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Joan, You Had Me at First Joke


Via Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News I was ten years old the first time I paid attention to Joan Rivers. I was sitting in my grandparents’ apartment stuffing my face with pasta marinara at the kitchen table. I heard a woman’s voice on the...
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Small Business Impact On November Mid-Term Elections

mid term elections

from Forbes – by Jim Blasingame- Regardless of political party, history informs that the mid-term election in a second term has rarely been fun for any president. Consequently, President Obama’s party isn’t supposed to do well this November. But...
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ISIS Campaign of Brutality and Genocide Must be Stopped

Isis fighters, pictured on a militant website verified by AP.

A small Christian girl was beheaded in Mosul Iraq by ISIS terrorists as a warning to others to convert to Islam, pay a fine, or be put to death. In areas where Christians have lived for nearly two-thousand years, there is an ethnic cleansing and genocide...
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Making a Difference through Article V: Understanding the Process and Getting Involved

states convention article v

By – Michael Farris There are three numbers, that are key to understanding the process for a Convention of States: 34-26-38. If you understand the meaning behind these numbers, you can explain a Convention of States (COS) to anyone. Stage 1: 34...
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AMAC: The Country is on the Wrong Path to Economic Recovery


‘Too many Americans are on the dole.  They need better jobs if they are to regain their sense of self-sufficiency.’ WASHINGTON, DC, Sep 6 – “We’ve come a wrong, long way since the Obama Administration took office in 2009,” according to...
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Lessons from the NFL


This weekend marks the beginning of the 2014 NFL season. As you might know, I spent a little time playing football, and I still find the game fascinating to watch, both as a sport and also as an analogy for life and business. A lot of the lessons and...
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Obama Punting Immigration Until After Midterms?


from – Fox News Watch the latest video at...
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10 Dumb Deals We All Fall For

money scam

Did you get a great bargain last week? Hate to tell you, but if it fell into one of these 10 categories, it was probably a dumb deal. from – Money Talks News – by Marylene LaPonsie As a smart shopper, you probably spend lots of time searching for...
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Been There, Done That…


AMAC Member Meetings: The Power of Grassroots Advocacy


AMAC Member Meeting with Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) From AMAC Representative, Rachel Wein: On Wednesday, August 13th, 52 AMAC members from IL-16 joined Congressman Adam Kinzinger in Rockford, Illinois, for a town hall meeting.  The hour-long event...
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