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nightmare for the citizens of America

Posted on Thursday, January 19, 2023
Pam Smith

from Howard Blair – I have watched the Obama care unfold into a nightmare for the citizens of America. I have seen the continuous reports from the media of not being able to enter the government program to apply as well as the growing list of people loosing their present coverage, increased pricing of insurance beyond many peoples affordability, inabilities to even attempt to get any insurance coverage, loss of jobs, and total disruption of peoples lives. All due to Obama care. This president has created a tragedy and continues to impose upon the people his agenda – which seems to me to be almost totally objected to by a majority of the people.

I myself had not made any changes in my status to move towards Obama care.

Q:I understand the Constitution to read “Government for the people by the people.” Which means to me that The Government is to run by the wishes of the entire populace – not by the people appointed to run the Government as to fulfill their personal wishes with total disregard and disrespect for the populace – who by the constitutional laws are their Bosses !!!!

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