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AMAC: President Obama Trades Our Constitutional Rights For Votes

Conservative Seniors Launch New Drive to Protect Our Religious Freedom  –  

BOHEMIA, NY, Apr 13 – President Obama wasted no time spinning the growing anger over his decision to restrict religious freedom into a new grab for votes, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

“The president and his surrogates have been repeating their lie that the new contraception mandate is about women’s rights, obscuring the plain and simple truth: it is about the government getting carte blanche to trample on the rights and religious values of all Americans,” Weber said.

V. Rev. Fr. Peter-Michael Preble, a Romanian Orthodox priest, wrote in the Huffington Post recently that “I voted for President Obama because, like many, I believed we needed change. Well I now feel I was duped and his brand of change is not what America needs at all.”

President Obama is determined to frame the debate as a new fight for women’s rights to choose, explained Weber.  But, Father Preble quickly pointed out that it’s not about choice; it’s about “forcing me to pay for behavior that my religion calls unacceptable.”

Even The Washington Post said in an editorial that “requiring a religiously affiliated employer to spend its own money in a way that violates its religious principles does not make an adequate accommodation for those deeply held views.”

Timothy Cardinal Dolan has been outspoken on the matter.  He’s been telling reporters that the mandate “is an unwarranted, radical, unprecedented intrusion in the life of the church.”  He urged Americans to unite and stand up for the cause of religious freedom because “if we duct tape the role of religion and the churches and morally convinced people in the marketplace, that’s gonna lead to a huge deficit, a huge void.”

The AMAC chief said “we’re taking the Cardinal’s words to heart,” noting that the association is in the final stages of development of a massive new campaign to engage the nation in the cause.

Weber said “we owe it to ourselves, our children and future generations to preserve all, not some, of our freedoms and because the Founding Fathers saw fit in the very first amendment to the Bill of Rights to ensure that government could not prohibit the free exercise of religion under any circumstances.”

He said that the AMAC movement is “not a partisan cause, it’s an American cause” and urged involvement by visiting the association’s Web site at  “Watch for news and updates on the issue at our Web site in the coming weeks and join us in preserving our fundamental rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.”

NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue and other topics important to older Americans.  Please contact John Grimaldi at [email protected] to set up a chat.


The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those traditional organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.

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10 years ago

All comments bear much truth. We are at the crossroads of America. The November election
will determine our fate. I fear most Americans are in denial; how do we wake them up to the
truth? May I suggest we make an effort to enlighten those around us……..we can not do it alone.
Those of us reading this article and comments are of the same decades, and generally of the
same persuasion…. It’s much like “singing to the choir.” We must gently persuade those
around us, family members and friends. It may not always be an easy job, but we really must

stephen cilino
10 years ago

AWAKE!!! AWAKE!!! AWAKE!!! PEOPLE,we`re teetering on the edge of “Anarchy AND FREEDOM” IFwe don`t reverse course all`s lost!!! MUCH BLOOd has been shed plus those who PAID THE ULTIMATE PRICE protectlng this country. Don`t give up,never,never,never give in.REMBER UNITED WE STAND OR DIVIDED WE FALL.Better to die than surrender.

10 years ago

For thiose old enough to remember the rise oif socialism in Germany in the 1930s, one can hardly resist the similarity
in the current political climate, gun regulation, attack on religious principles, promoting secularism, selective federal
procescution, government control and/or interference in manufacturing, banking and health, and lets remember another of Obamas goals, a civilian counterpart rivaling the military, could it be history repeating ??

10 years ago
Reply to  Gunny

Nicki, your comment is ralley touching and personal. You come from the heartland and that gives you a particular take on America and the politics thereof. Interesting how two siblings can grow up to have such divergent views, isn’t it?And Tom, thanks for your comment. For readers who don’t know, Tom, Nicki, Mark, and I were long time Planned Parenthood colleagues. We fought lots of battles together, and now it is gratifying to see the culmination of that work taking shape. I just hope that today’s movement leaders will use the moment well to move a positive agenda forward.

10 years ago

I fear for the future of America if Obama is allowed to ruin the country further with another four years, Which is why AMAC must continue to grow in numbers and promote the Conservative alternative to AARP. Glod Bless each and every member and may we prevail in 2012.

10 years ago
Reply to  Barry

AMEN to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kenneth Kirk
10 years ago

This is just another indication of a government out of control and moving toward total socialism where they take more and more control and we as citizens lose more and more of our rights. The only way to stop this from becoming even worse is to vote these people out of office but to many voters buy in to their retoric and believe what they say and there to our rights. Now they are attacking our religious freedoms under the guise of woman’s so called right to choose. Why should religious organizations have to pay for something when everything we believe says this is wrong. This is only my opinion.

Brian L.
10 years ago

This is just the tip of the ice burg. Obama is trying to socialize the entire country. This is what we fought against ever since the end of WW-II and what destroyed the economy of the Soviet Union, yet Obama thinks that he can make it work anyway. Obamacare is not about health care, it is about taking over more and more of the economy and dictating to people what they can and cannot do. The Contraceptive issue is just the start.

10 years ago

I’ll throw in the money factor. If a woman choses to take birth control pills, they do not cost an arm and a leg. I asked on yahoo how much they cost and learned they could cost from $20.00 to $50.00 a month to someone with no insurance. Surely an individual could handle this on their own. I have insurance and have paid as much as $74.00 a month for a drug.

10 years ago

I agree that all of us need to support religious organizations in this fight. But we must retake the grounds for the argument from Obama and the liberals including the liberal media. Much more is at stake. No government agency or government ought to be granted the right to interfere in contracts between two parties. If we let them dictate what is in (or not in) contracts between private parties—including citizens and companies that sell health insurance—we will be that much further down the road to serfdom. While we are watching the right hand (Obama at the federal level), the left hand (state and local governments) are doing the same thing. We may have to accept Romney as an alternative to Obama but we should not accept Romney care at the state level as a “better evil” than Obama care. If we do, we will eventually lose the right to make decisions for ourselves.

10 years ago

Women’s rights do not trump freedom of religion. Obama has attempted to turn the trampling of freedom of religion into a rights issue and that is hogwash. While he tramples Christian principles, it is very apparent that he treads softly around Islamic beliefs. Islam is a political system with a religious name. The name, Islam, means submission, and their cry in the 700s is the same today: Submit or die. Anyone who disagrees with their belieft is an infidel and worthy of death.

10 years ago


Contraceptive pills and devices have been in use for more than 40 years. The oral contraceptives have been used to prohibit pregnancy and to control medical problems such as endometriosis and hormone imbalances and other medical problems. This is a patient and doctor’s decision, not the governments! The insurances / employers need to cover these costs as they do any other medication. Whether it is medicine for prostrate problems or uterus problems, it doesn’t matter.

Please stop letting Obama work at dividing this country! He will use anything to cause dissention and hide his real agenda.

Don’t listen to the propaganda that the news media puts out. They only help with the dissention and division of our country. They sensationalize the bad and downplay the good. They tell us who we are going to vote for and shove the established politicos down our throats. They are working for bigger government, not for us!

10 years ago

It is time to say concisely that we, individually, have the right not to want to pay for someones else’s method of contraception if we choose not or can if we choose to, period. No one needs to or should have to state why. We are a secular nation despite what one might think because of all the religious issues brought to bear on this subject and we shouldn’t lose sight of that most important fact.

Let not confuse issues here. This is not and and has never been about religious freedom. It has always been about a Socialist wanting to provide all inclusive “womb to tomb services to the entire population of this nation without any thought of who is going to ultimately pay for it orther than the government meaning a collective (get the pun – Collective) you and I.

10 years ago

Thank you AMAC for giving us a voice against the phony liberals and the phonies at AARP that is only an insurance company making lots of money on the backs ignorant seniors

Tom Rob19
10 years ago

While I am in total agreement with all the foresaid comments, one concern I have with regard to the “violation of freedom of religion” is what do we do when the Muslims press for “freedom of religion” in their endeavor to slaughter an animal in the name of their religious freedom, or conduct “Honor Killings’ when their daughters or wives have caused so-called dishonor to their family or when they insist that Shariah Law be used to settle disputes among themselves?

This then becomes a quandary when we have such a broad right and freedom for the civilized religious movements in the US.

What are your thoughts?

10 years ago
Reply to  Tom Rob19

Some of you need reminded that, Islam is NOT, repeat NOT a religion, never was and never will be! At best, it’s a corrupt, terrorist ideology/philosophy and political cult, with severe mental affliction, much like liberalism/socialism!
Now, don’t you all feel better knowing this? It makes you ever so much smarter than the idiot libtards/socialists!
THEY have NO rights here, except to leave OUR country!!!!

NO SUCH THING AS AN AMERICAN-MUSLIM! They are born and bred to LIE, hate and kill on cue!
RID THIS COUNTRY of ALL of them, they pollute our air and contaminate our water and soil!
GET THEM OUT, NOW!!!! They will over-populate and out-number us in just a few years, then they take over and it will be all out war!!!! They MUST be STOPPED and REMOVED!!!!

10 years ago
Reply to  Tom Rob19

Well, there is already precedent with the abolishing of polygamy by the Mormons. I don’t agree with that action by the U.S. government. (I’m not Mormon). If they want to continue the Old Testament practice of blood sacrifice, so what. We slaughter millions of animals everyday for food. And they are tasty! If they want to kill each other off under shariah law, then so be it. Fewer of them for us to deal with. Plus, as the Christians suffered death by the Romans for their beliefs, then the Muslims should be willing to suffer punishment for practicing the barbaric parts of their religion!

10 years ago

Obama has wasted 3.5 years of our lives that we’ll never get back by dividing us! Let’s make sure he’s not allowed to waste anymore of our precious time on earth! Vote him out in November!

John Oliff
10 years ago

We lessen our impact by limiting the violation to religous freedoms. You shouldn’t have to be an employee of a religous organization to have your beliefs respected. It is perfectly reasonable to not want to pay for contraceptives for other people without justifying your reasons. This is about individual beliefs, not just the beliefs of the churchs

Nell Williams
10 years ago
Reply to  John Oliff

I agree completely.

10 years ago

We will never stop frauds like Obama and Reid from getting elected over and over until we get voter ID. Even then they will find new ways to get the dead and illegals to vote.
America has come to a crossing believing that CHANGE was needed so badly that we would turn our backs on the truth.
As long as the democrats have the union leaders and phony organizations like ACORN around ;There will be voter fraud.
When people keep voting for a candidates race or gender ; Our way of life is lost. When a large majority of those that won’t vote because it won’t matter anyway keep staying home and let people like George Soras fund progressive/liberal /democrats we might just as well surrender to socialism.
They and their messiah Obama will do anything to get control so your descendants future is not guarenteed.
This has happened thruout history and still goes on today..America is quite quickly being placed in a bottle and sunk in slime by “The Controlers of history”.
The only Change you will get is a change of freedom to slavery and it will come by way of the dead ,illegals and those that vote for that contrived change.
We have one chance left . If Obama is re-elected ;He will have a good chance of appointing 2 new Supreme Justices .If that happens ;We are done. God will be permantly banned. He will turn His back on a country that He made a vision for the future. The sad thing is we gave it away ourselves.

10 years ago

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, STOP calling that ugly SOB POS president!!!! WE ALL KNOW he is a fraud and an imposter and doesn’t deserve any such honor; never did and never will!!!

Tammy Stegmann
10 years ago

Obama, is and will continue to trample on the rights that Americans have always enjoyed and had a right to. If People are too lazy to stand against his rampage on our rights as a Nation then we will become a Nation of no rights at all. The Church is a easy target for him due to the fact he has no sense of loyalty to God and Country. Women that feel he will help them are correct, he will help them into a communist state. Sorry to say this, I feel Romney is just as bad. The only canidate that is running that really is fighting for our Countries Rights is Paul, he understands the Constitution and wants to give us back our freedoms that have already been laid to the side.

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