AMAC Members-Only Congressional Meeting


Congressman Coffman, (R) CO-06 addressing AMAC Members

by Amy Gerak – AMAC sponsored a members-only Summer Meeting in Colorado’s 6th Congressional district with Congressman Mike Coffman on Tuesday, August 20th. AMAC Delegates Ron Bella and David Kelley organized the meeting which took place in the Aurora City Council Chambers in Aurora, Colorado. After the Pledge of Allegiance to open the meeting, AMAC members watched as Ron Bella made an informative presentation regarding Social Security. Then, Congressman Mike Coffman provided an update on the legislative goings on in Washington, DC. The Congressman also related the experiences he and his Congressional colleagues have when discussing with the President such high-profile issues like dealing with the nation’s explosive debt. Representative Coffman also discussed issues related to the Affordable Care Act, immigration, the EPA, and the scandals involving the NSA and IRS.

AMAC members were not shy and asked Congressman Coffman poignant questions about the way Congress functions during the Q&A session. The back-and-forth between the Congressman and AMAC members, particularly regarding the defunding of Obamacare, was a wonderful personification of the freedoms we enjoy in America, principally the freedom of speech. Congressman Coffman was very generous with his time and accommodation of AMAC members. The meeting would not have happened were it not for the hard work and follow-up of AMAC Delegates in Colorado-06, and, especially, AMAC members who took their own time to attend a meeting to discuss these important issues.

From AMAC Members and Meeting Attendees, Paul & Leslie Lichtl of Aurora, CO:

“First & foremost I want to Thank You for all the hard work Y’all do, and specially for bringing Rep. Mike Coffman to the meeting today in Aurora CO. We also had a great time with Andrew Mangione. My wife & I count it a privilege to be associated with such a group of Patriots…Thanks Again.”

Del 2

Congressman Mike Coffman, (R) CO-06


AMAC Delegates Ron Bella(l) & David Kelley(r)

Del 4

Delegate Ron Bella’s presentation on Social Security

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9 years ago

So, exactly what was discussed and what can we citizens take away from this?

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