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Are You a Hero or a Leader?


I don’t think anyone can do it on their own. It’s why I talk so much about team. But it’s not just a question of doing everything yourself. To most people, that much is obvious. There are only so many hours in a day, and are still only able to be...
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Earn More with AMAC Broker Services!


from AMAC – The world of insurance is changing, and more than ever there is a need for qualified agents and brokers to help Americans find affordable, suitable plans.  That’s why AMAC is assembling a select group of insurance agents to offer health,...
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Democrats Wage a National Fight Over Voter Rules


from – The New York Times – by Maggie Haberman and Amy Chozick Democrats allied with Hillary Rodham Clinton are mounting a nationwide legal battle 17 months before the 2016 presidential election, seeking to roll back Republican-enacted...
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Retirement: Association of Mature American Citizens vs. AARP: Comparing Retiree Organizations


From – – by Sarah Barth When people think of retirement organizations, the well-established, large AARP often comes to mind. However, as changes in healthcare and retirement policy have worked through Washington, members turn to...
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House of Representatives Will Consider Several Bills Important to Seniors


by Bob Carlstrom In the coming weeks, the House of Representatives will consider several bills important to seniors.  Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)  highlights these bills in the following excerpt from his briefing memorandum of May 29 to House...
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Probe: Pennsylvania Paid $2.2 Billion in Fraudulent Unemployment Insurance


From – – by Jake Diary Conservatives have been trying for years to investigate fraud in welfare programs at the national and state levels. Repeatedly, we are told by the Left that such attempts are unnecessary and endanger the...
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Summer is a Big Season for Kidney Stones


From – – by Sumathi Reddy Dehydration in hot, dry weather can encourage kidney stones to form. Doctors say more people suffer the condition when the weather is hot and dry and people become dehydrated. That can encourage minerals in the...
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Fans Were Told “No National Anthem”


After fans were told “No National Anthem” during the NCAA Regionals, they took matters into their own...
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U.S. Foreign Policy Under President Obama is ‘Progressive,’ But Not ‘Pragmatic’

Barack Obama

‘The erosion of international relationships on his watch will be his legacy’ WASHINGTON, DC, May 29 – The publication, Foreign Affairs, described President Obama as a “progressive pragmatist” when it comes to foreign policy. Dan Weber, president of...
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How to Build a Team


An organization includes a whole group of people, from employees to partners to other forms of support and even customers. But entrepreneurs are often natural DIYers, self-starters who tend to go it alone. To get from one to the other, a business owner has to...
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