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Free2Care Names Patient Advocacy Award in Honor of Dan Weber

Posted on Friday, September 17, 2021
AMAC Action

Free2Care is a coalition of over 70,000 physicians, 32 member organizations, including AMAC, who comprise over 8,000,000 advocates working together to reform health care. The coalition represents both physicians and patients and its premise include three primary objectives:

  • Health care is fundamentally about the physician/patient relationship
  • Health care can be transformed through price transparency, access, and choice
  • Health care is personal, not partisan

The coalition works diligently toward its goal of shining light on the economics of the American health care system and exposing the middlemen that drive up costs. It seeks to create a competitive marketplace for health care that allows patients to shop for services much like the way they shop for any other commodity. Free2Care also wants to end the grip that hospitals, regulators, and others have on the system and return it to physician-led health care. The coalition works to ensure that the impoverished and uninsured need not have pre-existing conditions prevent them from receiving the care they need.

AMAC officially joined Free2Care in 2019 to advocate on behalf of our millions of members who are also patients. Since then, we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside this dedicated group of advocates in Washington, DC, and other states. Earlier this year, when the coalition was planning its 2021 conference, which was recently held in Austin, Texas, it was decided that Free2Care’s patient advocacy award was to be named in honor of the late AMAC founder, Dan Weber.   

Free2Care Executive Director David Balat said, “Dan Weber embodied the spirit and mission Free2Care held to, which is empowering patients so they could enjoy peace of mind. He believed that health care was about the doctor and patient relationship and that belief led to AMAC becoming one of the first member organizations of Free2Care.”

Please take a few moments to watch AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber speak on behalf of her father, Dan, at the presentation of Free2Care’s Dan Weber Patient Advocacy Award.

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