percent of voters aged 18-24 said the Biden administration had not crossed a line, compared to 47.7 percent of voters aged 25-34, 48.2 percent of voters aged 35-44, 36.1 percent of 45-64-year-olds, and 37 percent of voters 65 and older.

Along party lines, the poll results were largely predictable—with 86.9 percent of Republicans answering “Yes” and 78.5 percent of Democrats answering “No.” Notably, however, 54.4 percent of Independents and nearly one in 10 Democrat voters (9.8 percent) also responded “Yes”—signaling that disapproval of the Biden administration’s overreaches extends well beyond only Republicans.

These results come two months after the Biden FBI conducted its raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence—in which a swarm of federal agents stormed Trump’s home on what many observers have argued were dubious legal and ethical grounds. The results also come just a few weeks after Biden delivered one of the most dark and divisive speeches in the history of the American presidency, in which he smeared half the country as an “extreme threat to our democracy, to our freedom, [and] to our rights.” In both instances, Biden weaponized the platform of the presidency to bully and intimidate his political opponents in unprecedented ways.

The Biden administration has also engaged in a number of other abuses of power against conservatives that likely also factor into these poll results. Just a few examples include the Biden Department of Justice’s streak of threats against parents protesting the teaching of Critical Race Theory in their children’s schools, refusing to enforce federal law protecting Supreme Court Justices, and the federal government’s well-established pattern of censorship against dissenting political voices, including trying to establish a de facto “Ministry of Truth” to censor online speech.

As results of the AMAC Newsline poll suggest, most American voters are not convinced of Democrats’ alarmist claims about the existential threat posed by all conservatives, and Republicans now have a clear window to start turning the tables on the left in the closing weeks of the campaign. If conservative candidates capitalize on the clear sentiment shown in this poll, the Biden administration’s corruption of our institutions could prove to be a pivotal issue as Americans head to the voting booth in November.

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3 months ago

Biden and his administration have been acting more like a dictator than a president. His actions have aligned more with Putin and Hitler than a sitting president of the United States! This is dangerous ground for every American!

Letts Brandon
3 months ago

Really!? I would have thought that line was crossed when they rigged the election to get Trump out of the Whitehouse.

3 months ago

The marxist democrat party and joebama need to be overwhelming defeated and embarrassed in 2022 and 2024!!!
This type of anti American scum must be eliminated and FREEDOM must remain!!!

3 months ago

DOJ is now a corrupt fraud. The ilk of Biden the corrupt fraud that he is.

3 months ago

My lib cousin admitted today he’s finally tired of Biden and Democrat lies and B.S. that he will not be voting Democrat I think high gas prices and inflation will cost the Dem’s , I think the sunami is on it’s way November 8th.

3 months ago

It’s one thing to go after an opponent, but another thing to go after law-abiding voters.

3 months ago

The ones who are a threat should be obvious to all but the hopeless.

3 months ago

The young voters have been conditioned to hate anyone that thinks differently. They will be sorry, when they are unable to afford the lifestyle they grew up in. Living with the parents at 30 will get old. They have to live with their decisions. Get ready for their meltdown when they finally see what they did.

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