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I Can Destroy Your Reputation and Career in Two Minutes


from – – by Rachel Alexander There is a new form of cyberbullying out there and it is scary, because it could derail the professional career of any conservative – even those working in apolitical jobs. Slimy folks like “Busta...
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Delegates Make a Difference: A Snapshot of AMAC Member Meetings

Congressman Diane Black (TN-06) addresses attendees at an AMAC member-only meeting in Mt. Juliet, TN.

AMAC Member Meeting with Congressman Diane Black (TN-06) From AMAC VP of Government Relations, Andy Mangione: Nearly 25 AMAC members and guests filled the City Council chamber in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, for a member-only meeting with Congressman Diane Black...
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Isis Cartoon


Mostly Positive Experience


AMAC Member: Robert McDavid Location: Alabama My experience with the VA Medical Center in Birmingham Alabama has for the most part been good. I see my doctor every 3 months or so. I rarely have a problem getting an appointment. I am treated with courtesy...
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Don’t Have the Right Staff


AMAC Member: Deborah Hampton Location: Delaware Wilmington VAMC generally is a good hospital. The problem is that we do not have the staff required for the veterans. For example, Pain Management. we do not have a pain management clinic and when we do it is a...
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Excellent Care


AMAC Member: Larry Garber Location: South Dakota I am a retired Air Force veteran and I am happy to report that I have had excellent health care from the VA hospital at FT Meade SD. The VA clinic in Rapid City is also excellent and I have nothing put positive...
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Job Well Done

veterans medical

Amac Member: Philip Davis Location: Virginia I have been served at the VA Medical Center in Martinsburg, WV and the VA Community Medical Center in Harrisonburg, VA. My experience has been wonderful and completed at both locations. At the Harrisonburg,...
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Friendly and Professional

veterans medical

AMAC Member: Steven Bales Location: North Carolina I attend the VA Hospiatals in Wilkesboro and Salisbury, North Carolina. The doctors and nurses are very friendly and professional. It is easy getting appointments and the front end people are very helpful and...
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The Real Reasons Why We Celebrate Labor Day


by Lisa Quast - Happy Labor Day, for those of you in the United States of America!  While having a day off of work to celebrate the end of summer is always a treat, you might be surprised at the real reasons we celebrate Labor Day on the first Monday of...
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Statistics Put a Damper on Labor Day Celebrations, says AMAC


‘The job market suffers from a ‘stop-and-go’ recovery’ WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 29 – The great recession, the stop-and-go recovery that ensued and Obamacare have taken a toll on the American workforce as the country celebrates the Labor Day...
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