After San Antonio Blocks Chick-Fil-A, Texas Conservatives Reignite Fight for Religious Freedom

Chick-fil-a religious freedom conservativesChick-fil-A may cater, but not to the demands San Antonio liberals care about. Now, three weeks into the City Council’s decision to ban the restaurant from the local airport, Texas conservatives know: This case for their religious liberty bill was made to order.

“Everyone has a place here, and everyone should feel welcome when they walk through our airport,” City Councilman Roberto Treviño told the media after the council’s 6-4 vote to boot the chicken chain from opening a shop in the terminal. Why? Because the owners dare to donate to charities like the Salvation Army. “Ridiculous!” Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, responded on Twitter. “That’s not Texas,” he argued.

Unfortunately, the state’s conservatives worry, that will be Texas if something isn’t done to protect religious freedom.

“With this decision,” Treviño insisted, the council “reaffirmed the work [San Antonio] has done to become a champion of inclusion.” Until, of course, that “inclusion” applies to people who support natural marriage and sexuality. Where’s the equality for them? That’s a question the Lone Star State is trying to answer with the introduction of HB 1035, the Free to Believe Act, and the First Amendment Defense Act.

Chick-fil-A may be a private company, but that doesn’t mean it has to surrender its beliefs at the dining room door. And the same goes for any American trying to live out their faith in the public square.

The San Antonio City Council thinks it can’t, “in good conscience,” sign an airport agreement with a business owned by Christians. But isn’t that exactly what this debate is about—conscience? Just because the Cathy family owns a national restaurant chain doesn’t mean they’re excluded from the First Amendment.

Regardless of what liberals say, religious freedom isn’t just for churches. It’s for every business, wedding vendor, adoption agency, charity, doctor—every citizen. And that’s what HB 1035 is hoping to remind Texans.

“We’re waking up in an era where Christian faith, specifically, seems to be under attack,” said Republican state Sen. Charles Perry. In the current political climate, he’s worried Christians can’t practice their faith openly without facing consequences—including the loss of their jobs and livelihood.

Under the Free to Believe Act, government officials can’t punish Texans for thinking differently than the radical left. That’s just “a license to discriminate,” LGBT activists argue.

Not true, Republicans like Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick fired back. No one is trying to create a religious excuse for businesses to turn people away. No believer I know would want that—let alone lobby for it. As even Chick-fil-A has said, everyone should feel welcome at its restaurant.

This debate has never been about Christians discriminating against anyone—it’s about stopping the government from discriminating against them.

Even in some of the more high-profile wedding vendor cases, where the left is trying to paint Christians as intolerant monsters who want to slam the door shut on same-sex couples, you’ll find that—to a person—each shop owner was more than happy to sell the activists something off their shelves. In fact, Barronelle Stutzman of Arlene’s Flowers considered the man who sued her to be one of her best customers.

I knew he was in a relationship with a man and he knew I was a Christian. But that never clouded the friendship for either of us or threatened our shared creativity—until he asked me to design something special to celebrate his upcoming wedding. If all he’d asked for were prearranged flowers, I’d gladly have provided them. If the celebration were for his partner’s birthday, I’d have been delighted to pour my best into the challenge. But as a Christian, weddings have a particular significance.

In Chick-fil-A’s case, the left’s overreaction is almost comical. The Cathy family hasn’t done any overt lobbying on natural marriage for years. In fact, they’ve intentionally backed away from taking a stand on issues of biblical morality—yet still, they’re a target.

That ought to show everyone that there’s just no appeasing the left. Simply being a Christian in the workforce—even a polite and politically silent one—is enough to draw the liberals’ wrath.

But the Democrats’ new terrain, where your personal views disqualify you from participating in society, is a dangerous precedent.

If liberals choose not to eat Chick-fil-A, that’s their right. Just like it’s our right not to shop at Target until they stop putting women and children in danger with their bathroom policies. What isn’t our decision—or theirs—is to exclude these businesses from the market altogether.

Originally published in Tony Perkins’ Washington Update, which is written with the aid of Family Research Council senior writers.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Tony Perkins

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Fred H McCraw
1 year ago

My wife and I had chosen San Antonio as our destination in the near future. Now, forget it. I am tired of liberals trying to run my life and instead ruin my life. Let the American public decide if they stay or go with their pocketbooks.

2 years ago

liberals cannot accept the fact that decent people do not endorse their evil.

Stan d. Upnow
3 years ago

Texas should pass a law banning Progressive-Socialists(aka, Democrats) from residing in the state. And when they leave, take the Illegals with you!

David L Harris
3 years ago

The news media never showed anything about Chick-fil-A opening on a Sunday to feed victims and others, without charge, at the scene of the mass shooting at the gay night club in Florida.

Janette Lewis
3 years ago

I agree that chick- -a has the right to have a business at the airport. I have eaten a chick-fil-A wear I live. The service is great and never is any one turn down for service.
They have a right to believe in there Christian values. They should not be denied there right to have a business just because they believe in the bible and what it teaches.

James G.
3 years ago

We as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ need to take a stand against the ungodly. Vote for Conservatives who stand for biblical and moral values and contact your Representatives often and express your views. Patronize CFA and other Conservative/Christian businesses. We stand by the word of God as how to conduct our lives. Do not cower or be silenced by the loud and vocal minority of radical leftists. Their rights should not be superior to your rights. We are all afforded our rights by God, under our Constitution, equally.

Skeptic Al
3 years ago

In the name of “inclusion” of a tiny number of misfits and oddballs… leftist tyrants have ordered that “exclusion” of christianity is in order…

Leftists are antichristians…

3 years ago

If the Cathy familiy were muslim… There would be no problem. They’d be hailed as a wonderful family organization! What a crock…

Robin Boyd
3 years ago

I for one avoid places such as San Antonio when there is a general attitude that “my kind” are not wanted there. I’ve been to San Antonio and loved the city, despite the need for a lot of attention to bringing in new business. With the attitude that San Antonio has toward businesses owned by persons of Christian faith, I will certainly not chance visiting San Antonio for future vacations or business conventions as I have done in the past. If San Antonio does not like my kind; I won’t subject San Antonio to my kind.

3 years ago

It’s imperative that we patriots stand up to the left. Will they ever realize doing things like this only unite us? We need to fight them, not sit idly by and allow this to continue. They act like a bunch of spoiled brats, whining, crying and stomping their feet when they don’t get their way. Its our duty to our country and our freedom not to allow them to bully us, taunt us or belittle our beliefs.

3 years ago

You all are missing the main point. There are ten (10) people making decesions for a whole city. The citizens of San Antonio voted for them.
It’s time we not only take BACK our cities but also OUR COUNTRY. To me it says ” we don’t like your kind and don’t want you around.” WOW

3 years ago

It’s time the SanAntonio city counsel learns that the constitution states freedom of religion not freedom from religion!

3 years ago

It is “We the people” that can make choices for ourselves. Government, or what some people feel is gov’t, need to get out of private business and personal lives. It is not your place!

3 years ago

I have read the board that made that decision is in the process of reversing their ill thought conclusion..they like others who create this kind of ill gotten logic to discriminate by elitism need to be voted from their position, they disdain commonsense and show malice where none is due….

Suzanne Gibbs Ryan
3 years ago

The city council has a fiduciary responsibility to the city of San Antonio, not a religious or political responsibility!
There is only 4% of the population that are identified as LGBT. This is purely political.

marianne compton
3 years ago

there needs to be a chic-fil-a day in san antonio! all people, especially conservatives, need to jam pack all chic-fil-a’s in san antonio, so all the restaurants can make a lot of money! ban starbucks! so the left is now afraid of restaurants? such a pity party they are!

Robert Pemberton
3 years ago

This typical of the liberal-socialist left. Anyone that doesn’t agree with their one sided view is “eliminated”. I am shocked that any “board” in San Antonio, would have six narrow minded liberals on it. Same on the San Antonio voters for electing them.

3 years ago

It was ok for a Ku Klux Klan member to be a senator in the democratic party. He said he was no longer a member; his own quotes indicated his thinking hadn’t changed. But Ethel Merman and her “God Bless America” can not longer be accepted.

Dolores Adams
3 years ago

If people don’t start following God’s word and do the right thing, he will not put up with it much longer. That’s why all these bad things are happening. People have the right to be a conservative and worship God.

3 years ago

I’ve never felt strongly one way or another about the LGBT movement except I do think it’s an aberration and biblically condemned. But their attempt to make us accept them has turned me totally against them. If they knew what the Cathy family has done over many years for our youth and other endeavors they would understand that they live by scripture. Attempting to shove anything down my gullet makes me dig my heels in and dismiss whatever it may be. I used to agree with the live & let live attitude but seeing what is creeping into our society has changed that.

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