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AMAC Tells Congress: Social Security Reform is a “No Brainer” and Lawmakers Need to Act Now

The solution needs no new taxes or debt and would stimulate the economy –

BOHEMIA, NY, May 11 – The Association of Mature American Citizens is counting Congressional noses in order to determine the feasibility of passage for a “realistic, immediate” Social Security fix before the November elections.

AMAC president Dan Weber said all members of the House and Senate will receive a letter from the senior group next week requesting their feedback on a comprehensive proposal that would guarantee the solvency of Social Security for future generations.  “We’ve conducted polls among our 320,000 members and they are overwhelmingly in favor of reform now.  Our intention is to poll Congress to see if our representatives in Washington are prepared to eschew politics and accede to the will of the people.”

Weber said that AMAC has already been in touch with a limited number of Senators and Representatives and that they all reacted favorably to this initiative.

In its letter, AMAC outlines elements of previously proposed strategic approaches to reform, asking lawmakers how likely and how soon a bipartisan legislative solution might be achieved.  The association says that the fix should include protection for those individuals currently receiving benefits, fair and balanced age setbacks for future recipients, guaranteed modest, minimum, yearly cost of living increases and a provision for a new personal Social Security IRA.

“The American public sees a lack of meaningful legislation at a time of great distress in our economy while the mounting budget deficit and increasing National Debt threaten our financial well-being.  Our Association, AMAC, with over 320,000 dues paying members continues to grow with our members demanding we take action on these problems,” Weber writes in his letter.

He told reporters that Social Security reform is a good place to start “because solving this problem is a no-brainer that needs no new taxes, does not add to our debt and has the potential to be an economic catalyst.”

Read entire AMAC proposal here:


NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Please contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or to set up a chat.



The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those traditional organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.

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Sveiki,Užklydau čia visai netiketai, ieškodama mleiinės tešlos recepto, kuri gaminama be kiaušiniu ir pieno, Kūčios gi Ir negaliu atsitraukti!!! Super, ne tik receptai, bet ir pats rašymo stiliu, atrodo tarsi gyvai kalbetumeisi su laabai laaabai smagiu žmogumi kuris gamina labai skanų maistą!Tad sekmės visame kame, lieku jūsų ištikima skaitytoja, ir lauksiu naujų receptų bei įrašų.

Rev. Richard Giller

If congress hadn’t STOLEN all the money that was ONLY SET UP FOR SOCIAL SECURITY IN THE FIRST PLACE, we wouldn’t be in this mess….We should indict Everyone in Washington who was responsible for Stealing this money. This was set up for S.S.alone, & was NOT to be used for ANY OTHER PURPOSE!!!!!!! And now that they stoled it all, here they are trying to figure out a solution…..What a bunch of IDIOTS, & what a CRIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Russamano

Too many liars on social security dissability along with physicians and lawyers who help them get these benefits. Also I would like to know how many people who are here illegally may be collecting benefits!


Just joined. So where is the proposal, what is the proposal, just what the heck is the proposal. ????


I recently went to our local Social Security Office to inquire about drawing benefits at age 62. I was shocked to see out of eight people in the waiting room only two of us were in our early 60’s everyone else were in their mid 20’s. The problem is not seniors are living longer, the problem is people in their 20’s and 30’s collecting social security disability for all sorts of bogus reasons. What ever happened to work ethics in this country?

Jim Amick

Come on, AMAC! How do I get excited over ‘Headlines,’ which is all that is available to us here. I left AARP over their support for Obama Care and turned to you. Don’t you think at least an outline of your plan is due us? We’d love to know what you have already submitted to several representatives and senators. How do we put pressure on our representatives if we don’t even know how to talk to them? I’m reasonably sure Dan Weber would not be available to every AMAC member who would call him with the same question I have posed here. Are you reading these comments, AMAC?


In reply to mimi: Key words, “never supposed to be”.


I encourage everyone to do as I do. Write, email and call your Congressmen and Senators on a very regular basis. Do not let up on them. We, The American people, elected them to do a job. Their focus right now needs to be putting back all the monies they stole from the Social Security Trust Fund. What ever it takes. What ever they have to sell. Stop spending a billion dollars a month on a war in the middle east we will never win and have no business being there in the first place. If you don’t communicate with your representatives on a regular basis, then they feel free to do what THEY want to do. Remember…..they are employees. We are the employers. We hired them. We pay their salaries. We can fire them! They are suppose to be doing it OUR way. Our government is suppose to be… Read more »


One of the reasons that congress does not make positive changes to the Social Security program is because it does not really affect them! If their retirement was provided for service on congress only by a Social Security income there would be changes made to the system so that it would me senior’s needs both monetarily and medically, but they have, in effect exempted themselves from it and given themselves a substance retirement package after only one term. Wouldn’t be nice if the American worker could retire after only a few years working for a company with the same benefits?!?

Robert H Appleby

How does one get a copy of the proposal? Difficult to argue with a non-existent set of proposals. I looked at, and could not find a copy of the proposal. Does it exist?

Tommy a. Brookshire

How did it all come about that the president or members of the house was ever granted permission to us Social Security money for their own use? In the forst place, it was not and still is not their money to do with as they please. That money belong’s to the tax payers that contributed each and every pay period in order to have something to fall back on latwer in life. The Governmant owe’s Social Security Trillions of Dollar’s now, not when they find a convienent time to start replaceing the I. O .U’s they put in the place of money they freely misused.


I worked until my personal “magic retirement age” of 65 yrs and 7 months. I waited until the full age to get my WHOLE benefit instead of a reduced amount. My wife and I live on our combined SS and some savings we put away after we raised 3 children including paying for their college without borrowing money. If everyone would do as previous generations did….save a nest egg for the future, we’d all live a better life later.


They preached how we should be investing in IRA’s and 401-K’s and not depend on SS. My wife and I did that. Our IRA’s and 401-K’s where doing fantastic! Then the big meltdown happened. Before I could get our money pulled out and parked someplace safe, we had lost most of our money. Retirement money that we will not get back. We are getting our SS now. I’m 70 and working full time. Here’s the problem! If we didn’t have SS, we would be in trouble because our investments were wiped out. Happened to a lot of other people as well. What was our governments solution! Give more money to the very people who bankrupted us and our nation. Now those people are all living like Emperors. Here I am, 70 years old and still working to keep the ends together. I not sure what the ultimate answer is. But… Read more »


What was once meant as a small retirement safety net is now a retirement program in its own right. Federal pensions, for example, consist of part pension, part social security, part personal savings/matched contributions. To end or reduce social security would mean an end of what these retirees have contributed to during their careers.


I agree with the one who recognize that congress, under democrats, put the SS in the general fund so they could spend it. When the republicans got control of congress they didn’t change it back! When we elect people who exempt themselves from SS, medicare, prosecution for crimes they commit, their aides from paying back school loans, and the list goes on; nothing will change for the better. I would like to see limited terms and “no” pension other than SS for their time. We would see a better America then.

Gordon Maddox

Social Security (F.I.C.A.) is not Insurance—FDR lied to us! There has NEVER been any real money in the S.S.Trust Fund—–Company withholding and the company’s share ALWAYS went to the I.R.S. (now to the Treasury Department).
One suggestion to get our money would be if the U.S. sold all the National Parks and all Federal Buildings. They could rent any buildings needed. End Medicare—buy your own insurance and pay your own doctor bills—-then file for a refund. The doctors would get paid faster and the government would be out of your health. And the medical bills would be only about half what they are now. Gordon Maddox

Jeanne 582

I have paid into SS for many decades. I have always known that my contributions were going to those already collecting, not being put aside for me. Thus, it is a TAX. If at all possible, I plan to give my SS to my children to refund some of the tax they are paying to support my generation. This is a regressive tax that taxes the poor. the self-employed and other job creators disproportionately. All workers should be allowed to opt out of it. Other tax revenues should be used to pay the amount promised to those already retired. It will end sometime. Better a planned ending than a forced one.


I don’t know where Rick, Joe or Jim are from, but it sounds like the old Soviet Union. Social Security was never supposed to be a ‘tax’, but an insurance program for retirement and it was only to be a ‘floor’, not your whole retirement. You should get out based on what you put in – period.

Super Dave

It SS will NEVER be fixed by congress until they have to retire on it also……same with medicaid,care.


I concur with Rick. A tax is a tax and should be levied on all income. Lower the percentage and take out the employer contribution so they can hire more workers.