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WATCH: AMAC Presidential Town Hall Featuring President Donald J. Trump

Posted on Friday, October 6, 2023
The Association of Mature American Citizens

October 6th 2023, 6pm EST:
Join AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber and Investigative Reporter John Solomon for a presidential town hall with front-runner and 2024 GOP presidential candidate President Donald J. Trump!

Click Here to watch video directly on Rumble. 

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4 months ago

What do you mean front runner he is our only candidate for President the other anti Trump neoconservatives crap donor class Republican Primary candidates are left wing window dressing distractions. I want DJ Trump to be re-elected then take apart government agency by agency sending millions of US Government employees to the unemployment line with no benefits at all! Then investigate all of them for treason against the American citizens!

4 months ago

Trump has the qualities of a President of the United States. He is logical with sound common sense, and his quick thinking mind. An intelligent well spoken man. I have no doubt that Father God has his light on Donald Trump. Satan will lose this hate vengeful game and unfortunately those that have been weak enough to obey Satan’s ways will go down under with him;-(

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