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AMAC/TRAFALGAR POLL: Democrats in Total Freefall With Latino Voters

AMAC Exclusive – By Shane Harris

Latino leaders speak to reporters in front of the West Wing Lobby Entrance of the White House.

Two years after Republicans – led by former President Donald Trump – made major inroads with Latino voters, President Joe Biden and Democrat policies remain deeply unpopular with Hispanic Americans, according to a new poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group for AMAC. After years of Democratic strategists and media pundits predicting that the rapid growth of the Latino population in the United States would doom Republicans electorally, the results of the AMAC/Trafalgar poll point to a deep disaffection from the Democratic agenda and even a level of genuine fear of Democratic overreach. These results instead suggest that it is actually Democrat electoral fortunes that may be in jeopardy amid a significant realignment of this key voting bloc.

On nearly every question in the poll, which sampled 1,078 likely voters from September 21-26 and has a 2.9% margin of error, Latino voters were significantly more likely to express frustration and disapproval of Biden’s agenda and Democratic policies generally.

When asked if they believe the Biden administration cares more or less about the middle class than prior administrations, just 21.9 percent answered “much more,” compared to 31.7 percent who said the same in the overall sample. Notably, 61 percent of Latinos said the administration cares “much less” about the middle class than prior administrations, compared to 51.5 percent overall.

For a group of voters largely made up of first or second generation immigrants who came to the United States with the dream of living a middle-class lifestyle, these results should be deeply concerning for Democrats – particularly after Trump gained 8 points with Hispanics in 2020 compared to his performance in 2016.

On student loans, Hispanics disapproved of Biden’s debt forgiveness plan by a margin of 70.9 percent to 29.1 percent, compared to 53.2 percent and 40.3 percent overall.

Latino voters more than any other group also blamed the Biden administration for the rise in inflation. 69 percent of Latino respondents answered “Biden administration” when asked who is most responsible for inflation, compared to 25.7 percent of Blacks, 48.3 percent of Asians, 55 percent of Whites, 61.2 percent who selected “other” race/ethnicity, and 52.1 percent of the overall sample.

Perhaps the most striking result from the poll is Latino voters’ disapproval of Democrats’ overreaches of authority and use of government power to target their political opponents. When asked if they believed the Biden administration “has crossed an important ethical line in pursuing political opponents,” 74.2 percent of Hispanics answered “Yes,” while just 25.8 percent answered “No.” In the overall sample, those figures were 51.4 percent and 41.2 percent, respectively.

Many of these voters either themselves fled or had parents or grandparents who fled authoritarian regimes in Central and South America where crackdowns on political opposition are common. That they now overwhelmingly believe Biden has engaged in similar abuses of power to target his political opponents does not bode well for the president or his enablers in Congress.

When asked if they are “comfortable with the increase of federal involvement and intervention in your daily life under the Biden Administration,” a whopping 93 percent of Hispanics answered “No” – by far the highest percentage of any race/ethnicity, and more than 30 points above the overall figure of 59.9 percent. Just 29.4 percent of Blacks answered “No,” as well as 61 percent of Whites, 66.8 percent of Asians, 80.8 percent of those who selected “Other” for their race.

Just 7 percent of Hispanics said that they were comfortable with the increase of federal involvement in their lives, less than half as many as the next lowest group (Asians) at 17.7 percent. While Democrats have long insisted that their ever-expanding welfare state will bring even more Latino voters under their umbrella, these results point in exactly the opposite direction.

Biden and Democrats are also deep underwater with Hispanics on social policy. When asked about a new Biden Department of Education proposal that would require school children to attend mandatory counseling without parental consent if they refuse to use the preferred pronouns of their transgender classmates, 93.2 percent said they did not agree with the policy, while just 6.8 percent said they approved. These numbers again represented the upper and lower extremes among all races/ethnicities, with Hispanics’ disapproval just edging out Asians on both responses (88.3 percent and 11.7 percent, respectively).

When asked about what they believe to be the primary cause of rising violent crime, 21.9 percent answered “Biden administration” (the second highest of any group after Asians at 28.9 percent) 26.5 percent answered “lenient prosecutors,” and 12.4 percent answered “immigration” (the highest of any group). These numbers again suggest that Hispanics are deeply frustrated with Biden and the Democratic agenda.

Biden also received notably low marks from Hispanics on senior care. 74.2 percent of Hispanics said things have gotten worse for senior citizens under Biden, compared to 54.8 percent of respondents overall, 20.8 percent of Blacks, 56.3 percent of Asians, and 58.8 percent of Whites.

All of these results point to a voting bloc in Hispanics that is growing increasingly estranged from the Democratic Party. While Democrat candidates may well win a majority of the Hispanic vote this election cycle and perhaps the next few as well, the left’s alienation of Latinos only looks to be accelerating, and the day Republicans start winning a majority of the Hispanic vote may be imminent.

Shane Harris is a writer and political consultant from Southwest Ohio. You can follow him on Twitter @Shane_Harris_.

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3 months ago

Why worry about Latino voters when next month election is in the bag. Look at gas prices, they don’t care, or any other subject. I look for a physical attack by China or Russia. The dems are giving away their next move. We as Americans have never fought on these shores only in 1812. Biden and company will hold the door open to an enemy to get their globalist ideas in force Control food,gas,transportation and destroy our military and make everyone subject to their communist Govt.Bottom line who acts unconcerned about anything that already has it in the bag. May God help us or we will be fighting in the streets. America is great because people made it so and will decline because of people and their actions.

Powell Susan
3 months ago

Laura Sours “Until people get it through their heads that our Politicians, ALL our Politicians for the most part, are SELECTED not ELECTED, they aren’t going to understand what the real deal is. Furthermore, our Politicians aren’t the ones making the decisions that dictate what happens in this country. It’s THEIR controllers. The ones that PLACED them.
Our elections have been a friggin joke.
They have been rigged forever.
Are people really so ignorant they can’t see or comprehend that It’s about those who wield the power make all the decisions.
It’s beyond time people understand what that little Pyramid on our money stands for. ???? Each side represents one of the 3 City States. The City of London (Financial), Vatican City (Religion) and Washington DC (Military). All three were Foreign Territories of their respective countries. United we Stand, Divided we FALL. It’s always been about keeping the world in chaos. Distract the sheep over here, so they aren’t paying attention to what we are doing over there.”

Powell Susan
3 months ago

I don’t want a part of a president! We need the whole deal! LIKE “SLIGHTLY” senile??? Dementia only slightly setting in?? My AMERICAN A**! Sick of paying for a Corrupt treacherous murderous USA government! Thank THE LORD, another victory! Diseased unvaccinated illegals have flooded here with Biden Administration assistance!! Don’t vote OPEN BORDERS a bleeding heart will soon be a heart that no longer beats! Polio outbreak I found this on NewsBreak: Nation’s largest city sees polio detected in wastewater••

3 months ago

Pretty soon the illegals will figure out that its better to stay in Mexico than come here.
Actually, maybe we should all move out of this wrecked country. At the same time,
the Dims can send illegals to fight Vlad Putin for them ( shrewd those dims) since most true US citizens ( not americans. Venezuela is part of American so DO NOT call me an american) have figured out that the US does not fight wars to win. We fight them to die and to rebuild what we
tore up. Who do you think runs DC ? The voter or Ike’s old friend, the military-industrial
complex. Enough in one mouthful.

3 months ago

Can the dims get anything right ? The avalanche of illegals that Gov Abbott is shipping to NYC and DC was allowed so that the Dimbulbs could get more votes. Wait a minute. The DImbulb Party is super-shocked to find out that these illegals can actually think and have decided that finding a good job is better than free food, housing, education, and health care. Holy Cow ! How did that happen ? Well I can’t wait to see what dead-on-arrival political manuver the Dims have next.

3 months ago

Latino voters are by nature hard working people very similar to the average population if this country. They are not going to want big government taking their hard earned money through taxes and fees. They are smart and realize the Trump agenda is most valuable to their valued and pocket books!!!

3 months ago

The Latin and Mexican people came here to get away from crime and criminals so now it is following them. Good deal for the bad guys . Put the “coyotes” out of business. I know folks get mad at open borders.If I was in that situation I would do same, get a job, apartment,car and send money to family.Been Hungary and poor not a good time to remember!

3 months ago

We are all Americans and i believe when puppet biden allowed open borders he destroyed the honor of all nationalities. Without honorable immigration we have nothing

3 months ago

Unbelievable that the Democrats didn’t block Reagan’s blanket amnesty of all undocumented immigrants!

THX 1138
3 months ago

I have my Black, my Cuban, my Native American and my Puerto Rican heritage to historically inform me all about who and what the Democrat Party are to me and my generations before me.
I do not need a poll to assist me on how to vote when I know what that Party has done to people since it’s official creation and what it had done long before it’s official creation.

Why do you think they wish to erase and/or rewrite their own history so much?
If you do not know the history of who they are, my suggestion is to learn about it and keep spreading the facts before they do erase it all.
Remember two things going on here.
It’s always the future generations that they want to have as their mindless autobots.
And, the infiltrations did not begin with the Biden administration….they began in the 1930s when Hitler chased the Communists out of Germany.

You cannot ever lose to a lefty when you bombard them with the facts. You’ll get flak, yes….but that tells you that you’re right over the target so keep letting them have that Mother-load!

Mario Capparuccini
3 months ago
Reply to  THX 1138

Very well spoken!

THX 1138
3 months ago

Thank you, Mario!
Your words too are very appreciated.

3 months ago

It’s really amazing how many Americans just do not understand the Latino and Mexican cultures. Once you get to know these people on a deeper level you find out real quick that they do NOT like what is going on at the border, what is going on economically, what is going on policy wise with decisions that affect the nuclear family, and on and on the list could go. Democratic Party is in for a very rude surprise in November as noted by 2020 and special election decisions in Texas within the Latino and Mexican culture where they elected Republicans for the first time, in some cases, in over a century.

3 months ago

Don’t worry Dems, Dominion’s got your back.

Philip Hammersley
3 months ago

Why would LEGAL Hispanics, who waited in line for years and paid fees, support Biden and Co. who allow ILLEGAL immigrants to cut in line, get in free, and receive even more FREE benefits? Also, most Hispanics highly value FAMILY and don’t support the murder of babies up until (and now in CA after) the moment of birth.

legally present
3 months ago

A lot of hispanics do support all the coming over of our border, because it’s their family members coming for family unity!

anna hubert
3 months ago

Unfortunate truth

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