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About That Call for Free Tampons


Via Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News I didn’t weigh in on Jessica Valenti’s twitter call for subsidized tampons because, well, it was absurd. She then followed it up with a column in which she shared the following: We need to move beyond the stigma...
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Fighting on Scott Walker’s Turf


from – Red State – by Leon H. Wolf While many Republicans who are facing incumbent Democrats are having to face hysterical, panicked, and wildly inaccurate attacks on their records on issues that virtually no one cares about, Scott Walker has...
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‘30 in 30’: Women Candidates to Watch in 2014 – Monica Wehby

Photo Credit: AP

Photo Credit: AP from – MSNBC – by Anna Brand Women are at the forefront of many of this year’s critical and most-watched races. From candidates for governorships making waves from red-to-blue states, to game-changing senate seats up for grabs,...
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Above Average Care


AMAC Member: Terry Smith Location: California I find that the VA system in this area, what is known as the Inland Empire in Southern California, is very good. I admit that at times it seems like it takes a bit to receive an appointment, especially in some...
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Mother Teresa


Childhood Reading – the Key to a Better, Stronger (and Richer) America


By – Mike Fuljenz The tragic American reading proficiency deficit is a moral and financial imperative for all Americans to recognize, address and correct.  Among the world’s 30 richest nations, the U.S. ranks 17th in reading skills although we rank...
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That Voice in the Wilderness


By – Robert B. Charles Vox clamantis in deserto. A voice in the wilderness. That phrase is from the Bible (Isaiah 40:3), but also happens to be the motto of my alma mater, Dartmouth College. Although both the Bible and Dartmouth – the latter founded...
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Don’t Let The Ebola Virus Scare You, Says AMAC


‘But take precautions during the peak season for West Nile Virus’ By – John Grimaldi WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 8 – The Ebola Virus has made headlines across the country over the past several weeks, creating a sense of fear that has little basis...
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Embrace Innovation


Innovation has driven our country’s miraculous economic history, from its founding to the present. No country in the history of the world has generated so many game-changing innovations, in every industry imaginable. From agriculture to transportation,...
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If You Like Your Obamacare Plan, It’ll Cost You


‘Consumers could be hit with major price increases, without even knowing it, if they don’t switch their health care plans.’ from – National Journal – by Sam Baker If you like your Obamacare plan, you can keep it—but you might end...
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