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2022 AZ Governor Candidate Kari Lake Wants to See Airtight Elections

Posted on Friday, February 17, 2023
AMAC, John Grimaldi

WASHINGTON, Feb 16 — For 27 years, Kari Lake had a successful career as a TV news anchor at KSAZ-TV in Phoenix, AZ. She liked her job and was good at it. But then she “realized that my field, my profession, had become something that I didn’t recognize anymore; it had become propaganda.” In a recent appearance on the Association of Mature American Citizens’ Better For America podcast, she explained to host, AMAC’s CEO Rebecca Weber, “it wasn’t fueling my soul and that’s why I walked away from it. I realized that it was full of half-truths and not the full truth and I didn’t want to lie to the people of Arizona.” It was the reason she decided to run for Governor of Arizona last year, she said.

Lake lost her bid, but she is not giving up; she’s contesting the outcome and has come under fire for doing so, despite the fact that she’s not alone when it comes to the issue of election integrity. According to the Brookings Institution, “An ABC News/Washington Post survey found that only 20% feel ‘very confident’ in the integrity of the U.S. election system. Furthermore, 56% of respondents of a recent CNN poll said that they have ‘little or no confidence’ that the elections represent the will of the people.”

In fact, Lake pointed out that last November, a solid majority of polling places in Arizona had grave issues on election day. She said “60% of all voting centers had serious issues with ballots printing the wrong image, tabulators jamming, and long lines of two, three, four hours. And people were disenfranchised. And because it was Republican voters, there doesn’t seem to be a care that it happened. And I’m sure you might even have a few Independent and Democrat members in your ranks. I would be appalled if this happened to Democrats. I would be appalled if this happened to Independents. It affected all voters. It affected Democrats and it affected Independents. But primarily it affected Republican voters.”

Lake went into detail, saying “we know that 300,000 ballots were injected into the system counted in the final count that were invalid ballots with zero chain of custody. We don’t know where they came from. And we know that two days after election day, they still didn’t have enough votes to get the result they wanted. So they injected another 25,000. We know from whistleblowers that they didn’t do signature verification and that at least 100,000 ballots were thrown into the official count that did not have proper signature verification. These signatures didn’t match at all. It was obviously a different signature or no signature at all. Our election system is a mess and I’m here to alert the people of that. We have got to get it figured out because we can’t have other people selecting our leaders. That’s our right. We get to select our leaders, not the few people that are running our elections. They don’t get to tell us who our leaders are.”

In conclusion, Lake said she is focused on the future; “we can’t have the future that we need as Americans unless we fix what’s broken. And what’s broken is our election system. They call me an election denier. I like to consider myself an election reform advocate, because I want to see our elections so airtight, so fair that every single American goes in and they say, I know my vote counted, my one legal vote counted, and whatever the outcome is, I can live with that because I know that me and my fellow Americans, we chose the leadership. We chose the people who are representing us. And when we get to that point, we’ll all be able to live with the outcome and we’ll be a much better country for it. I have great hope, is what I’m trying to say.”

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6 months ago

Election integrity died when Jackass Joe Biden was allowed to steal the Presidentcy and the Republican Party allowed it to happen! Thinking that the next election will be different when I saw nothing that makes me believe it won’t happen again from the Republican Party Leadership reminds me that “if wishes were horses, beggars would ride!” . . . Forget it, our country as we knew it is now lost to us unless We the People rise up in another Civil War and I don’t see that happening!

Bill T
Bill T
7 months ago

Our newly elected governor in PA just had a breakdown, he couldn’t even make sense of anything during his campaign and yet he beat a polished and intelligent opponent? Arizona is so suspect, especially that one corrupt country, no doubt there was fraud involved and not on the republicans side. New York is being put into the dark ages and our crime rate is abysmal, I truly believe Lee Zeldon won it there also, she’s a terrible progressive socialist that’s destroying everything. Georgia is also highly suspect and I believe tremendous fraud and voter manipulation occurred there to put the completely leftist democrats in power there also. That was this past midterm, and our delusional president won sitting in his basement social distancing from everyone. Illegal ballots and voting machines may have helped them cheat, it’s what there best at doing, stealing, cheating, and being hypocrites

7 months ago

We should all be concerned about our election integrity of our elections, both State and Federal. Letting non-citizens vote is an affront to our Citizens too.

Lieutenant Beale
Lieutenant Beale
7 months ago

“The ‘Libs’ dost protest too much, methinks” – variation of quote by Shakespeare

Anyone that even dares to raise the question of voting irregularities is lambasted by the Left with the ferocity of a rabid pit bull. That alone begs the question, “what are they hiding”?

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