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Mn-06 townhall meeting AMAC Town halls

Representative Tom Emmer (R) MN 06

The AMAC Chapter in Minnesota’s 06  Congressional District (Delegate and Chapter President Keith Kiefer) sponsored a combined Town Hall  (MN 06) and Candidate Meet and Greet (MN 08) on July 30, 2018.

I received both postcard and email invitations which got my attention!  I committed to attend and was so glad I did…the 60 of us in attendance were privileged to hear from Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN-06) in the Town Hall portion of the combined event.

Rep. Emmer directly answered my question concerning the “Deep State” by stating it was a problem of entrenched bureaucrats who stonewall progress and the will of the people desiring resolution of issues facing the country.  Rep. Emmer stated he is in favor of term limits for politicians but also for bureaucrats!

I was excited to meet my home Congressional District (MN-08) candidate Pete Stauber. Pete is a former police officer who was shot twice in the line of duty.  He and his Iraq War veteran wife Jodi have 4 children, the youngest of which has Down’s Syndrome.  When faced with the decision of carrying their youngest child to term, Jodi and Pete did not waver.  Pete stated there are two guiding principles he will never back down from: his Pro Life and 2nd Amendment support positions. U.S.Senate candidate Jim Newberger was very impressive…he struck me as a selfless servant of the people in both his full time (paramedic – first responder) and part time (current member of the Minnesota House of Representatives) positions.

The event also featured candidates for Minnesota state constitutional offices… Lt. Governor, Secretary of State and Auditor. All were full of information and I learned a lot.

Overall, the event was outstanding.  There was a wealth of information from the speakers and from the AMAC legislative proposals literature and candidates’ lawn signs, stickers, buttons and brochures.  It is so wonderful to meet candidates in person and get to know them as people.  Kudos again to AMAC!


By – Patricia Moulton, AMAC member for 3 years

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Don Miller
2 years ago

Maybe 3rd time is the charm. Is there a list or database where I can find out if a Amac town hall or group is in my area?

2 years ago

Sad that only 60 people showed up to be informed & learn face to face info from candidates that might be making decisions by voting that pertain to all – kudos to the 60 attendees!

2 years ago

how can i find out about amac sponsored town hall meetings in my area?

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