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AMAC in Action – April 26, 2021

Posted on Monday, April 26, 2021
AMAC Action

On April 20th – Texas 22 Delegate Tom Ortowski and Chapter Leader Pete Cole joined Regional Reps Bill Carson and Harlon Bounds on a visit to Congressman Troy Nehls office.


L to R: Harlon, Bill, Tom Ortowski and Pete Cole


Texas Election Integrity Protection Act – We asked AMAC Members in Texas to contact a select group of Republican legislators in the Texas House of Representatives who have not yet co-authored House Bill 6, the Election Integrity Protection Act, to tell them that their immediate endorsement is needed.

This bill:

  • Ensures the right of poll watchers to observe the conduct of an election and report any potential irregularities or violations to election officers.
  • Strengthens prohibitions against vote harvesting and enhances criminal penalties for paid vote harvesting.
  • Provides criminal penalties for voting in a Texas election and another state’s election if they are held on the same day.
  • Prohibits public officials from distributing a mail-in ballot application to a person who did not request it or pre-filling information on a mail-in ballot application.
  • Requires expedited reporting of deaths to the voter registrar.

South Carolina Article V Senate Concurrent Resolution 141 – We asked AMAC members in South Carolina to raise their voices and contact the South Carolina Senate members. When passed by both the state’s Senate and the House, it will become the application for South Carolina, under Article V of the U.S. Constitution, to join with other states in a convention of states to amend the Constitution to impose fiscal restraints and accountability upon the federal government’s longstanding pattern of runaway spending and bloating national debt – to balance the budget. This is a critically needed constitutional amendment that will impose a “constitutional box” on Congressional and Executive Branch spending.

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