BOHEMIA, NY, Dec 29 – The Association of Mature American Citizens, AMAC, is calling on Democrats and Republicans in Congress to remove several “sneak attack provisions in the health care reform law”

The first allows the government to influence end-of-life decisions made by seniors, AMAC president Dan Weber explains, noting that The New York Times reported Sunday that the law authorizes Medicare regulators to begin reimbursing physicians for end-of-life counseling starting January 1st.

“This is an incentive for conducting deathbed counseling,” says Weber. “The reform law initially contained a specific provision for this type of counseling but it was taken out when lawmakers concluded it could lead to the establishment of government run ‘death panels’ as a means of reducing the cost of life-support care for seniors with chronic conditions.”

As Fox News put it; “Most health costs come at the end of life, and convincing more seniors to pull their own plugs in advance would represent huge savings.”

Meanwhile, Section 3007 of the law exacerbates the incentive, he notes, because it will pay physicians more money when they lower the cost of care.  “Thus, doctors who receive Medicare payments stand to gain financially if their patients die sooner. This is a disgraceful provision that goes against common sense and could rob patients of life saving treatments,” Weber warns.

He describes these provisions as “insidious elements of the law whose backers would keep them secret.  In fact, he points out, both Fox and the Times report that overt efforts have been made to discourage public discussion of the new regulation for fear of provoking opposition.

Weber says that “ AMAC will be in the forefront of the opposition.  We are outraged at the sneaky way the procedure was resurrected by supporters in Congress and we demand that this and all other regulatory ‘back doors’ be shut.  Our aim is to create a bi-partisan bloc committed to protecting the rights of all senior citizens.”

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G. Freiberg
5 years ago

It’s amazing! I went on the AARP website to as about end of life counseling and they were all for this bill. Thank goodness for Amac. it has given seniors a real representation with our current administration. It is so hard to know who to trust today. Amac is a real friend to Seniors.

9 years ago

Everyone needs to read this. Pass it on to everyone you know before the election.

Here are some HHS regulations unpublished as of yet for Obama Care. I think they are waiting until after the election to publish them.

A neurosurgeon found these regulations disturbing as many of his patients are over 70 years old.

He attended a meeting in DC where these regulations were presented to the Congress of Neurosurgeons and American Association of Neurosurgeons. Neurosurgery is the one of the most expensive health care practices and has the smallest number of practioners.

From HHS: If you are over 70 (on government health care) and you go to the emergency room with a bleeding brain (stroke, aneurysm) you are not given treatment you are only given comfort care (so they will only make you comfortable so you die). These elderly patients will not be called patients but UNITS. There will be ethics (not care or treatment) panels at hospitals that will decide where the govt money at hospitals is spent and especially for people over 70 and advanced neurosurgical care will not be paid for in hospitals. The ethics panels will be made up of administrators and not doctors.

The doctor has a German background and he has read about the rise of the 3rd Reich and says the 3rd Reich used the same terminology of calling patients as UNITS.

The doctor also said the the FDA allows devices to be used in surgery that are not fully approved by the FDA, called HUD or Human Use devices, to treat patients that could benefit from them as a compassionate treatment. The government can step in at any time and tell the surgeons to stop using them. And so the govt did 2 months ago with some device by saying the device did not meet some criteria even though no criteria was set by the govt.

This is really sick stuff. Call it Obama kill the old and sick Care…which is what it is. This is how the US Government will treat you with Government health care.

Is this how you want yourself or your family treated?

The source for the above was the doctor who called into Mark Levin’s show on November 22. You can hear it for free on Mark Levin’s web site starting at 44 minutes into the show and it lasts for 5 minutes. The doctor was vetted by the show before he went on the air

Steve O
9 years ago
Reply to  Bigdog007

And what kind of care will seniors get who are denied a private policy due to a preexisting condition or a rate that is too high to afford with their voucher? I am listening?

9 years ago
Reply to  Steve O

Most elderly people are forced into Medicare without an analysis of preexisting conditions or a premium payment analysis. You cannot get Social Security if you are not on Medicare. So if you want Social Secuirty you have to be on Medicare.

Elderly people over 65 (I thinik that is the age when people are forced into Medicare) are forced to take Medicare which is forced govt health care.

Are there insurance companies that give health insurance to people over the age when Medicare kicks in? I dont think so but I am not sure.

So if you are are over 70 years of age and have a stroke you will be given treatment to die instead of treatment to live.

Steve O
9 years ago
Reply to  Steve O

Yes there are insurance policies for people on Medicare. They are called supplemental policies and they cover things that Medicare will not pay for. They are available through AARP and they are with private insurance companies. I don’t know how they treat preexisting conditions though. AARP just ran the TV ad tonight.

My point is that Amac needs to face the music if it wants to support a change from Medicare to private insurance policies with a so called voucher payment. For sure the insurance companies are going to be concerned about people with preexisting conditions when they write the policies and set the rates.

So how will it be fair to cancel the Obamcare preexisting condition laws for people under age 65 but yet demand them for people over age 65? Or is Amac and its rabid conservatives just going to admit that only rich seniors or healthy seniors will be insured in the future if Medicare is eliminated?

And it is a stretch to say that the Medicare system killed the 70 year old stroke patient. Inability to pay kills people. Just look at the tens thousands of uninsured younger people who die every year through lack of access to healthcare. Where is the moral outrage over this? It will probably always be the case that people who have the money to pay will always get the best healthcare.

9 years ago
Reply to  Steve O

It is not a stretch to say that Medicare will kill people over 70. Those are the regulations being written for Obama kill the old and sick Care. The government will decide who lives and dies. And I have given you a source for where the infor came from.

And where is the source that tens of thousands of young people die every year from lack of health insurance?

Some of the people who do not have insurance do not want to buy it because they are healthy and others choose to spend money on other things instead of buying health insurance.

Broad accusations with no source….dont let facts get in the way of your fantasy.

Steve O
9 years ago
Reply to  Steve O

It is an outright lie to say that the government has a kill order for over age 70 stroke victims. Things would be no different than for a person with no insurance that showed up. If they are worried about that situation then let them buy a supplemental insurance policy. There are plenty available through AARP. The sad reality of the insurance world is that there has to be a limit. If you have a private insurance policy through an employer it will have a cap on payouts. If a person has a bad case of cancer and their limit is used up then they would be hard pressed to find any additional experimental treatments. And the commonly accepted statistic determined by several independent research fondations is that 50,000 Americans a year die through lack of access to proper medical treatments. These are non-partisan facts. To you I say as well don’t let your fantasies get in the way of the facts.

Steve O
9 years ago
Reply to  Steve O

Here is ONE of the sources of my so-called “fantasy”

“Researchers from Harvard Medical School say the lack of coverage can be tied to about 45,000 deaths a year in the United States — a toll that is greater than the number of people who die each year from kidney disease.

“If you extend coverage, you can save lives,” said Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, a professor of medicine at Harvard who is one of the study’s authors. The research is being published in the December issue of the American Journal of Public Health and was posted online Thursday.

The Harvard study found that people without health insurance had a 40 percent higher risk of death than those with private health insurance — as a result of being unable to obtain necessary medical care. The risk appears to have increased since 1993, when a similar study found the risk of death was 25 percent greater for the uninsured.”

There are many others including one from a private foundation started by an ultra wealthy conservative who was concened about health care for the poor and working class. And that study was over 50,000, and it is a non partisan foundation dedicated to improving healthcare for everyone.

And, yes some people with no health insurance choose to pay for other things instead like their rent, medical bills, and food. And contrary to your fantasy, not everyone who serves you for $7 an hour can buy health insurance or have it provided by an employer. And not everyone who can afford to buy a policy can have access to one – like myself due to asthma for one thing. Can’t be insured at any cost or any deductible but my health is excellent. So, if I get cancer, I go bankrupt or I die. It is just a cold fact of life.

Joe W
9 years ago
Reply to  Steve O

BigDog007, nice effort here. I share your frustration in trying to get thru to the drones, who simply repeat whatever deception comes out of Obamanation’s mouth. Doctor’s are leaving their practices. Doctor’s are refusing to see more Medicare patients, simply because the government is cutting payments to facilities and providers to the point where they can no longer function in the black. What good is it to have a “policy” under Obamacare in spite of a preexisting condition, when either you can’t find anyone to see you, or when you do see a doctor the government simply refuses to give you meaningful life-saving care, but resorts to “comfort” care and end-of-life counseling? This Steve O knucklehead will go to his grave spewing propaganda from the left, rather than looking at ALL the available information and figuring out for himself what the TRUTH is. He is a LOST CAUSE, and I simply refuse to feel sorry for him.

For the rest who are willing to listen, this report from the neurosurgeon is REAL. If Obamacare is not struck down, you can forget about getting meaningful, life-saving care as a senior. I work for a major insurance carrier. I see what is coming thru regulations dictated by HHS. The Democratic Party has indeed been taken over by Marxist-thinking extremists, and you do NOT have a friend in the reigning Politburo if you are a senior. Listen to Mark Levin. Listen to Sean Hannity. Listen to people like Herman Cain, and Sarah Palin (who you may hate but who has been RIGHT about the death panels). If you care at all about your children and grandchildren, I beg you as an American, veteran and father, PLEASE do NOT support the democrats who are taking this country in the direction of socialist governments like East Germany and the Soviet Union! I also served in our military in West Berlin during the cold war. I saw how great the socialists had it… medical care, the government controlled every industry, the government decided who should benefit and who should not. Why would anyone risk their lives by trying to escape under gunfire to the West when they had it so good?! Everybody there lived in misery, that’s why. Socialism = tyranny. Conservatism = liberty. If you support those who never tire of taking your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, then you deserve what you get. But why force that on your neighbors, friends and family that you claim to love?

Steve O
9 years ago
Reply to  Steve O

And yet another extermist and biased opinion from someone who claims who is an insider with an ulterior motive.

They run a TV ad every day from a HUGE practice in Jacksonville, FL that SPECIALIZES in taking Medicare patients. They have no worries about Obamacare and flaunt their confidence on TV every day.

Driving prices down will increase competition which is a good thing. The cost cutting is helping me in my neighborhood. I just had an ear problem. The doctor I called wanted a $375 new patient fee and then a minimum charge of $250 to consult on top of that and then it would only cover a wax removal and inspection of the ear. The local walk-in clinic only wanted $59 total for a wax removal or $70 to treat in ear infection. I don’t think we will miss the greedy doctors that that competition by a walk-in clinic will drive out of business.’

And you ignore my whole point. You make the wild claim that NO treatment for seniors will be available. That is not what the worry warts are claiming. They are saying that SOME doctors will not take medicare. Well, if people have the money,they will still get treatment from doctors who take money from other patients and supplemental insurance policies.

And you ignore the vaild statistics from respected sources that claim 45,000 CURRENT deaths from lack of insurance. I say again, how many seniors will be driven away from insurance after age 65 if the pre-existing condition laws are overturned? At least with Medicare they can have basic policy as a starting point and then buy supplemental insurance or pay for the difference on their own. I fear that way more than 45,000 deaths will occur if these seniors are denied a private insurance policy after Medicare is privatized.

Unfortunately, the state of Medical care in the US today is more about triage then providing healthcare to all those who need it.

And, I repeat, your so-called “socialized” Obamacare is not what you say it is. It is based upon the private insurance industry.

L. Smikrud
9 years ago

Abortion; should only be performed to save the life of the mother, or in the case of rape, should the mother desire.

Right to Die; I should have the right to decide if I want the doctor to “pull the plug” as long as that decision is made in advance of my being terminally ill, or as a result of an accident placing me in a vegitative state. I have had a wife and a brother die of cancer and both would have liked to have that right, I believe.

Health Care; our system needs some serious work; however, it is better than any other system in the world. Unfortunately, the cost of health care for serious illness and surgery has made it prohibitive. Something needs to be done about it. I don’t have the answer(s).

I am a veteran, a Christian, a retired worker, a member of the American Legion, and a patriot. There is something very seriously wrong with our citizens morals, values, ethics and patriotism. Our country is going down the toilet and it breaks my heart. Our President and his cronies are leading the way into the sewer, or at least shining the light for those who want to lead. I fear that God won’t help us if we don’t help ourselves first.

10 years ago

I am trying to find out if you have life Insurance?

Teri Graves
10 years ago

I’m glad that seniors have an organization that stands with them, and who supports INDIVIDUAL responsibility and rights, as well as smaller government. I’m glad that AMAC will fight with Americans to ABOLISH OBAMACARE!!

9 years ago
Reply to  Teri Graves

Yes, AMAC is representing seniors as they should be represented. AARP gave up it representation in order to obtain further wealth at our expense. Look at their support for Oabamacare, they are making millions from the insurance industry, plus other slight of hand endeavors!!!!

Nowell Wood
10 years ago

These tactics should not surprise anyone. When Congress has to vote for a bill in the middle of the night you should know they are up to no good. The Dems and Reps that voted for this bill in this manner have our founding fathers rolling in their graves.

Joe W
9 years ago
Reply to  Nowell Wood

Everyone in this country who votes without seeking out ALL information and learning the truth behind the actions in Washington also have all of those who have died fighting for our freedom rolling in their graves as well. They died fighting against all-powerful governments who took more and more freedoms away from their people until there was nothing left to take. Evil works at night, as Nowell suggests here. Evil runs from cover so nobody will see what they are scheming. Like rats they run, all the while trying to convince the people that they should give up more of their rights, their money, and their freedom to choose light bulbs and health care. How did American’s become so gullable? By clinging to American Idol, sports and welfare payments, rather than caring about what those in power were up to. It’s time to wake up, America! Stand up to those who would take away your right to choose for yourselves and your families!

Carol Friendly
10 years ago

There are also back door provisions to fund abortion with taxpayer dollars. The so-called executive order to prevent this is not even worth the paper it is printed on. Also, we should defund Planned Parenthood, because they are the biggest abortion provider in the world, causing a genocide of more than 52 million babies – only 7 to 8 percent of which is due to the compromised health of the mother, rape or incest. It must be stopped!!!!

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